Criminal Complaint Filed With DA Against Harry Sidhu


Yesterday a complaint was filed with the District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas, against Harry Sidhu for falsifying public documents when he created a fake residence where he never lived in order to run for 4th District County Supervisor.

How do I know a complaint was filed? Because I’m the one who filed it.

First, take a look at my letter to Mr. Rackaukas.

Now that’s some serious stuff, right? Here are some of my supporting documents.

At the end of December Harry Sidhu re-registered to vote at 2230 West Lincoln Avenue, #106, aka the Calabria Apartments.

The Calabria Apartments

Here’s the re-registration form from the end of December, 2009.

One month later Sidhu re-registered yet again, this time to a place called Lucky Way. He cited the Calabria Apartments as his previous dwelling.

The only problem is that Sidhu never lived at the Calabria Apartments. Our investigation revealed that nobody, including the apartment manager and neighbors ever saw Sidhu there; no furniture was ever moved in; that the unit in question appears to have been vacant for a long time; that no leases or receipts exist to document Sidhu’s alleged tenancy.

It’s crystal clear. Harry Sidhu concocted a phony address in order to run for office in the 4th District and he never lived there. That was an outright lie. And he lied again when he changed his registration a second time citing 2230 West Lincoln as his previous address. This is blatant voter fraud and a knowing falsification of public documents.

I have no doubt that some in the political community will want to brush aside this sad, inconvenient truth as inconsequential. Sidhu will no doubt play the victim card like all politicians do when they get caught in a trap created by their own overarching ambition and arrogance.

Was a crime committed? Well, that’s for the DA to decide, or perhaps to lateral the issue to the State Attorney General. You can be sure we’ll keep you informed.

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  1. Those are some nice digs Harry’s living in. I’m sure those 48 neighbors just missed him. Harry is pretty slippery. DA won’t do anything. He’s busy suing Toyota. I recall that he could care less about the fact that Fullerton Superintendent Cameron McCune was using every available public resource to campaign for Measure CC.

  2. Congratulations Tony!

    Your actions (many, of this type) are the essence of good citizenship as I learned of this virtue (starting as a youngster in school and then throughout my life)

    It might be only an aspect of my own personality but I believe that solid honest civic leadership actions such yours strengthens and inspires other-fellow citizens to act in the best interests of our community (i.e. nation).

    You are doing good.

  3. That is awesome! According to my sources, Harry has violated a few other laws for NOT notifying certain agencies regarding his change of address. More to come!

    1. Jerbal Cunningham is over at Mauve County trying to get people to believe that Sidhu’s residency problem is all about South versus East Lucky Way.

      Jesus, that guy is really going to be lonely soon.

  4. Let me get this straight. Neighbors are clear no one has lived in that apartment for years. The on site knows Sidhu by sight to be a guy on the city council and is sure this is not the dude who picked up the key and id’d himself as “Harry”.

    No rent, no agreement, no furniture, no resident and stiffed the utilites to boot (funny because i think Anaheim is its own electric utility which means Sidhu screwed the city).

    This is f*%$ing outrageous and it is at least perjury to claim one lives at a residence under oath when that is patently false. The DA better do something about this.

  5. Great job Tony!

    While “honorable and respected” bloggers like Jerbal weave a web of lies and deceit, it looks like folks on the “fringe” uncover the truth and expose them.

  6. Finally! I am appalled that someone who doesn’t even live in the 4th would lie and deceive voters to satisfy their own personal ambition and not to serve the voters and residents of the 4th. How many times has Sidhu run for office? How many has he actually won? I’m in advertising and noticed on my drive from Fullerton to my work in Brea (in the 4th) was littered with Harry Sidhu Mayor Pro-tem signs. Isn’t this false advertising in Fullerton and Brea? He isn’t the mayor pro-tem of either city. I wonder if Pam Keller and Roy Moore approve of this. Better yet, what other cities has he placed these signs in false advertising?

    1. Kat, if Harry’s “volunteers” from COGS put up signs in Brea they are wasting Sidhu’s money. Brea is in the 3rd District.

      However all of your points are well-taken. There is really no way a normal person can understand the hunger for recognition and the sense of self-entitlement that motivates Sidhu. That guy doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the 4th District as anything other than political beast of burden he can ride.


