OC Gopher Looks For Shadow

Yesterday Orange County’s version of Punxsutawney Phil, Matthew J. Cunningham, emerged from his hole, blinking painfully in the morning sunlight, to survey the OC political landscape.

Who turned on all those lights?

After spending over a year back door pushing the supervisorial candidacies of incompetent Democrat spendthrift Tom Daly, and then carpetbagging perjurer Harry Sidhu, alleged conservative Mr. C. from Suite C. had a bad case of the political bends. Had he been sufficiently indirect in his shilling for Sidhu? Would it be held against him? Would anybody remember things like posting on the phony victims group? Was his 8:01 exit from the Sidhu Victory 2010 party soon enough?

Most importantly, would his gravy train job writing blog posts for Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission be in jeopardy? Ah! So many questions, so many calculations.

Perhaps it was the bright light of scrutiny; maybe it was the clear, clean air wafting past. In any case our pal immediately retreated  to the shelter of his burrow to ponder the consequences of blind and slavish adherence to his mentor – chief repuglican John Lewis. Have we seen the last of him? As they say, time will tell.

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  1. Was that really needed? I had stayed out of the Fullerton sandbox because of that sort of stuff and just recently came back. But if y’all are going to waste bandwidth bashing Matt, maybe I do not need to play in the sandbox after all. I do not always agree with Matt, in fact, I nearly never agree with him, but I do not know that blogging about other bloggers is a constructive use of time. Save the animosity for the politicians.

  2. It is a GROUNDHOG, not a gopher. I know. My wife is from Punxsutawney. I’ve been to Gobbler’s Knob (where he looks for his shadow). Get your facts straight. 🙂

  3. Agree with CR. Can’t you just start a whole different website called fartboy.com and leave this one for Fullerton?

  4. I have to disagree with your logic Colony. At the risk of uplifting Red County, for many Republicans RC is the de facto OC Republican Blog. There is an important need to point out its true mission. Matt is also not just a blogger, he is a paid consultant whose choices (like consulting for the Wasteful Children and Families Commission) deserve to have a light shone upon them. He uses his blog to frame his income generating career.

    As far as the Fullerton focus is concerned, when RC advocates for a poor 4th district choice like Sidhu, the post is directly related to Fullerton.

  5. Cunningham is a joke.

    He’s been scamming people for years, RC does’nt seem to care.

    This guy has so little credibility that he has become a literally the JOKE (as in make fun of) of the OC Political community.

    I for one am tired of everyone giving him a break after he loses or publishes something stupid or goes to work for Rob Riener.

  6. Attention: Colony Rabble

    Now that Tom Daly has won the race. This idiot will continue to waste taxpayers money. There a lot of dark secret that will come out soon about Tom Daly. Colony Rabble buckle up because you are going to look like an idiot supporting this career politician.

    You can stop kissing Tom Daly ass now.

  7. So is it the wish to have anyone who you disagree with banished from ever working or airing their opinion? Because that would leave only FF as the sole voice of what is good and right. This is the same arrogance as he/they are showing now.

    He might have gotten behind some ugly pugs. Their blog may well be backed by rich people. The blog may not agree with yours. But I think going after him personally as you have done raises a lot of questions about your own character.

    Were we to find out who Mr. Peabody really is, how much of your life would hold up to the subjective and changing criteria of what a “conservative” is in all its aspects?

    Maybe you want to drop this tired tirade, declare victory and move on. FF has gotten tiresome.

    1. Good Lord you’re self-righteous. Almost as bad as the sanctimonious Cunningham, himself.

      We’ve been subjected to that creep’s diddling out the truth in little teaspoonfuls, his parsing things every which a way serves him best, and worst of all, his completely contemptible hypocrisy. He even showed up here once commenting under different names – after he banned our boss from his blog for calling him gutless (oh the horror).

      I think Peabody presented a pretty accurate character study.

    2. “subjective and changing criteria”

      WTF? Conservative don’t go to work for Rob Reiner’s “It takes A village’ nonsense. And that’s his only real source of income. If it weren’t for liberal voters Cunningham would be working swamping out the restrooms at Sidhu’s Rubidoux El Pollo Loco.

  8. How dare you try and quell the blowback from Matt “JUBAL” Cunninghams actions.

    Let me remind you, by virtue of the calendar, Jubal has gotten a pass from Conservatives for his doublespeak and illicit actions.

    It’s notable, when he saw Harish going down he “ducked back in to the hole”. Where was his defense of Sidhu??? NOWHERE because it was’nt profitable for Pacific Strategies.

    Colony, either you are a party to his fraud, simply blind or sadly sympathetic.

    This guy is a SNAKE.

    I will give you this option out: EXPLAIN TO READERS what and where “Suite C” is, and I will issue a heartfelt apology to the world.

    Come on Cynthia!

  9. Mr. Matt Cunningham is toxic to those who may contemplate hiring him. His malicious actions are beyond excuses he is a corrupt, contemptible creep.

  10. #8, Matt Cunningham started his blogging carreer as a guy named: “JUBAL”.

    It was only after he was exposed as complimenting his “alter ego” did he come clean. This is dishonest, disgraceful and hypocritical. But that is the EXACT kind of character we’ve come to expect from Matt. He supports (maybe even is paid by the Democrats), he sold out victims of RAPE (child RAPE) for either monetary gain or personal advancement. Yet we remain surprised that he shills for Sidhu. I could go on about the First Five debacle, the Corona/flieshman support, but my point is made, the OC GOP bought his BS and now they’re stuck with it.

    So when you talk about “character” it would be a pretty good idea NOT to use Matt “Jubal” Cunningham in the same sentence.

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