Pacific Strategies – A Few Days In The Life

Hey, I got kids in expensive schools!

Check this out. Here are a few days in the life of supposed conservative pontificator, Matthew J. Cunningham as he dishes out his stellar wordsmithing on behalf of the uber-liberal Prop 10 funded “OC Children and Families Commission.”

I’ll let you tally up the big bucks this hypocrite pulled down doing battle with the forces of…well, forces like the “Flash Report” of which he was a blogger, its editor Jon Fleischman, and of course those insensitive beasts at the OC Register.

And be sure to enjoy that monthly $800 catchall bill for, well, who knows what it’s for? Just stuff. But Hell, when you’re milking the cash cow be sure never to leave anything on the table, right?

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  1. Disgusting!

    Will someone pull the plug on the contract?

    It just turns my stomach reading this stuff, because I am looking for work and someone is sucking the taxpayers dry.


  2. I just thought of something.

    This jerbel guy is lining his pocket when every first five is in the news, radio, tv, newspaper or blog.

    How much do you think he has charged the utting taxpayer, reading, reviewing, rebutting and rewriting a response to all your stories on First Five and Matt.

    I mean you may be feeding this beast to some seriously hardcore monies.

    In essence, the more you write, the more Matt gets…

    I suppose you can tell the media and the anti big gov’t types that by not commenting on First 5, they are saving the taxpayer money.

  3. “I suppose you can tell the media and the anti big gov’t types that by not commenting on First 5, they are saving the taxpayer money.”

    Actually, that’s a pretty good idea.

  4. Who will pull the plug on this gross waste of taxpayer monies. Cunningham is a crooked conman. Whomever takes this guy down will be a hero.

  5. You gotta love his billing for “account management”. I’d like to know what the hell that means, and even better, why it’s a billable expense.

    Guess what Matt, it doesn’t work this way in the real world. Accounting is your problem to handle on your own time.

  6. $800. Bucks for reading (PART I) of a Fresno Bee article? I just downloaded said article, it took me three minutes to read. Another two to re-read (review). WTF?

    And what does Fresno’s First Five have anything to do with OC?

    He must feel pretty confident that the CABAL will run cover for him.

  7. Not to defend the guy, but here is why they would want him to read it the Fresno First 5 articles.

    They were a deep and compelling analysis of the inherent problems of conflict of interest and self dealing that can only be changed by a change to the law itself. Had those articles received more airtime, Cunningham would be on his way out of a job.

    AND, the article has one quote in it that would take someone like Cunningham a long time to understand and probably freaked them out:

    “It’s very difficult to evaluate what First 5 pays for,” said Anderson, chairwoman of the First 5 commission. “That’s one area where First 5 has failed.”

    FAILED – a Commissioner was quoted as admitting that First 5 has not proved that has done a thing, and she was not just talking about Fresno.

    Read more:



    for detail done by an analyst who spoke up when Prop 1D came out last year:

    A Commissioner who stated the following:

  8. #7: only the public can take down the First 5 system and Cunningham. Repeal Prop 10 and send the money where it will do better things.

  9. But why would they pay $800. to someone was my point?

    I could argue that many contributors and commenters on this blog do what Matt did, in their spare time.

    But Matthew felt compelled to collect $200 per hour for it. TWITTER ON JUBAL.

  10. Because they can Tonyserra.

    In my experience, these sorts of places do what ever they want because, simply, they think they can, and they know there will not be enough concerted or systemic political pressure on them to change because “we serve kids”.

    Jacamo is right: First 5 is a statewide problem, not a county by county problem.

    Why this guy was paid $800 is between him and the OC Executive Director, but some of those sorts won’t make a move without a consultant to blame.

  11. Makes many wonder where Jubal is sending his kids to public or private schools?

    If private…how nice $$ from government contract to get $$ to send kids to private schools.

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