Campaigning for Fun And Profit!

Friends, check out the Linda Ackerwoman campaign expense report at the California Secretary of State’s website.

We noticed this odd line item.


Ackerwoman’s campaign forked over $654 bucks to her husband under the crypric description of “office expenses.”

Heh heh. Never miss a trick.
Heh heh. Never miss a trick.

Could Dick actually be charging his wife’s campaign for some sort of services rendered? Well, why not? She made a killing as a “consultant” on his campaigns, and what the Hell, turnabout is fair play, right? Too bad the campaign won’t turn a profit.

We do have to wonder what kind of total Dick will rack up by the time Ackerman, Inc. is done squeezing every drop out of lobbyists.

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  1. Ackerman, Inc. contracted for two polls on the same day, one to the Prob and one to JMJ

  2. What about the $2,232.60 that was paid to Dick for “fundraising events”? Now he’s getting paid to fundraise for her? This is really pathetic and beneath him.

    I am surprised that they would be so petty and cheap as to try to wrench a few nickles out of the campaign.

  3. The arrogance on part of Ackerman, Inc. to think that they can sneak into NOC, trash Chris Norby, and get his wife elected to represent “us” in Sacramento while “they” live in Irvine. Despicable.

  4. Looks like the Problobsky is ripping off Ackerman, Inc. $14,375 for a poll that JMI is doing for less than half.

    That’s called “piling on” Adam, and it’s a 15 yard penalty.

  5. Anyone dumb enough to donate to the phony Ackerman campaign deserves to have the money pocketed. I hope they have a really nice dinner to celebrate their loss, courtesy of suck-ups Jones and Bankhead.

  6. And maybe that $14,375 to Probolski was to pay for those threatening letters from Jones Day on behalf of his girlfriend.

    1. Hate to be pedantic scarlet but if karma gets them “one day” it won’t be instant. Arf. Woof. Can’t fool me. I helped my mistress pass the bar back in the day.

  7. We heard that Problobsky charges the candidates a bunch of money then conjures up numbers to show them winning the race. They believe it and keep paying him. Fat boy smoke and mirrors.

    Just like Hackerman. Slime!

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