The Two Faces of Matthew J. Cunningham

Look! Look over there!

Yesterday our favorite repuglican hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, put up a post whining about the hypocrisy of Loretta Sanchez who apparently had a fundraiser at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and who subsequently applauded Craigslist for “censoring” adult services.

Here’s the quote from Loretta that offends the sensibilities of the tender Cunningham the most:

By shutting down the adult services section, Craigslist is showing that it truly values people over its own profits.

Hmm.The fact that Playboy preys upon nobody seems to have escaped the authoritarian pea brain Cunningham, but Hell, we’ll let that pass.

What’s really funny is that not so very long ago FFFF exposed the self-described small gummint conservative Cunningham as the recipient of huge windfall largess from Rob Reiner’s tax and redistribute Prop 10 that put bread on Mr. Conservative’s table for over four years. Almost all of the bread, as it turns out.

Here’s a hypothetical quotation to ponder:

By advocating to shut down the socialist Children and Families Commission, Matthew J. Cunningham is showing that he truly values conservative principles over his own profits.

As long as Mr. Cunningham keeps trying to pretend that he’s anything other than the biggest hypocrite in Orange County, we’ll be right there to remind folks the truth.

Who Poisoned the Blogosphere?

Not me.

The other day at the self-righteous Blue County Blog, Boy Reporter #1 Dan C-somethingorother, put up a post defending himself in the dust up between him and the OJ Blog’s Art Pedroza. The funniest comment came from our old pal, Boy Reporter #2, Matthew J. Cunningham, the biggest hypocrite in Orange County – you remember, the creep who by day is a mild-mannered Welfare State teat-sucker, but who at night transforms himself into some sort of uber-conservative super hero. Here’s some of what he had to add to the comments thread:

Well said, Dan. As you make clear, “the blog war” is just Pedroza code for the LOC lawsuit against him — and that’s what he wants ended, not the poisonous atmosphere in the OC blogosphere the he, Tony Bushala and others have created.

And Pedroza’s claim today that he doesn’t allow personal attacks on me — that’s just an out-and-out lie. But typical, when you consider the source.

Oh boy what a guy! Somehow it’s my fault that this slime ball who pretends to be some sort of social conservative is actually the biggest, most liberal, whole-village rearing apologist and pond scum skimmer in Orange County, and we’re letting folks know about it. And that’s a personal attack? Funny how I’m “poisonous,” and yet this free loader still hasn’t got the balls to explain to his readers at the Red County blog about his day job passing out toothbrushes at $200 an hour.

You can't hurt me. I've got friends in high places...

My run in with this clown began over a year ago when the supposed conservative paragon started doing his typical lame song and dance for liberal spendthrift and serial mis-manager, Democrat Tom Daly. Then came his back-handed promotions of the carpetbaggers Ackerwoman, and Hairball Sidhu; and the efforts to undermine the campaign of a real conservative – Shawn Nelson.

Well here’s a news flash: I’m going to do my best to clean out OC of its repuglican hypocrites, pharisees, and plantation overseers no matter how long it takes and no matter how much it costs. And that’s a promise.

Besides, I’m having way too much fun.

Another Fabulous “First Five” F-up

The Face of First Five: Go ahead, keep blogging. Just more work for me.

FFFF has documented how the Orange County version of Meathead Rob Reiner’s First Five Commission known as “The OC Children and Families Commission” has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years on PR and lobbying contracts to political operatives. We have shared how the Riverside County chapter of the Tax and Redistribute Society was busted for numerous conflicts of interest and was finally corralled by the RC Board of Supervisors. Here’s a link generously provided by Friend “Max” to a news report in May about the Contra Costa County Grand Jury about more misbehavin’ by their First Five Commission.

The key recommendation is the employment, by competitive bid, of an independent external auditor (i.e. not hired by the staff and Chairman with a wink and a nod) to clean up the cronyism and self-interest.

I really have to wonder what would happen if all 58 county grand juries did their jobs vis-a-vis the First Five Commissions. Would a single county emerge unscathed from political corruption and “jobs for the boys” kickdowns of the sort we’ve seen right here in OC? Or Riverside? Or Contra Costa?

