A Blast From The Past?

We got a hold of an invite to a Harry Sidhu for 4th District Supervisor campaign event. It’s hosted by Curt Pringle and it will cost its well-heeled attendees $500 bucks a pop. Here’s the text:

Dear Supporter:  I have had the great pleasure to work with Harry Sidhu on the Anaheim City Council over the past five years.    As you may know, Harry is planning a run for the 4thDistrict Supervisorial seat.   I am supporting Harry for that election.   Even though these are difficult times, I would very much appreciate if you could support Harry at his upcoming fundraiser at the Anaheim White House, on December 16 at 11:30 AM.    Your participation would mean a lot.  The event charge is $500 per person.   Please consider attending and let me know at your earliest convenience.



 Mayor Curt Pringle


Luncheon Host Committee

George Adams – Adrian Foley – Dr.Howard & Linda Knohl  Pat Mahoney – Jerry Zomorodian – Sandy Day – Ajit Mithwalia John Thomas –Ajesh Patel – Bill Taormina –  Larry Lake Todd Ament –Virg Narbutas – Bill O’Connell –  Hamilton Brewart Derral McGinnis –  Ken Ryan –  CB Nanda  

Cordially invite you to a special fundraising event honoring COUNCILMAN HARRY SIDHU

Republican Candidate ~ Orange County Supervisor, 4th District        

We have already addressed Pringle’s arachnid qualities, so we’ll let that go for now. Of keen interest to Fullertonians will be the name of one of Harry’s benefactors: “Ajit Mithwalia.” Could that really be Ajit Mithaiwala? The Ajit Mithaiwala?

Fort Mithawalla
Fort Mithaiwala

Last spring we detailed the long, sad, and disastrous story of the Fullerton “City Lights” SRO project (two installments of which are here, and here);  a project in which LA developer Ajit Mithaiwala figured prominently, both as the Plan B developer dredged up by Redevelopment director to save the fiasco; as the man who threatened to sue the City for make believe breach of contract; and who then took several years to finish his project.

What Mithaiwala has been doing for the past 10 years is anybody’s guess, but the fact that he might be popping up now is pretty interesting. The fact that he originally received a million bucks from the County for his project and might now be dabbling in County politics is interesting, to say the least.

Of course we could be wrong. Maybe this is just some guy named “Mithwalia.”

What Makes Curt Pringle Tick?

I suck 'em dry and then fall off...
I suck 'em dry and then fall off...

We hear that Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is raising money for Harry Sidhu’s putative bid for the 4th Supervisorial seat next year. Pringle deals with Sidhu on the Anaheim City Council, and Harry’s an okay guy, and at least he, like Pringle, is a Republican. But goddam it Pringle, Sidhu does not live in our district. He lives in the “Elegant Yorba Estate” that, unfortunately for him, is located in the 3rd District!

Who cares about them? What's in it for me?
A is for Anything I can get my greasy mitts on...

Let’s not forget that Pringle also endorsed the candidate with the phony residency in the 72nd AD election – Linda Ackerman, whose entire campaign was one fraudulence heaped on top of another. So what gives? Does basic honesty count for anything among our electeds?

Guys like Pringle and John Lewis are obviously into politics for what they can get out of it personally. Like Lewis, Pringle is a lobbyist, making his living off of all the contacts made during his days in the Legislature, and by making calls to people that he has helped. And that makes him just as big a government parasite as any government union worker.

So Who Does The Red Bottom Blog Support in the 4th Supervisorial Race?

Today Matt Cunningham deigned to visit our humble blog with about eleven hundred comments. Hell, I’m honored, I guess. What dedication! Now that he seems to be following us I thought I’d raise a topic that is becoming more timely than ever – the 4th Supervisor election that now could be decided in June 2010. 

Let’s see. The Red County blog is supposed to be a conservative Republican blog. So why hasn’t uber-Republican Matthew Cunningham come out with any endorsement in the OC 4th District Supervisorial race. We know that he just couldn’t find it in himself to go out on a limb and support Chris Norby over the unqualified, dishonest, carpetbagger from Irvine, Linda Ackerman – it was just such a close call; but c’mon now this one’s a freakin’ slam dunk fer crissakes.

Let’s help out Matt by reviewing the would be Supes:

1. Tom Daly – career government worker; Democrat.

2. Rosie Espinosa – Democrat and no doubt as “progressive” as they come.

3. Lorri Galloway – Democrat and no doubt as “progressive’ as the come. Oh, yeah!Carpetbagger!

4. Harry Sidhu – Republican but Carpetbagger; plus Cunningham has been taking shots at him as an unprincipled hack for several years.

