What Makes Curt Pringle Tick?

I suck 'em dry and then fall off...
I suck 'em dry and then fall off...

We hear that Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is raising money for Harry Sidhu’s putative bid for the 4th Supervisorial seat next year. Pringle deals with Sidhu on the Anaheim City Council, and Harry’s an okay guy, and at least he, like Pringle, is a Republican. But goddam it Pringle, Sidhu does not live in our district. He lives in the “Elegant Yorba Estate” that, unfortunately for him, is located in the 3rd District!

Who cares about them? What's in it for me?
A is for Anything I can get my greasy mitts on...

Let’s not forget that Pringle also endorsed the candidate with the phony residency in the 72nd AD election – Linda Ackerman, whose entire campaign was one fraudulence heaped on top of another. So what gives? Does basic honesty count for anything among our electeds?

Guys like Pringle and John Lewis are obviously into politics for what they can get out of it personally. Like Lewis, Pringle is a lobbyist, making his living off of all the contacts made during his days in the Legislature, and by making calls to people that he has helped. And that makes him just as big a government parasite as any government union worker.

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  1. When is the Central Committee of the OC Republican party going to step up and take a stand against carpetbagging?

    Linda Hackerwoman, the broadcaster from Trinity against Lou Correa and Sidhu constantly announcing he is running for some new office. Is anyone interested in credibility over there? Shouldn’t they be?

    Enough already. No more carpet baggers and no more BS explanations how this guy/gal or that should be granted an exception.

    1. “No more carpet baggers and no more BS explanations how this guy/gal or that should be granted an exception.”

      Hollis, do you want to put Cunningham out of business?

    2. HD, the central Committee will never take a stand on anything except their leaders self-interest until all the rats are chased back down the sewers that they crawled out of.

      baugh is the biggest parasite of the bunch, but clearly Ackerman, Inc. is right there. And all the little spokesholes and apologists like Cunningham, Fleischman, Problobski, etc all are just like the whores that used to follow around after the army trying to make a living.

      The fish is rotten from the head, and the head must come off.

    1. Demonstrating how he got Measure M money for his legacy train station which will serve the high-speed rail boondoggle whose Board he also happens to chair. RINO!

      1. Yep – repuglican all the way! And don’t forget the money wasted on the HB to Anaheim choo-choo line to and from nowhere. More Measure M money pissed away!

  2. The funny thing about ticks is that once they have latched on, you can’t just pull them out. You have to light a match and burn their fat asses.

  3. Isn’t this the guy who posted security guards at polling places a few years ago in his attempt to intimidate latinos from voting.. I know what makes him tick… call him a racist. He knows he is. But he wants to be in office so he has to pucker up and kiss brown ass. Man! What people would do for political power. 10 years after he is not mayor no one but his family is going to remember him. ARTIC or no ARTIC.

  4. ironically – when the pringle for assembly race bought and paid for uniformed guards to intimidate LEGAL u.s. voters in select precincts it was the OLD 72nd!! lines have been redrawn but memory does not fail.

  5. Wow. Only Pringle can pull that one off… intimidate legal U.S. voters!!! I knew he was good but not that good. It takes a cold -hearted bastard to intimidate you own. Lets just call him the wizard of Oz from now on.

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