Doubtful. The corruption is probably endemic.

Pacific Strategies – A Few Days In The Life

Hey, I got kids in expensive schools!

Check this out. Here are a few days in the life of supposed conservative pontificator, Matthew J. Cunningham as he dishes out his stellar wordsmithing on behalf of the uber-liberal Prop 10 funded “OC Children and Families Commission.”

I’ll let you tally up the big bucks this hypocrite pulled down doing battle with the forces of…well, forces like the “Flash Report” of which he was a blogger, its editor Jon Fleischman, and of course those insensitive beasts at the OC Register.

And be sure to enjoy that monthly $800 catchall bill for, well, who knows what it’s for? Just stuff. But Hell, when you’re milking the cash cow be sure never to leave anything on the table, right?

Pacific Strategies – Normally Loquacious Hugh Hewitt Needs, Gets Help Organizing Thoughts

I was just too doggone busy to be bothered with it.

UPDATE: Gustavo Arellano has weighed in over at the OC Weekly.

Here’s a compilation of  invoiced time Matthew J. Cunningham spent ghost writing for the supposed conservative Hugh Hewitt,who is a proud member of Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission.

Hewitt is Cunningham’s blog mentor who encouraged him to start what is today called “Red County”.

As noted above Hewitt is also a commissioner on the CFCOC, and thus Cunningham’s boss.

It’s odd that the presumably literate Hewitt can’t write his own letters and “op-ed” pieces if he believes so strongly in the Commission. He needs his buddy Cunningham to do it at a cool $200 an hour; and he’ll do it too, dammit, no matter how many hours it takes.

Hugh believes in the Commission almost as much as I do! I know because I wrote it.

Of course it’s also odd that Hewitt is on this ridiculous commission in the first place, unless one recognizes it as a platform to dispense patronage to old pals.

Matthew Cunningham, Big Government Leech, Lauds “Rising Star” of GOP

I am not an annelid.

I couldn’t help but notice that Red County’s resident hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, who makes his living off of Rob Reiner’s massive income redistribution scheme called Prop 10 did a post today on Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio who delivered the big speech at last night’s GOP Flag Day party.

Sweet Lord. Did Rubio praise Republicans who make their living sucking at the teat of the Welfare State? Maybe he did. I wasn’t there.

Here’s a Cunningham tribute:

“I think Marco Rubio is a true heir to Reagan conservatism: a rock-ribbed dedication to a smaller, restrained federal government,”

Well that’s great for Rubio, but where does Mr. C. from Suite C. fit into this vision of a smaller, restained government?

It’s amazing that this creep who makes his living from a huge, liberal tax and income redistribution project that defines “whole village child rearing” would have the gall to even go to the diner, let alone opine about it.  I heard his candidate Harry Sidhu was there, too, so maybe they let anyone in.

What a complete and utter disgrace.

Just Like We Thought

Uh, Harry, I've got some bad news...

Now that the rodents are leaping off the sinking SS Sidhu, word is starting to leak out from former crew members that the non-paid “volunteer” John Lewis, was neck deep in the Sidhu scampaign for county supervisor in a district in which he doesn’t live.

In fact, that way we hear it, The Lewis Group, which consists of John Lewis and his partner Matt Holder, basically took over the campaign. Of course they won’t be bragging about it after what happened.

This news explains a lot. Such as why Matthew Cunningham was doing his level best to promote the hapless and helpless Sidhu while pretending to be objective – as usual.

No, I tell you. I have never even met the man.

But this situation also raises other questions. Such as: will Sidhu be reporting the Lewis Group’s unpaid professional services on his behalf as an in-kind campaign contribution? Hmm.

We’ll be checking up on that.

OC Gopher Looks For Shadow

Yesterday Orange County’s version of Punxsutawney Phil, Matthew J. Cunningham, emerged from his hole, blinking painfully in the morning sunlight, to survey the OC political landscape.

Who turned on all those lights?

