Teachers’ Pension Fund Lying Low, Set to Explode

Certain Fullerton school board members have taken issue with our characterization of the CalSTRS teachers’ pension system as being underfunded and unsustainable.  Our resident pension expert suggests that that the board may be reading a few too many rose-colored newsletters emanating from the retirement system itself. Perhaps some illumination is necessary. Before the market crash, […]

Campaigning for Fun And Profit!

Friends, check out the Linda Ackerwoman campaign expense report at the California Secretary of State’s website. We noticed this odd line item. 10/19/2009 ACKERMAN, DICK OFFICE EXPENSES   $654.40 Ackerwoman’s campaign forked over $654 bucks to her husband under the crypric description of “office expenses.” Could Dick actually be charging his wife’s campaign for some sort […]

Mrs. Ackerman: Hawaiian Vacationing for Fun and Non-profit

A quick perusal of Mrs. Linda Ackerman’s resume discovers her touting her “non-profit” experience. Well, we were a little curious what that might be, and boy were we somewhat surprised. It turns out that Mrs. Ackerman is co-founder and board member of something called the Pacific Policy Research Foundation located in Folsom, California, a corporation organized under […]

The Strange Case of the Eli Lilly Five Grand

In a late expenditure report filed 10/19/09 an independent expenditure committee basking in the hilarious title Alliance for California’s Tomorrow; A California Business Coalition (interpretation: a front for whatever corporate donors and PACs want to spend money on to promote their own enrichment by manipulating the Legislature, and meanwhile keep their hands clean – sort of). This particular […]

“Loophole” Linda Ackerman Dives Headfirst Into Political “Slush Funds”

Yesterday Rogue Elephant posted this over at the Orange Juice blog. The gist of the post is that a loophole in state campaign finance laws permits politicos like Repuglicans Jim Brulte and Dick Ackerman to cook up “putative” campaign committees for future office in order to transfer existing campaign balances, raise tons of money from lobbyists for these supposed […]