    1. Gotta disagree, John. We are not journalists. And unlike some of our, ahem, blog colleagues, we don’t pretend to be: “This is Dan C-somethingorother, reporting…” Gak.

      We do occupy a new niche, that’s for sure. And maybe we resemble the Old-Old Journalism – before it became all professionalized and self-important, self-righteous, and oh so biased.

      We have been sucked into the vacuum left by the MSM abandonment of local news. For some reason they would rather talk about the footwear of political hacks than their misdeeds.

  7. Egad! Imprisoned for up to three years? Think of all the election opportunities Sidhu will miss.

    I hear the train a comin’…

  8. Look at how Sidhu described his city of residence: Anaheim Hills!

    He’s ashamed to live in good old Anaheim like me.

    No wonder his handlers won’t let him out.

  9. According to Tommy Boy Gordon’s latest drivel Harish Sidhu is the “frontrunner” for the 4th District seat. He also said all you guys are guilty of “voter intimidation”.

  10. Excellent work Tony. Looks like Harry has been caught with his proverbial hand in the cookie jar.

  11. Oh yer killing, I can’t take it…hahhahahah eiiiieeeee ahhahahahaha LOLOLOLOO, you can’t pay people to dream this up…..Ahhhhhh can’t breath, stop, ahhhhhhohhh0h9hhohoho.

    Sorry, you can’t imagine how fricking funny this is!

    Tony you da MAN!

    Everybody, put on Johnny Cash’ Folsom Blues at 5pm tonight and crank it up, open the windows, and let it play four or five time in honor of Harry MagicCarpetBagger Siduh!

    After that, Tony, go see Judge Downing in Orange County, she is the Cheif Judge for the Grand Jury.

    Call me, I got her numbers.

  12. Bush,

    You outdid yourself.

    The people of the Fourth District should nominate you for citizen of the month! No kidding, you are likely going to take some shit form the Pro-Daly shills (why he quit?) at Meg County, The LA County resident writing for LOC (???) but seriously, this is the kind of act that EVERYONE should be cheering.

    Nobody can say you did’nt do your part for the community

  13. I am blown away that people are writing him check and taking him seriously. Whatever elected supports this clown should be tossed out. What a joke! In all of my years in OC poly, I have never, ever seen someone like this guy.

  14. Hello..helloooo… Earth to Janet. Earth to Janet. Come in please. We have a situation down here. Is it possible that anybody can tie us in to this? After all you are Harry’s numero uno supporter. I think he is toast. Can you give us a call when you are finished filing your papers for the OCGOP central committee? Over and out.

  15. Even “Mauve County” Rabble congratulates Tony Bushala on this one. Good work. This 4th District voter thanks you, sir.

  16. It was insulting that he claimed the complex as his ‘residency’ given his wealth and privilege, but it’s even more insulting that his homie Talik Chopra hooked him up with free rent. A total and complete sham!

    1. Art, As i commented on a different post, what may actually do in Sidhu is when he loses the election for the 4th and then immediately moves home. By doing this he will totally screw the republican party because he could very well get a shot on the central comittee that he has no intention to fill.

      The die hards in the party will be even more pissed about this than they already are over the carpetbagging.

  17. It would appear that Siduh failed to claim the “free rent” as a campign donation and it would seem that it exceeded the maximum allowed, too.

  18. I hate carpetbaggers like Sidhu and it has nothing to do with party affiliation. Of course the DA will do nothing here, just as DAs have ignored other candidates with false addresses, including (the first time she ran for Congress in Garden Grove) one Loretta Sanchez Brixey of Rancho Palos Verdes.

  19. #38

    But this isn’t just about carpetbagging per se. It’s about voter fraud and perjury. Says so right on the registration form Sidhu signed. He never lived at the Calabria. Up to three years in the big house.

    Sidhu’s got some ‘splainin’ to do to the DA.

  20. Since ol’ Harry lives at the Lucky Way residence because that’s where he really wants to live and all, he wont be suddenly canceling his lease or anything like that right? I mean, this guy is legit, not a perjurer, fraud and carpetbagger as this site has accused him.

  21. Called it 12 years ago. Mayor Clown Shoes should have had his voting rights revoked had Tony Racacus done his job. Oh well. !

  22. Could we get a 4F update on the Sidhu scandal? I know it’s Anaheim but it would be entertaining as hell.

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