5. Shawn Nelson – Conservative Republican who stood up to the unions and his RINO pals on the Fullerton City Council and who took a strong position against Fullerton’s phony Redevelopment expansion.

Well this is really a no-brainer for somebody who is supposed to be a conservative Republican. Whatdya say, Matt? Who are you supporting in this election?

Better Tighten It Up, Harry

We got a spam-mail from Harry Sidhu yesterday touting this or that. Attached was this dynamic Harry for Supe ad with Old Glory dissolving into an orange soda pop sea, out of which rises a solar avatar of the County Seal! Priceless!

We Need Experience, all right
We Need Experience, all right

The funny thing is if you go to that generic Harry website, there’s a link:


This takes the naive explorer to a basically regurgitated Harry website – right down to the multitude of luminous endorsements – from Abraham Lincoln to the Ghost of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only problem is that none of these people or organizations have endorsed Harry for his carpetbagging 4th Supervisorial run! And Chris Norby has already endorsed Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson.

Bad boy, Harry, bad boy! Very misleading. If you want to supervise, you’d better start supervising your website!

Home For The Holiday at Harry’s (3rd District Abode)

We are in second-hand receipt of an invitation to a holiday reception hosted by Anaheim councilmember Harry Sidhu at his home “the Elegant Old Yorba Estate.” We wanted to pass it along as a public service, although we’re not sure who all was invited (we were not).

Sidhu_Holiday_Reception.12.11.09Just a reminder, Friends. The Elegant Old Yorba Estate is in the 3rd OC Supervisorial District. But Harry says he’s running to represent those of us who live in the 4th Supe District. Gee, Harry, nothing personal, but we believe we can find a representative among the folks who actually live in our district!

Anaheim Hills: Lakeview & Santa Ana Canyon Rd. @ 91 Freeway
Anaheim Hills: Lakeview & Santa Ana Canyon Rd. @ 91 Freeway
Santa Ana Canyon Rd. between Lakeview & Imperial

P.S. It would appear as if some enterprising Fringer placed a few Ackerman carpetbagger signs in Harry’s neighborhood – just as a not-so-subtle reminder of what was happening to the last out-of-town slummer.

What Do Ackerwoman, Galloway and Perez All Have In Common?

We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...
We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...

With the announcement by a woman named  Sue Perez (who is connected to the wackos at Trinity Broadcasting and seems to be a friend of Lorri Galloway), that she intends to run for 34th State Senate District, we have the spectacle of yet another candidate who doesn’t live in the district they want to represent.  The announcement by this woman who wants Senator Lou Correa’s job, got us to thinking about some of our recent aspirants for State and County office, including the Ackerwoman and Lorri Galloway, herself.

We all know by now that Ackerwoman lives in Irvine, but wants to represent North OC in the State Assembly; Galloway lives in Anaheim Hills – in the 3rd Supervisorial District – but claims to be running for the 4th District.

Other than that they are all females, a common denominator is that any one could soon be using the yard next door as their phony residence. Of course we have left out Harry Sidhu who, like Galloway, lives in the 3rd District.

The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.
The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.

What is it with these birds? Can’t they just stay in their own yards?

Galloway Announces Run For Supe


We just came across a post by Art Pedroza over at his Orange Juice blog about Anaheim City Councilwoman Lorri Galloway announcing a 4th District County Supe campaign kick-off event.

A while back our friend Joe Sipowicz speculated that Galloway might have been nothing but a shill for John Lewis; a shill whose job it was to get Harry Sidhu to back down and preserve the Anaheim vote for Tom Daly – the heir apparent as selected by John Lewis.

Now it seems that Joe’s guesses were off the mark; or if that Galloway was just supposed to be a shill she is one no longer. In any case this seems like really bad news for both Daly and Sidhu who, if they go through with their plans must split the Anaheim vote one more time.

Is Tom Daly Even Running For Supervisor?

We keep hearing that Tom Daly is running for OC 4th District Supervisor. For a political campaign it sure is quiet. Of course the primary election is still a long way off, but it seems that for a putative favorite he sure has been awful quiet about the whole thing. No filing of papers and no fundraising, either. The latter is no doubt being done behind the screen of his County Clerk job and will be transferred when and if. And he’s gotten some endorsements, too, but no place to post them.

The guy doesn’t even have a website for chrissakes, and you’d think he could do that for next to nothing. We’ve been looking and can’t find anything on the Internet. Hello, Tom! Tom? Tom, where are you?


