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I just came across this youtube clip from last summer. It is about our congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and her performance at some sort of “prayer vigil” organized last August, ostensibly to supplicate the Good Lord for the provision of universal health care.

As you can see, Loretta’s not real interested in praying, or even in keeping her big bazoo shut, but rather in the worst kind of political self-promotion. But Ms. Motormouth and her relationship with the Almighty is not the main topic here.

Instead I direct your attention to the promoters of this alleged “prayer vigil,” the Orange County Congregational Community Organization, known as OCCCO. Sound vaguely familiar? Last summer some of its members popped up out of the blue at a city council meeting to speak in favor of the proposed Redevelopment expansion. FFFF subsequently discovered that Pam Keller’s “Fullerton Collaborative” had bestowed $26,000 on the OCCCO for “community organizing.” Fullerton Harpoon wrote about this stuff here. The blog has already noted that Collaborative director (and Fullerton City Councilwoman) Pam Keller is a paid employee of the Fullerton School District.

You can see by the video that despite the presence of a somebody who looks likes he’s got a mitre on his head (A bishop?) these folks are really all about politics, too.

Apparently some folks in Fullerton such as Sharon Kennedy see nothing wrong with this happy intertwine of religion and the politics of cash, the laundering of government funds that ultimately find their way into overt political causes, and finally with the obvious attempt by Pam Keller to use the tangled network to help promote fraudulent and misguided “economic development” policy by the City. Actually these people seem to like the web.

I don’t like it, and neither should you. There is an insidious process going on here and it ain’t good.


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  1. OCCCO is a godless organization and this video is typical. They love to hold tacky candidate forums in churches. They are about as Christian as the “Emily’s List” group.

  2. Is it just me? Pam Kellar has these middle aged women drunk on her supposed desire to help the world and, like this Loretta piece, all I see is a shake down.

    ACORN anyone?

  3. OK – at St. Callistus Catholic Church.

    This is blatently political – I am a Catholic – but this is bullshit.

    That guy in the pointy hat is a BISHOP for god sakes.

    This is the reason I do not attend mass or contribute.

    1. Mr. Arellano, let’s not confuse political and social activism. true the line may be awfully thin at points, but when church functions become party political event whether on the left of right, the line has been crossed.

      The line was not only crossed by this OCCCO outfit when they indulged Loretta and her irrelevant political rants but also when their little group were used to promote Redevelopment expansion in Fullerton.

      Our biggest challenge here is to get the gutless FSD trustees to pull the plug on their enabling relationship with the Fullerton Collaborative and Pam Keller. The next biggest challenge to to figure out when Keller is acting in the interests of the Collaborative and when she is supposed to be acting in the interests of the citizens of Fullerton.

  4. Community organizing or buying votes with socialist programs that benefit the select few at the expense of the tax payer has been a sleazy tactic used by politicians who are more show than substance. speaking of sleaze, Pam Keller needs to be voted out of her council seat and voted into “political whatevers” void.

  5. This is incredibly disingenuous and distasteful. Okay, Loretta, you wanted your bill through and so you decided to attach a bit of prayer to it.
    Would you do this for the school funding? How about for the second amendment?
    No, this was sheer political hucksterism, complete with the shrill tones of Loretta herself.
    I have written extensively about health care and the finer points of contracting over on my blog. (Just type in “healthcare” in the search bar on the upper left). I write from the perspective of one who has been in the trenches running a surgical practice. In order to even start talking about health care reform, one has to know how it is contracted. And unfortunately, few do, and neither party was ever willing to crack that nut.

    And while Loretta’s prayers have worked, what they’ve voted through will turn out to be a subcontracting mess.

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