Roastbeef on Loretta Sanchez

This just came in from David Jerome, who is a Fullerton resident and the author of the Rick Dees-acclaimed novel, “Roastbeef’s Promise.”

I love that there’s finally a close race in the 47th Congressional district. Even more than that though, I envy the citizens of South Fullerton who have the opportunity to vote Liberal Loretta Sanchez off of “Gerrymandered Island.”

Instead of Loretta Sanchez’s usual Harlem Globetrotters verses the Washington Generals kind of re-election where she can stay in her plush DC office or banter with the Hollywood liberals on the Bill Maher Show, this election Representative Sanchez is forced out into the community to defend her positions and try and explain why her votes have helped to produce a 10% unemployment rate and trillions of dollars of new debt. In recent weeks her attempt at damage control has produced nothing more than a self-inflicted case of foot in mouth disease.

Voters of the 47th are now learning that Loretta Sanchez has the charm and class of Kanye West at an awards show. I became aware of her lack of tact and decency back in 2001 when Congress voted 410-0 on a bill to extend birthday greetings to ailing former President Ronald Reagan on his 90th birthday. Instead of voting with the 410 other Representatives in the affirmative, Loretta Sanchez voted “present” with seven other petty, mean-spirited, and highly partisan members.

Last month, Loretta Sanchez again showed her lack of integrity and two-faces when she spoke to The Orange County Register’s editorial board and claimed that she was a “Blue Dog” (conservative) Democrat (OC Register 9-12-10 Commentary). This came as a surprise to me, so I looked up her voting record over the past two years of government expansion and found that Sanchez had voted almost identically with ultra-liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (

Voters of the 47th might be shocked to discover that Representative Sanchez’s recent voting record with Speaker Pelosi’s is 98%, a frequency level higher than several other liberal Congressional stalwarts including: Maxine Waters 93%, Henry Waxman 93%, Shelia Jackson Lee 93%, John Conyers 92%, and Dennis Kucinich 79%. Does anyone other than Hugo Chavez think that Nancy Pelosi or any of these other members are conservative Blue Dog Democrats?

Sanchez voted for the $800 billion stimulus package that, like an entree at Denny’s, shows up on the table looking nothing like the fabulous picture on the menu. Sanchez then, without reading the 2,400 page bill, merrily danced to Pelosi’s puppeteering and voted for Obamacare. So with Loretta’s help, the Democrats are now governing like carnival barkers at the Grab Bag booth. “Step right up, step right up, vote for the bill first, and we’ll see what’s in it later!”

The expose of Loretta Sanchez continued last month on Spanish television when she (in muy mal Espanol) claimed that the Vietnamese and Republicans were trying to take her seat. A typical response for a liberal elistist, dividing people by race and claiming ownership of the power temporarily bestowed upon her. Because of her “us” verses “them” comments, Representitive Sanchez is now about as popular with the Vietnamese community as a fly in their Pho. Will the 14-year rein of liberalism in central Orange County end with the fall of Sanchez? Will an evacuation helicopter land on the roof of Loretta’s Garden Grove office building on November 2nd and whisk her away to “us” land? One can only hope.

Thankfully, the re-election spotlight is finally being shone upon Loretta Sanchez and voters are getting a closer look at who she is and what she has done. Our South Fullerton friends are hopefully now discovering what a 14-year embarrassment she has been to this county. I am fully convinced that Van Tran could show up for his swearing-in next year at the Capitol Building wearing nothing but a rainbow wig and an autographed Octomom nursing bra, and still not embarrass us as much as Liberal Loretta has during her tenure.

-David Jerome

It Gets Worse

As a change of pace and for those who live in that portion of Fullerton that is included in the 47th Congressional District, I present ruminations on the pathetic choice presented to you in the 2010 election.

The 007 Motel is right up Anaheim Boulevard!

First, let us speak about the unspeakably stupid, insipid, and yes, truly trashy Loretta Sanchez, the Democrat, who from her home in Palos Verdes has been our representative in Congress for 14 years. Her lame squeaking about things she evidently knows nothing about remind you of the proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard. Her suggestive Christmas cards used to inspire salacious merriment but even those are now useless.

Sanchez has accomplished absolutely nothing in Congress in all those years, and the only saving grace I can think of is that nobody ever expected her to.

Whatever is coming out of his mouth isn't the truth...

On the other side of the aisle we behold the pustulific image of Van Tran, one-time refugee who has taken to the seamier side of American politics like a duck to water. Apart from building a political machine of dubious probity, he has also gouged the taxpayers for an unnecessary housing per diem, as a member of the State Legislature, and his wife was convicted of insurance fraud. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, he was the Dr. Frankenstein that helped created a hideous creature that takes delight in pulling the wings off insects.

