Pam Keller Celebrates Abortion

Here’s a bold political move…

It was just announced that Pam Keller will soon be attending the “37th Anniversary Roe v. Wade Celebration” in Newport Beach. There she will join OC’s other liberal ladies such as Loretta Sanchez, Beth Krom and Rose Espinoza to relish in their legal ability to terminate the life of an unwanted human being.

Amongst her close political allies, the right to abort a fetus probably represents some kind of crowning achievement in the exhausted fight for women’s liberation.

But to many in conservative Orange County, abortion is the ultimate violation of human rights against a living being. In fact, many of the sleepy voters who voted for the smiling school teacher in the last election might find the conspicuous “celebration” of this act highly offensive.

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  1. I find it disgusting and offensive. This little bit of information has had a significant impact on my intended votes…

  2. Travis,

    I don’t think they are celebrating abortion. What they are celebrating is that in this country if some asshole impregnates a woman, and that was not the desired outcome, they have a solution that does not include back alley operations.

    Abortions are now decreasing, and have been for some time. Young people are getting hip to the fact that unprotected sex is dangerous and has consequences.

    And if these gals were to give John Edwards, Bill Clinton, John Ensign, Mark Sanford and Mike Duvall some condoms who knows how many more abortions we could avoid?

  3. Travis,

    BTW, if we are going to oppose abortion, how about a law mandating that any man who causes an unplanned pregnancy, would have to be sterilized.

    Wouldn’t that fix the problem at its source?

  4. Maybe unwanted pregnancies are not something that laws can “fix”.

    They are an aspect of human fallibility that will always exist. There are educational and cultural ways to reduce their numbers (as you pointed out) that do not involve what many consider to be the violation of a human’s right to life.

  5. Btw….my understanding is that FFFF has no position on abortion, and that this is your personal opinion.
    If this is incorrect, then I would appreciate Admin speaking up.

  6. Missk, Everything I write is my personal opinion. I don’t know if FFFF has any official positions other than the paragraph that is written under the “About Us” link. We’re just a bunch of bloggers.

  7. Art, I like your idea about sterilizing men that cause unwanted pregnancies. Certainly the woman had no part in the deed. What are you drinking?

  8. They already do, I believe it is called child support. Perhaps the dollar amount should be increased but both parents or their families should pay… not Uncle Sam (which is me).

  9. There is hardly even an opinionated statement in this blog post. Overtones, sure. But the main point appears to be that Fullerton conservatives who voted for Pam last time might be pissed off at this news. And that concept is almost factual itself.

  10. I personally struggle with laws related to abortion and for me, it’s not the point of the post. I want to state for the record that I am opposed to the use of this specific photo and have made that clear to Travis. I asked for it to be removed and Travis felt strongly about using it. Travis is a friend that I agree with the vast majority of the time and we just have a different take on the use of the photo.

    Having said that, I think the point of the post is that a huge number of Pam’s active supporters are traditional, pro-life conservatives in their political views and have chosen to allow themselves to be deluded into thinking that this is the equivalent of a Fullerton High School ASB election. Highlighting that Pam is active with the Orange County Democratic party should bring home the fact that it is practically ridiculous to consider city council races to be non-partisan. They are highly partisan and the vast majority of those in higher elected office get their start on city councils. Pam’s status as a Fullerton City Council member absolutely adds value to the Democratic Party and its agenda.

    Pam has every right to be a Democrat. Her views are shared by millions of Americans. Pam is just VERY successful at making her election about friendship and social connections. As somebody who is interested in the larger political philosophy of who holds these seats, I want to do everything in my power to ensure that voters are aware of the big picture.

  11. I think that photo would be more appropriate for a post on the ethics of cloning – physical and intellectual.

  12. Pam Keller is constantly promoting herself through the dogma of “It’s all about the children”.

    Now we know it’s really “all about the children, unless you’re on the wrong side of the chute”.

  13. Hey didn’t that flow chart show Pam’s paycheck coming from St. Jude? Given her tendency to mix business with politics, they might be a little perturbed.

  14. No matter how you fall on the fence with regard to Abortion the obvious inability to think beyond one’s own selfish ambition is evident in this post as well as the appropriate picture.

    Let me help some of you out here.

    How can “Kids for Keller” really exist without…………………………….. KIDS.

    With regard to the abortion debate in general. The United States is in a very fallible position: Across the entire World someone is considered Dead when their heart stops beating. The converse should be true, at 21 days after conception the heart starts beating.

