“Education Leaders” Line Up For Deceit and Falsehood

Minus Duncan

It was a fun party with an open bar. And then Dave Lopez showed up…

We missed an Ackerwoman press release about a week and a half ago (sorry but we really hate going to that site). It touted Fullerton “educational leaders” who have endorsed Linda Ackerman: Hilda Sugarman, Ellen Ballard, Minard Duncan, and Lynn Thornley – a who’s who of Fullerton RINOs and liberal educrat types. It’s really hard to find any term other than “followers” to describe this little band, but such are the extravagances of campaign rhetoric.

Our old pal Minard was even assigned his own hilarious quotation: “I first got to know Linda when she was a member of the PTA at Rolling Hills School in Fullerton. She has been a vital member of our community for over 30 years…” A member of the PTA? Well whoop-de-doo! Is that Duncan’s threshold for being qualified to serve in the Sate Assembly? Guess so. And of course trust Minard to use the wrong (present) tense. She hasn’t lived in our community for over 30 years. She spent the last ten living in another community!

Well, we know Ackerwoman’s residency is a lie, even if Minard won’t talk about it: she lives in Irvine and rents an address in Fullerton. She also advertises herself in this press release as “an independent businesswoman” and we now know that that’s a falsehood on two counts. We have also discovered her fake charity that diverts lobbyists contributions towards Hawaiian vacations for her and her pals in the legislature, although such flagrant fraudulence seems not to have made much of an impression on Duncan and his pals on the FSD board.

It’s sort of depressing to see these folks turning a blind eye to prevarication and misrepresentation. Makes you wonder a bit about what kind of values are being passed along via the FSD.

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  1. Minard, like rest of “that” crew, are go-alongers, a phone call from Ackerman (bully), and there you have it, an entire enclave of low level stooges.

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Ackerman didn’t have to bully these paramecia. They have used the Repuglican apparatus to get themselves elected and are now just returning the favor. FFFF has done posts on the useless RINOs that Ed Royce and Ackerman have supported all these years.

    No strong arm was necessary. These microbes were happy to do it.

    1. Yeah, well, harpoon they also used the teacher’s union to get themselves elected and that really ties everything up in a neat little package: FSD Board/Union/Ackerman.

  3. This is all for not.

    Noboby who she is reaching out to will read this but, just in case………..

    Linda looks to me about sixty years old. That means she would need to have been roughly 35 (generous estimate) to have had school aged kids.
    Simple math tells me she was an active PTA member in say 1984 !!!

    WTF. Most of those raising kids graduated High School in 1984.

    She should change the slogan to

    1. ken, Ackerwoman is closer to 65 – her old man is 68 and she brags about being married over 40 years.

      She must have been in the Rolling Hills PTA in the ’70s. Think Florence Henderson. But when isn’t as important as the notion that Maynard couldn’t come up with a single substantive thing to say and one of the non-substantive things was a lie.

      LInda Ackerman’s “Education” qualifications:

      Education: HS
      Record on educational issues: unknown
      Endorsers: “comped” at open bar fundraiser

  4. Fyi, I am the 2009 Adjunct Faculty Award of Excellence recipient of a college in the 72nd (maybe that makes me an “education leader) and I am also a Chris Norby supporter. Being a conservative, I am a minority at my college yet my peers cast unsolicited votes for me.

    I like most of Royce’s decisions, but I am not happy that he picked to support Ackerman over Norby.

    Most folks who consider themselves as conservatives are “go-alongers” because protesting and standing up making a stink is a liberal thing to do…or at least it use to be.

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