It's fun, try it!

Well, what are ya gonna do? You have to vote for somebody. Or not. Some woman named Cecilia Iglesias (related to Julio?) is running as an independent and the deviant hacks over at the unintentionally comical Blue County blog thinks she’s just a troll whose job it is to draw votes away from Sanchez. And you know, that sort of makes me want to do it.

A fire hydrant on every corner and new uniforms for the mail carriers!

But instead, I recommend a write-in vote. For whom, you ask? Jan Flory’s Dog, that’s who. It’s true that I don’t live in the District; but you could do worse than electing a dead dog to Congress. A lot worse.

When Loretta Met Lorri

Over at the Liberal OC blog, the proprietor, Dan C -somethingorother is supporting the carpetbagging 4th District Supervisorial bid of Lorri Galloway. Well, okay. Even though Dan C.  lives in Irvine, it’s a free country, right?

What’s really amusing is that Dan has taken to posting pictures of Lorri with all sorts of Democratic luminaries, the tacit implication being that there is some sort of endorsement or even connection. Our favorite pic is the one he uses most – with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez apparently at some sort of food bank operation.

Let's get our picture taken then clear out. I've got a manicure appointment.

Ah yes! A couple of typical camera hog Limousine Liberals slumming it, nicely accessorized with strings of pearls for their photo op. Make sure you get your picture in the paper, honey, and try not to break a nail!

There you have the Lorri Galloway Experience and, oh, by the way – welcome to her life.

Pam Keller Celebrates Abortion

Here’s a bold political move…

It was just announced that Pam Keller will soon be attending the “37th Anniversary Roe v. Wade Celebration” in Newport Beach. There she will join OC’s other liberal ladies such as Loretta Sanchez, Beth Krom and Rose Espinoza to relish in their legal ability to terminate the life of an unwanted human being.

Amongst her close political allies, the right to abort a fetus probably represents some kind of crowning achievement in the exhausted fight for women’s liberation.

But to many in conservative Orange County, abortion is the ultimate violation of human rights against a living being. In fact, many of the sleepy voters who voted for the smiling school teacher in the last election might find the conspicuous “celebration” of this act highly offensive.

Pam Keller: Funneling Grant Money Into Liberal Activism for Fun and Profit

We’ve burned quite a few pixels explaining how Pam Keller’s is using her non-profit, The Fullerton Collaborative,  as a vehicle to peddle influence, fund political activists, and profit Keller herself through excessively convoluted financial relationships.

But some of our loyal Friends still don’t get it.

That’s admittedly understandable, since the entire contraption is remarkably complicated. But to help everyone wrap his or her cerebral cortex around the many conflicts of interest, we present this valuable flow chart to demonstrate where The Fullerton Collaborative’s money comes from and where it goes. Naturally the nexus of the whole tangled web is Pam Keller. And that’s the big problem.

Click for an eye-opening experience...

Enjoy following the arrows. After perusing this chart there really is no excuse for not being concerned about the manifest conflicts of interests on the part of our City Council woman Pam Keller.

Unless, of course, you are part of the web.

Just One, Big Happy Family

I just came across this youtube clip from last summer. It is about our congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and her performance at some sort of “prayer vigil” organized last August, ostensibly to supplicate the Good Lord for the provision of universal health care.

As you can see, Loretta’s not real interested in praying, or even in keeping her big bazoo shut, but rather in the worst kind of political self-promotion. But Ms. Motormouth and her relationship with the Almighty is not the main topic here.

Instead I direct your attention to the promoters of this alleged “prayer vigil,” the Orange County Congregational Community Organization, known as OCCCO. Sound vaguely familiar? Last summer some of its members popped up out of the blue at a city council meeting to speak in favor of the proposed Redevelopment expansion. FFFF subsequently discovered that Pam Keller’s “Fullerton Collaborative” had bestowed $26,000 on the OCCCO for “community organizing.” Fullerton Harpoon wrote about this stuff here. The blog has already noted that Collaborative director (and Fullerton City Councilwoman) Pam Keller is a paid employee of the Fullerton School District.

You can see by the video that despite the presence of a somebody who looks likes he’s got a mitre on his head (A bishop?) these folks are really all about politics, too.

Apparently some folks in Fullerton such as Sharon Kennedy see nothing wrong with this happy intertwine of religion and the politics of cash, the laundering of government funds that ultimately find their way into overt political causes, and finally with the obvious attempt by Pam Keller to use the tangled network to help promote fraudulent and misguided “economic development” policy by the City. Actually these people seem to like the web.