For Daly The Big Decision has been complicated by Chris Norby’s unwillingness to endorse him plus the entry into the fray of two solid potential Anaheim candidates, Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway, who would almost certainly take a huge whack out of whatever Anaheim support he would otherwise get.

And let’s not forget that Tom currently brings down a sweet guvment salary well in excess of $100k for doing virtually nothing. The County Clerk’s department is run by the staff, not him. Tom’s biggest decision was to open a north county branch just about the same time he declared his intention to run for Supe.

What Is the Lorri Galloway “Candidacy” All About?

We have received a request to publish a post written by Friend and frequent commenter Joe Sipowicz and we reproduce it below, verbatim:

First, I want to say that I am not a political writer and have never gotten too involved in city or County politics. But I have done a lot of local political blog reading in order to write this post, and boy have I learned a lot!

I was reading your post a couple weeks ago about the Galloway candidacy for 4th District Supervisor and something just didn’t seem kosher about the whole thing. When I found out that a guy named Matt Cunningham was involved publicizing this news, I immediately got suspicious. Why? Well, first off, he had recently visited the FFFF blog in the role of defender of the indefensible – the gerrymandered 33rd State Senate District. His tactics were those we had been alerted to in our high school debate class: misdirection by stating obviously true, but irrelevant facts, meantime dodging the real, incontestable issue.

I also got suspicious because of what was obviously a slavish defense of Republican Dick Ackerman, apparently just for its own sake. A visit to his own blog and a little time in its archives revealed a Republican establishment toady. A related link on the Orange Juice blog revealed another relationship – that with John Lewis a supposedly conservative Republican political consultant and lobbyist who is backing Tom Daly, a Democrat, for the 4th Supervisorial District. Cunningham’s participation in that dialogue was interesting in that it studiously and lamely avoided explaining why he had failed to post on the subject of the Lewis endorsement of Daly himself, and kept inserting backhanded reasons why Republicans would be supporting Daly. I recognized his technique immediately.

But to return to Galloway and this “announcement” on Cunningham’s blog. I started asking myself why a Democrat like Galloway would even get involved with a supposedly right-wing Republican spokeshole like Cunningham. Why her embarrassing comment about the cute shoes? Why Cunningham’s pretense about wondering whether Daly was still in the race, when a call to his pal John Lewis would give him all his answers in about 12 seconds? Why the subtle comment that if Galloway were in it Republicans would coalesce behind Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson, implying that they wouldn’t if Daly were against him.

A later update on this post included a non-response from Daly and a weird comment by Chris Jones, Daly’s campaign  “consultant,” and yet another Lewis protege. Jones attacked Galloway’s “announcement” and obliged with a comment about her residency issue – but not about her left-wing politics vis-a-vis the supposedly centrist Daly – a fairly obvious approach you would think. This was also interesting since the same carpetbagging issue applies to Anaheim Hill’s Harry Sudhu, another candidate who lives outside the 4th District, and the authenticity of whose campaign Cunningham has been downplaying on his blog. Is Jones just signaling this as an issue to use it against Sidhu?

A final practical fact of interest is that John Lewis is also termed-out Supervisor Chris Norby’s campaign man, and stands to profit from Norby’s attempt to be the next County Clerk – a job currently held by – Tom Daly. No Daly campaign for Supervisor, no Norby campaign for Clerk.

Anyway, the whole thing seems too scripted, a little too well rehearsed.

I think some of the answers to this lay in the fact that Galloway, Lewis and Cuningham were all working together for the SunCal project in Anaheim a few years ago, and we know that Lewis is now willing to back Democrats for office. Was a deal made between Lewis and Galloway to throw up this trial balloon? What kind of a deal doesn’t really matter. But what for? Could the motivation be to try to push Harry Sidhu out of the race and then, after Galloway quietly disappears, preserve the Anaheim vote for Tom Daly in what would basically be a two-man race with Nelson? If the Anaheim vote is split three or even two ways, a candidate from Fullerton gets a plurality in the primary election, but ony one of the Anaheim candidates moves forward into a November runoff. And it may not be Tom Daly!

Somebody on this blog recently opined that the purpose of Galloway was to scare Daly out of the race. It seems more likely to me that her purpose in this race is to frighten Sidhu out and free up his old guard Anaheim support for Daly.

If this is true then we may simply be seeing wheels within wheels – which is what politics is all about, of course. And maybe this Cunningham guy is just being used as a witless tool by Lewis, Daly, and Company. His role hardly matters except as giving away clues.

Being a skeptic and new to all this stuff, maybe I am missing something here, but I’ll just end by saying this: a wise person will take nothing in politics at face value – especially when uttered by a politician.

Joe Sipowicz