Another Fabulous “First Five” F-up

The Face of First Five: Go ahead, keep blogging. Just more work for me.

FFFF has documented how the Orange County version of Meathead Rob Reiner’s First Five Commission known as “The OC Children and Families Commission” has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years on PR and lobbying contracts to political operatives. We have shared how the Riverside County chapter of the Tax and Redistribute Society was busted for numerous conflicts of interest and was finally corralled by the RC Board of Supervisors. Here’s a link generously provided by Friend “Max” to a news report in May about the Contra Costa County Grand Jury about more misbehavin’ by their First Five Commission.

The key recommendation is the employment, by competitive bid, of an independent external auditor (i.e. not hired by the staff and Chairman with a wink and a nod) to clean up the cronyism and self-interest.

I really have to wonder what would happen if all 58 county grand juries did their jobs vis-a-vis the First Five Commissions. Would a single county emerge unscathed from political corruption and “jobs for the boys” kickdowns of the sort we’ve seen right here in OC? Or Riverside? Or Contra Costa?

Doubtful. The corruption is probably endemic.

11 Replies to “Another Fabulous “First Five” F-up”

  1. The Jerbals of the world are results of the “program”, so go after the “program” not the Jerbals.

  2. I hope that conservative politicians, bloggers and lobbyists take every dime of rotten Prop 10 money they can get – otherwise that money will go to liberal politicians, bloggers and lobbyists.

    As Balthasar said, “.. go after the program ..” – not those taking advantage of it.

    1. If you take the money you are not a conservative, you are a liberal politician/blogger/lobbyist/whore. Now go away.

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