I don’t like it, and neither should you. There is an insidious process going on here and it ain’t good.


More Fringe Recognition: Government Small Change Adds Up


Although the worst governmental bureaucratic bungles and miscreance often costs millions, some are relatively inexpensive and can be brushed off (by the perpetrators) as small change. But these small change expenditures have to be paid for by somebody, and that somebody is you and me. And it all adds up. Quickly. Anyhoo, here are the nominees for the 2009 Government Small Change Adds Up Fringie Award.

1. County Deployment of Certified Helment Fitters. We can’t even calculate the wasted time and resources, and it probably isn’t very great. Still the whole thing was such a wonderful example of a decent idea (giving poor bike riding kids safety helmets) that quickly metastasized into a typical farce. We did get to learn, however, that Pam Keller is a certified helmet fitter. Front. Back. Got it?

2. Roscoe’s Famous Nuisance “Sound Study.” This little gem cost the city (us) $16K, and was a part of a plan to let Jack Franklyn keep playing amplified outdoor music. The “study” was performed by BonTerra, a land use opinion for hire, and not a qualified acoustical engineer. It all came to naught when the council finally decided to stop a very long pattern of looking the other way to multiple Municipal Code violations.

3. Red light camera legal fees. As a subset of another category we include this one. over $14,000 to attorney’s Jones and Mayer who lost the red light camera lawsuits. Well, that’s not so very much, is it?

4. Chief McKinley’s Cop Vest. We hear it was developed on lots o’ company time, but the cost to the taxpayers came in another form, too. A $100,000 stimulus grant in Obama Bucks bought a bunch of these vests for McKinleys own cops. Loretta Sanchez took the credit for these vests that cost twice as much as their predecessors. Still, they do have pockets for your penlight and your house keys. Decoder ring accessory optional.

This episode did create a wonderful image that is being considered for a Special Fringie Award. No hints. Use the link!

Departing Police Chief Brings Home The Bacon

Porktacular reading material

Just in time for his retirement, our beloved police chief Pat McKinley brought home a $100,000 federal earmark for his new body armor which he designed in a partnership with seasoned police contractor Safariland, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest military contractor. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez congratulated herself for rooting up the money for the high-priced vests as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act.

What could be wrong with this earmark? It’s nothing but free money for the City of Fullerton – an unconditional gift from the federal government, right?

But the earmark qualifies as official government pork according to government watchdogs.

Citizens Against Government Waste have identified 10,160 projects at a cost of $19.6 billion in the 12 Appropriations Acts for fiscal 2009 that symbolize the most egregious and blatant examples of pork.  All of the items in the Congressional Pig Book Summary meet at least one of these criteria, but most satisfy at least two:

  • Requested by only one chamber of Congress;
  • Not specifically authorized;
  • Not competitively awarded;
  • Not requested by the President;
  • Greatly exceeds the President’s budget request or the previous year’s funding;
  • Not the subject of congressional hearings; or
  • Serves only a local or special interest.
Officer Rubio shows off his new vest while demonstrating a choke hold for our unsuspecting photographer.
Officer Rubio shows off his new vest while demonstrating a choke hold for our unsuspecting photographer.

There are two sides to every slab of government pork: on one hand, earmarks return a portion of Fullerton citizens’ federal tax dollars back to the city itself. If Fullerton doesn’t grab it’s share of the pie, the money will merely be assigned to some other bloated project in some other needy town far, far away.

On the flip side, earmarks represent the very worst in fiscal responsibility and big government. Appropriations Committee members arbitrarily pick winners and losers by earmarking funds for specific recipients.  Lobbyists and their congressmen bypass authorizing committees directly for pet projects, creating a giant fiscal free-for-all that undermines the Constitution and makes states and localities increasingly beholden to the federal government. Finally, the federal deficit grows unchecked and our taxes increase via the debasement of our currency.

Pork projects have haunted this nation since our early years, but they have always been reviled by fiscally responsible citizens. Thomas Jefferson considered earmarks “a source of boundless patronage to the executive, jobbing to members of Congress & their friends, and a bottomless abyss of public money”. If Jefferson knew about the exponential increase in federal earmarks over the last decade, he would likely rise from his grave to scribe a brand new Declaration of Independence.

In the end, the chiefs’ friends at Safariland are $100,000 richer, our police have new vests that cost twice as much as the old, and most importantly, the fruits of our labor have been lost in a sea of unaccountability.