It Gets Worse

As a change of pace and for those who live in that portion of Fullerton that is included in the 47th Congressional District, I present ruminations on the pathetic choice presented to you in the 2010 election.

The 007 Motel is right up Anaheim Boulevard!

First, let us speak about the unspeakably stupid, insipid, and yes, truly trashy Loretta Sanchez, the Democrat, who from her home in Palos Verdes has been our representative in Congress for 14 years. Her lame squeaking about things she evidently knows nothing about remind you of the proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard. Her suggestive Christmas cards used to inspire salacious merriment but even those are now useless.

Sanchez has accomplished absolutely nothing in Congress in all those years, and the only saving grace I can think of is that nobody ever expected her to.

Whatever is coming out of his mouth isn't the truth...

On the other side of the aisle we behold the pustulific image of Van Tran, one-time refugee who has taken to the seamier side of American politics like a duck to water. Apart from building a political machine of dubious probity, he has also gouged the taxpayers for an unnecessary housing per diem, as a member of the State Legislature, and his wife was convicted of insurance fraud. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, he was the Dr. Frankenstein that helped created a hideous creature that takes delight in pulling the wings off insects.

It's fun, try it!

Well, what are ya gonna do? You have to vote for somebody. Or not. Some woman named Cecilia Iglesias (related to Julio?) is running as an independent and the deviant hacks over at the unintentionally comical Blue County blog thinks she’s just a troll whose job it is to draw votes away from Sanchez. And you know, that sort of makes me want to do it.

A fire hydrant on every corner and new uniforms for the mail carriers!

But instead, I recommend a write-in vote. For whom, you ask? Jan Flory’s Dog, that’s who. It’s true that I don’t live in the District; but you could do worse than electing a dead dog to Congress. A lot worse.

14 Replies to “It Gets Worse”

  1. Did anybody catch the debate on KOCE between Sanchez and Tran? Sanchez made such an assclown out of herself that my Democrat friends were embarrassed.

  2. You are incorrect. Loretta has lived continuously in her district since before she beat B-1 Bob in 96. She was also born and raised here, went to high school and college here, and comes home here whenever she is not required in Washington or visiting the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other holiday locations around the world. Tran, on the other hand, lives and has lived in Sacramento where his convict wife (convicted of 3 counts of Medicare fraud) and two unfortunate children live. In order to qualify for the ballot here, he lists his parents address in Garden Grove. That is a trans-parent lie (pun intended). As the OC Register reported this Spring, Tran obtained over $136,000 in per diem on false pretenses, by living in Sacramento and claiming per diem for alleged travel from his alleged home in GG. He is a crook and a fraud.

    1. Bird Dog, the less said about Sanchez’ overseas junkets and her official escorts thereon, the better for Loretta.

      Hey, that almost rhymes!

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that assclown crosses gender lines.

    But of course, you’re right.

    And JFD is right. I really loved that slutty Christmas card where her pussy (cat) was on fire and the hunky fireman was going to show up to put out the blaze with his (fire) hose.

  4. gabriel,

    She did. On my radio show. Perhaps you missed it. You can ask my co-hosts who were there as well – Fransisco, Vern and Sean.

    Have you ever actually spoken to her? I truly doubt it.

  5. The simple question is:


    I have to deal with Loreeta’s bullshit on Towner Constantly. But at least she pretends to live here unlike this guy.

    Plus, Van Tran has a three inch dick. which tell EVERY registered voter what they need to know!

  6. Ok Art. There’s the blue moon. One reference.

    I do know also that DREAM students are upset with her for liking DREAM KILLER Nut Meg (and it has more to do with just a photo) Apparently they’ve actually spoken to her too.

    Will you post about that? I truly doubt it.

  7. Monica has more caracter than Loretta this picture only tells us, she love to be Loretta, she will never do anything for the raza……has she done anything? she travel all over the world, ask her closed friends were they have been with her? To many years of nothing, now she is visiting areas that whe has never stop before.
    May be Van Tran will do something for us?

      1. The idea of that toad Tran in Congress is galling. The idea of that toad Sanchez in Congress is galling.

        I’m writing in JFD – for the win!

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