You Can’t Dig A Hole With A Rubber Band

That’s a saying my grandfather had to suggest the futility of trying to do a job with the wrong tool. And in this case the tool in question is Mr. Hide and Seek Sidhu, the bogus 4th District candidate with the fake addresses, the gibberish, the all ’round assclownery.

All new episodes coming in the fall!

By now you may have heard that Sidhu got his clown’s ass handed to him last night By Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson in the 4th District Supervisor’s election. It was a solid 12% margin for Nelson – after the unions had spent $1.5 million to smear him and promote the lame Sidhu.

But the Sidhu product was, and is so worthless that it can’t be peddled at any price. The more money pumped into it, the worse it looked. As we predicted all along, Sidhu’s campaign managers have soaked poor Harry and will continue to do so all long as he keeps writing checks that don’t bounce. But come September union bosses Wayne Quint and Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino will have to ask themselves whether they want to waste any more of their dough trying to sell a car that has no wheels and no engine.

Well, it’s true they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree, but as the Good Book says, the writing is on the wall. And then Harry will have to go it alone; and all the money squandered will be his.

Oh, and we’ll be checking up to see if he’s actually living at Lucky Way.

11 Replies to “You Can’t Dig A Hole With A Rubber Band”

  1. Good call. I’ve heard that after the DA let Sidhu off the hook he put his campaign workers in that house on Lucky Way to make it looked lived in.

    Let’s keep track of Shifty’s dwellings. You may have to file another complaint with Rackaukas.

  2. “All new episodes coming in the fall”. You guys crack me up.

    The fall will be a steamroll for Nelson because at its root Sidhu is Nelson light. Just ask Sidhu and he will tell you he pretty much agrees with Nelson on every issue save the pension thing and high Speed Rail. Nelson’s stand on those two issues helps him and Sidhu’s hurts him.

    Now labor has to decide what to do and they really screwed themselves with Sidhu. Imagine Sidhu telling us all 6 months ago that he was the labor candidate. We all would have laughed it off. Hell, Sidhu himself doesn’t even want to be the labor candidate. Labor has created a question with no answer. They should have backed Art or Lori and their members should be demanding some answers from leadership right now.

  3. Can somebody explain what happens next with Nelson’s city council seat? I forget what happened when Norby left.

  4. Maybe the unions should have spent $1.5 million talking about the ISSUES instead of Nelson’s google rankings.

    Nah, they’re on the losing side of that one too.

  5. If you can’t get a measly 19% of the vote after spending $1.5 million, you isn’t gonna beat an incumbant in November.

    1. Not only that, but nobody who has any brains would endorse him or contribute to him at all. Any company that does County business will steer very clear of Harish Sidhu as Shawn will be in office for 5 months already.

      Plus he is already $120K+ in debt from this race, how is he going to make that up??!

  6. You’re going to keep going to Lucky Way to see if Siudhu lives there. Sean Mill says that’s stalking.

    1. I don’t know who Sean Mill is, but go ahead and call me a stalker. I’ll bet my last nickel that the moment the DA pulled the plug on the perjury rap Sidhu was back feeding his peacocks in the 3rd. We’re going to make him live in that stucco box across the street from Garden Grove even if we have to file a new complaint with the DA.

      Hairball’s wife is gonna be real sore at him pretty soon.

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