After spending over a year back door pushing the supervisorial candidacies of incompetent Democrat spendthrift Tom Daly, and then carpetbagging perjurer Harry Sidhu, alleged conservative Mr. C. from Suite C. had a bad case of the political bends. Had he been sufficiently indirect in his shilling for Sidhu? Would it be held against him? Would anybody remember things like posting on the phony victims group? Was his 8:01 exit from the Sidhu Victory 2010 party soon enough?

Most importantly, would his gravy train job writing blog posts for Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission be in jeopardy? Ah! So many questions, so many calculations.

Perhaps it was the bright light of scrutiny; maybe it was the clear, clean air wafting past. In any case our pal immediately retreated  to the shelter of his burrow to ponder the consequences of blind and slavish adherence to his mentor – chief repuglican John Lewis. Have we seen the last of him? As they say, time will tell.

Pacific Strategies: Ventriloquism For Uncle Bill and The Little Kids

There's a little stick in back that makes my head swivel.

Sometimes its hard to tell whether certain people are stupid or lazy. Or maybe a little of both. Take, for instance, County Supervisor Bill Campbell who is currently the Chairman of the OC Children and Families Commission.

As a commissioner he has approved big PR contracts to his political pal Matthew J. Cunningham whom he also appointed to the County Parks Commission. And I mean really big contracts. And apparently free of either competition or real scrutiny.

Part of Cunningham’s job is to ghost write pro-commission “op-ed” pieces for politicians across the political spectrum who either can’t be bothered, or who are too illiterate to do it themselves. The topic of these scribblings is always the same: protect the tax revenue!

Here’s an invoice where Mr. Conservative Republican Wordsmith is wordsmithing hard for – Bill Campbell!

And looky here, we’ve uncovered the fruits of Mr. Cunningham’s labors in the OC Register.

There are some fun quotes about rigorous  audits and Grand Jury approbation that come a-tumblin’ out of the old mannequin’s mouth, but these are my faves:

“I can say unequivocally that if state government emulated the prudent, sensible and farsighted operations and budgeting practices of the Children and Families Commission, there would be no state budget crisis.”

Uh, yeah, like handing out a $200K per year PR contract that enables your pal to put semi-intelligent words in your mouth for $200 an hour.

“…while our commission contracts out as many functions as possible so more dollars go toward funding services rather than bureaucracy.”

See comment above. Contracting out unnecessary PR crap for $200 an hour services like facebook updates, going to lunch with Steve Greenhut, and passing out toothbrushes. Newsflash Bill – that robs funding. Contracting out for unnecessary services is incompetent. Directing that largess to a political crony is despicable.

“Taxpayers should cast a critical eye on the idea of abolishing such county Children and Families commissions, which are locally accountable and manage their budgets responsibly…”

Uh huh. Yeah. Sure, Bill.  You pass out hundreds of thousands annually for lobbying and PR most of which seems to be mysteriously directed outside Orange County. Well, Campbell also seems to be one of the masterminds behind the unintentionally hilarious Harry Sidhu for Supervisor campaign. And that, in a nutshell, really tells you all you need to know about that sawdust head.

And finally a free wordsmithing tip to the Wordsmith: when you’re going to put words in the mouth of numbskull try to avoid words like “panoply” and “unequivocally.”

Pacific Strategies – $3,200 for One Op-ed

Was a ghost written “op-ed” worth the $3,200 that Cunningham charged the OC Children and Family Commission? You be the judge. Here is the article that found it’s way into some obscure journal. Notice how the supposed writer, Shawn Steel,  starts off by announcing his opposition to prop 10. Sound familiar? Then begins the fight to save Rob Reiner’s legacy.

But really. How could this have taken the better part of 20 hours to produce? That’s two and a half freakin’ days! The Declaration of Independence was written faster.

The irony of the “we know the value of a buck” schtick written by somebody billing the taxpayers $200 an hour to hand out toothbrushes is profound.

And why can’t Shawn Steel write his own op-eds if he actually cares about this issue instead of wasting the CFCOC money? Of course he may not be very bright. For some reason he is a supporter of Hide and Seek Sidhu.

Anyway, here’s the Pacific Strategies billing that reflects the effort on that masterpiece. So what does that work out to, ten bucks a word?

More scary ghost(writer) stories to follow…