Pam Keller: Funneling Grant Money Into Liberal Activism for Fun and Profit

We’ve burned quite a few pixels explaining how Pam Keller’s is using her non-profit, The Fullerton Collaborative,  as a vehicle to peddle influence, fund political activists, and profit Keller herself through excessively convoluted financial relationships.

But some of our loyal Friends still don’t get it.

That’s admittedly understandable, since the entire contraption is remarkably complicated. But to help everyone wrap his or her cerebral cortex around the many conflicts of interest, we present this valuable flow chart to demonstrate where The Fullerton Collaborative’s money comes from and where it goes. Naturally the nexus of the whole tangled web is Pam Keller. And that’s the big problem.

Click for an eye-opening experience...

Enjoy following the arrows. After perusing this chart there really is no excuse for not being concerned about the manifest conflicts of interests on the part of our City Council woman Pam Keller.

Unless, of course, you are part of the web.

23 Replies to “Pam Keller: Funneling Grant Money Into Liberal Activism for Fun and Profit”

  1. There should be another arrow showing the taxpayer getting pick-pocketed and another arrow showing the whole enchilada going to the dump where all that bs ends up.

  2. Great chart! There is a tie missing, though. The Collaborative gave Rusty Kennedy’s do-noting Human Relations Commission $4000 in 2007 for “leadership training!” And of course Rusty is the brother of Fullerton’ own crusading newspaper editor Sharon Kennedy.

    No Bueno!

    1. And that’s another reason why Keller’s tangled web is so attractive to The Yellowing Observers. If the the dough goes where you want it to you’re happy.

      Of course you have to turn a blind eye to bad development projects, for instance.

  3. I used to think that only Republicans could orchestrate corruption and paybacks with this kind of sophistication.

    Turns out Democrats can play the game too. Well done, Mrs. Keller!

  4. Brian, you found the source. The corruption of our town will not end until the source gets Anulese on life. Dive deep and you will find more cronyism by taking a walk in the park, enjoying some recreation and smelling the roses. Then trot down Malvern Avenue past the Muckentahler

  5. It looks like the school district is enabling this coniverey by adding a degree of seperation between Keller and her donations. Despicable.

    1. Thanks for that nauseating link. If you watch this wretched video you discover that OCCCO accomplished almost nothing but tries to take credit for an Anaheim housing policy that would have been passed anyway, and that phony prayer vigil and other nonsense.

      Then of course at the 7:30 mark is the bald-faced lie that the “leaders” requested that west Fullerton be included in the Redevelopment expansion area. it was undoubtedly the other way around. They treat it as a big accomplishment!

  6. That grant money was supposed to help little fat kids get skinny. Instead it goes into Pam’s political slush fund. Sounds like the “California Endowment” is asleep at the wheel.

  7. Can someone clarify the mission statement of the Fullerton Collaborative?
    My thoughts were that if it’s a school related NPO, that the funds should be to benefit the local children within the district.
    While one can argue that advocating for healthcare is a good thing in general, what was going down that day was for passage of a bill that in effect would give healthcare to children.

    This wasn’t providing any direct services, and $26,000 is a lot of money to toss at a political maneuver.

  8. I heard that 11% of all monies received from public grants automatically go to the persons in charge of it for his or her administration of the grant. Is Keller immediately skimming 11% from the fullerton collaborative fund?

    1. No, she is skimming nearly all of the grant money, since it goes to pay her part-time salary (~$50,000 a year).

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