    But I would imagine logic with some of you is difficult as emotions run high on the subject. Was that too hard for you to admit? Difficult to read? Then keep your pants zipped up.

    Jefferson Thomas

    Power is not alluring to Pure MINDS.

  15. I don’t see this issue as being relevant to Pam Keller’s performance as a city council person. Will all council candidates now face an abortion litmus test? Or are you just tossing up anything you can find against her to see what will damage her bid for reelection?

  16. Clearly the blog is not proposing a litmus test Matt. That is for the individual voters to decide. The blog is attempting to make voters aware of who the players are and what they stand for. I’m sure it will not be a surprise to you that abortion is a litmus test for many voters on both sides. I think the blog primarily advocates for people opening their eyes rather than burying their heads.

    1. Chris, Travis,

      How is someone’s position on abortion relevant to a city council race? Where would a council person make a decision relevant to abortion rights?

  17. So if Pam Keller was against abortion rights there would be a post about it? Where is the story about Don Bankhead’s position on abortion?

    1. Matt,

      Wake up! What is being reported here is the content of a PRESS RELEASE. In an surprise to some evidently it is actually getting some press.

      This news flash is not to address her opinion so much as the fact that she is publically “celebrating” her opinion with numerous others in a manner intended to get press. Well, it at least garnered some here.

  18. It’s one thing to post pictures of Pam but it is outside the scope of your postings to include children especially with the knowledge that you have and with the advice of Mr. Thompson.

    Chris is spot on in regards to the use of this photo.

    1. Let’s see – it’s okay for Keller to use kids to promote her political campaigm but not for Travis to use it?

      By the way, those kids aren’t even identified. They’re just poor little Pam-masked cogs in Keller’s “it’s all about the children” scam. Just little tools shamelessly dragooned into Pam’s Posse of Politcal Whatevers.

    2. I agree that if the photo actually showed children’s faces it would be way out of line. The actual picture,however, is ironic given the subject matter and the fake faces.

      I say keep the photo as is.

  19. Pam Keller put her own name up as a promised appearance at a very politically-charged event. She is a local politician with aspirations for higher office and connections to statewide and national politicians.

    How could anyone NOT consider this newsworthy?

  20. Anything a politician does is potentially newsworthy, but this story has no other purpose than to cost Pam Keller votes by people who disagree with her position on abortion. Roe v. Wade was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, not the Fullerton City Council. I thought this blog was about critiquing the policies and performance of our local government and its officials with respect to municipal issues.

  21. Obviously this post makes some of the pro-choice commenters nervous.

    If you take a public position on a controversial issue, you own it. That’s it. You can bitch about jurisdiction all you want… but to some voters, the issue matters. That’s politics.

  22. There is nothing wrong with defending a position on an issue. The question is whether not this blog will now critique positions that have no relevance to the office sought or held. Obviously, Pam Keller has no problem with making her position on abortion known, but she does not seem to have done so in the name of the City of Fullerton. If she runs for Congress, then maybe it is relevant to consider her position, but not for city council.

    If the author wishes to perpetuate this litmus test he will probably be disappointed. She got elected once already. If the post is meant to enlighten “sleepy voters” then I can only say that the author doesn’t seem to have much respect for the intelligence of these voters. I call that pandering.

  23. i will be there as well. to those of you who don’t want to celebrate this landmark decision; here’s an idea: stay home. to those of you who don’t think abortion is right, here’s a thought: don’t have one. and finally, to all the anti choice voters out there – unless you have the papers to prove you have adopted an unwanted child you need to excuse yourself from the debate. rave on.

  24. Cheryl,

    Amen! There are many other salient issues that can be used against Keller, why bring up something that has zero to do with civic issues?

    And why do men keep telling women what to do with their bodies? Ridiculous!

    1. Art, you miss the point entirely. Focus on the “celebration” aspect and then lets talk.

      Sort of like “celebrating” dropping the A bomb on Japan. Some despise it, some love it, some think it was unfortunately necessary. Regardless of your view its hard to work “celebration” in to the discussion. (unless you are the far left of course)

  25. Matt, you brought up some excellent questions and I will address them when I get a moment tomorrow.

    But I can’t resist taking 2 seconds to point out the absurdity of Cheryl’s argument that only people who adopt children are allowed to discuss abortion. Woe to the mind that makes you an arbiter of thoughts.

