Better Tighten It Up, Harry

We got a spam-mail from Harry Sidhu yesterday touting this or that. Attached was this dynamic Harry for Supe ad with Old Glory dissolving into an orange soda pop sea, out of which rises a solar avatar of the County Seal! Priceless!

We Need Experience, all right
We Need Experience, all right

The funny thing is if you go to that generic Harry website, there’s a link:


This takes the naive explorer to a basically regurgitated Harry website – right down to the multitude of luminous endorsements – from Abraham Lincoln to the Ghost of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only problem is that none of these people or organizations have endorsed Harry for his carpetbagging 4th Supervisorial run! And Chris Norby has already endorsed Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson.

Bad boy, Harry, bad boy! Very misleading. If you want to supervise, you’d better start supervising your website!

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  1. Yeah, man, that picture is really pregnant with subtle meanings and codes. Harry’s really getting pretty deep.

  2. Deceit you say? In my country we call getting ahead any way you can the American way. He who dies rich goes to heaven and he who dies poor is a poor soul. So what if the little trick is a little tricky, as long as it helps what’s the big frick’n deal. Anyways, endorsements are like a-holes everyone has one and I have many. May the grace of the all mighty turkey gobble all you Fing fringers.

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