Pacific Strategies – Normally Loquacious Hugh Hewitt Needs, Gets Help Organizing Thoughts

I was just too doggone busy to be bothered with it.

UPDATE: Gustavo Arellano has weighed in over at the OC Weekly.

Here’s a compilation of  invoiced time Matthew J. Cunningham spent ghost writing for the supposed conservative Hugh Hewitt,who is a proud member of Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission.

Hewitt is Cunningham’s blog mentor who encouraged him to start what is today called “Red County”.

As noted above Hewitt is also a commissioner on the CFCOC, and thus Cunningham’s boss.

It’s odd that the presumably literate Hewitt can’t write his own letters and “op-ed” pieces if he believes so strongly in the Commission. He needs his buddy Cunningham to do it at a cool $200 an hour; and he’ll do it too, dammit, no matter how many hours it takes.

Hugh believes in the Commission almost as much as I do! I know because I wrote it.

Of course it’s also odd that Hewitt is on this ridiculous commission in the first place, unless one recognizes it as a platform to dispense patronage to old pals.

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  1. Gustavo Arellano is very familiar with this punk. Maybe he can shed some light onto the question of why an alleged conservative would be involved in the commission.

    Prop 10 was the worst singular taxpayer rip-off in California’s history. It robbed some and gave their money directly to somebody else. Fo no reason.

    Any “conservative” associated with this ought to be ashamed. Oh, right. No sense of shame. Of course this is Cunningham’s only real source of income.

  2. A guy like Hugh Hewitt should be able to write his own op-eds. Paying a “wordsmith” $200 an hour with taxpayer money is a scummy thing to do.

  3. Check out the line item on 11/30/08. I guess Cunningham thought a Hewitt’s byline was interchangable with democrat Lou Correa.

  4. Thank you for publicizing this waste of tax payer dollars. We as voters need to know who and how much is being needlessly spent by these paid political opportunists.

  5. A cool $6,000 bucks for Matt and Laura.

    Where do Matt’s fellow Red County Bloggers stand on this?

    I know both Matt and Chip say they have addressed this “ad-nauseaum” but, I can not cite one post where they have aknowledged his taking PROP 10 funds.


  6. If this isn’t illegal it should be. So…Should we put some tables down at Anton and Bristol and close down the intersection to get some press on this? You know. To get mass media coverage from the La Raza Register. Me thinks the almighty pay to play powers that be at the Orange County Register don’t want to touch anything that might hinder their gravy train. I think the fat, dumb and lazy orange countians, albeit slow learners. are on to them.

  7. I remember a spirited discussion Hugh & I had back in ’03 about the impending Iraq invasion. I was against it; Hugh was a big neocon cheerleader FOR it.

    He promised that the resulting oil revenues would pay for the whole thing. 7 years, $1 trillion & how many lives later–who was right?

  8. Somebody tell me that Hewitt doesn’t look like Jerry Mahoney and the jerb doesn’t look like a ferret.

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