  26. Typical grandstanding about “the rights” of supposed “unborn human beings,” yet the rights of a living breathing person goes completely ignored. I wonder why you would put the “rights” of a group of cells that may or may not turn out to be a human before a real human. Or perhaps you just enjoy telling people what to do about one of the most personal decisions any one can make in their life. A decision that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives no matter what they decide. I suggest instead of your moral grandstanding maybe you should be doing something more constructive towards the million or so children that are going to bed tonight hungry, or the thousands of children being abused tonight for starters. Of course that would actually entail trying to come up with some type of solution and would involve real hard work, not just platitudes about “morality”. Or maybe you just feel more at home with the fools who sit in lawn chairs under umbrellas in front of the clinic over there in Orange holding up their signs with their little 3 word slogans, while sipping coffee. Not much effort in that and yet you can still feel good about yourself.
    Just for the record, Pam Keller is a joke (regardless of her position on abortion), I am a guy (if it matters).

  27. This post was not about abortion.

    It was about people who get together and talk about abortion.

    But then it became about people who get mad at people who might talk about people who talk about abortion.

  28. no, really. this entire thing IS about abortion (which i actually abhor) and to pretend it is ‘just” about folks that either get together and discuss it or other folks that get together in lawn chairs to oppose it is ridiculous. seriously, what gives with all these men obsessing about the subject, anyway? a severe case of uterus envy, i’d say.

  29. DivineMissk, FFFF does not have a position on abortion. Travis has his personal opinion, Pam Keller has hers.

    I don’t believe celebrating the destruction of a possible life is worth a “celebration”.

    1. It has been pointed out to me by a friend that people make laws against abortion because they think that women can’t be trusted to do the right thing with their own bodies. When people celebrate Roe v. Wade they are celebrating the independence of women to make their own choices.

      1. Matt, I know it makes you uncomfortable but they are celebrating womens rights to kill their unborn chilren if they choose to. The issue has nothing to do about other “choices” in the plural. There is only one “choice” addressed by Roe v. Wade.

        There is a legit debate to be had but why the effort to avoid the issue and mask it? Should a woman have the right to kill her unborn child or not? Slick marketing terms dont change the issue, only make people feel better about discussing the topic.

      2. That may be the most disingenuous comment I’ve ever read on this blog. You really believe Matt that opponents of abortion believe that if men made the decision to allow a women to have an abortion they would be fine with it?

        1. Well, some of them, yes. Not all, of course, but society is set up to protect the power of men, generally, and I think anti-abortion laws are part of that program.

  30. Alright, you guys are out of control. I’m going to teach you how to argue against the pro-lifers, because you have no clue.

    A pro-lifer has taken the position that a fetus has basic human rights equal to that of the mother. Since the right to life (the ultimate property right) trumps all other rights, pro-lifers consider the fetus’ right to life to be prioritized above the right of the mothers’ choice.

    So if you really want to get to the core of the issue, you must address the issue of when a child is endowed with human rights. Is it at the point of birth, 3rd trimester? Opinions vary, but that is the crux of the issue.

    If the discussion goes anywhere else, it goes nowhere.

  31. I remember when Roe V Wade ruling came down. At first I thought women would get the abortion in a safe environment instead of a back alley. But at 14 years old I knew life stated at conception so morally abortion was wrong. After having friends who had abortions all agreed that they regretted having it. And one friend had a botched abortion that ruined her from ever having any future children. Many women who cheered at the Supreme Court decision now are on the Pro life side. Even Roe is now Pro-Life. By having our council woman going to a Pro-Choice rally is not a good choice. Not all in Fullerton support abortion or Pam Keller for that matter.

  32. “Listen in for a Sec”

    Thank you for acknowledging your inability to read/reason.

    Please go back and read post 16 by Jefferson Thomas.

    He answered your question. Maybe you should get some control of your own emotions?

  33. Pam’s position on this issue dovetails perfectly with her endorsement of Sidhu and his pals at the uber wacko anti abortion CRA. Nice job Pam.

  34. this is an old, tired story – and a weak attempt to make it relevant again. let’s see….nearly 9 months after the original post. were you, umm, “incubating” something during that time?? just wondering…

  35. Maybe KKKeller should stop making her kid speak for her!
    Children are not to be used as political tools!

    1. Maybe Kiger should have taken down the photo. I’m sure he would have been bitching and screaming if it was his family’s photo posted.

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