Comic Genius – Another Priceless Sidhu Moment

DOUBLE UPDATE: While searching the dark corners of our FFFF blog-vault, deep in the basement of the Fox Fullerton, I just came across this gem: a video moment so pure and wonderful that it must be shared again. And again. Until we can safely say that Hairball Sidhu’s political “career” is over, once and for all.

UPDATE: I came across this earlier post today as I was thinking about “The Joke’s on You” post. This really is too good not to show yet again. Will we see a repeat performance by the Sidhu clan in the waning days of this year’s campaign? Don’t bet against it. Sidhu has an almost limitless capacity for clownish behavior.

Although we don’t get many glimpses of Hide and Seek Sidhu these days, video clips of his performances do exist. And some, like the one I share here, reveal a man who has seemingly missed his calling in life. Instead of a fast food operator and a political aspirant, Sidhu really belongs on a vaudeville stage someplace.

Let me tell you, I renounce negative campaigning. Until I run again. And again. And again.

Here’s a priceless youtube clip starring  Sidhu at that golden moment two years ago when Sidhu lost his nerve and started shredding his mailers in his campaign against Mimi Walters for State  Senate. It’s brilliant comic performance art, and as usual he drags in his family to perform as extras in his hilarious political theater. Watch them dutifully shred his hit pieces against Walters as he introduces his rag tag collection of political allies – just about the only people who showed up (oh yes, I see you Bill Taormina!).

By the way, this clownishly hypocritical gesture didn’t help Sidhu at all. He was thoroughly pummeled and lost every precinct in Anaheim.

Video courtesy of our pals at Red County.

Lorri Galloway in 4th in the 4th

Thanks for the phony address.

A way back, when her carpetbagging candidacy actually seemed plausible in some circles, Anaheim Hills’ Precious Princess unleashed a video campaign that portended  all sorts of unintended hilarity.

It was called “Lorri in 4th Gear” and was supposed to feature the Precious One in meaningful dialog with her would-be constituents. The first video was so comical and so amateurish that there were no more.

Now, Galloway’s efforts have given new meaning to the phrase “Lorri in 4th Gear” as she has now slipped under the vote count tallied by Buena Park’s Art Brown – who barely campaigned at all and is now in third place. Here are the latest numbers posted by the ROV:

SHAWN NELSON 15,269 30.4%
HARRY SIDHU 9,201 18.3%
ART BROWN 8,125 16.2%
LORRI GALLOWAY 8,101 16.1%
RICHARD FAHER 3,240 6.5%

As you can see, things aren’t looking too good for Lorri’s Legacy. Of course her dollar to vote count isn’t nearly as embarrassing as Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu and his union pals, so there’s always that perspective to fall back on.

Just Like We Thought

Uh, Harry, I've got some bad news...

Now that the rodents are leaping off the sinking SS Sidhu, word is starting to leak out from former crew members that the non-paid “volunteer” John Lewis, was neck deep in the Sidhu scampaign for county supervisor in a district in which he doesn’t live.

In fact, that way we hear it, The Lewis Group, which consists of John Lewis and his partner Matt Holder, basically took over the campaign. Of course they won’t be bragging about it after what happened.

This news explains a lot. Such as why Matthew Cunningham was doing his level best to promote the hapless and helpless Sidhu while pretending to be objective – as usual.

No, I tell you. I have never even met the man.

But this situation also raises other questions. Such as: will Sidhu be reporting the Lewis Group’s unpaid professional services on his behalf as an in-kind campaign contribution? Hmm.

We’ll be checking up on that.

You Can’t Dig A Hole With A Rubber Band

That’s a saying my grandfather had to suggest the futility of trying to do a job with the wrong tool. And in this case the tool in question is Mr. Hide and Seek Sidhu, the bogus 4th District candidate with the fake addresses, the gibberish, the all ’round assclownery.

All new episodes coming in the fall!

By now you may have heard that Sidhu got his clown’s ass handed to him last night By Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson in the 4th District Supervisor’s election. It was a solid 12% margin for Nelson – after the unions had spent $1.5 million to smear him and promote the lame Sidhu.

But the Sidhu product was, and is so worthless that it can’t be peddled at any price. The more money pumped into it, the worse it looked. As we predicted all along, Sidhu’s campaign managers have soaked poor Harry and will continue to do so all long as he keeps writing checks that don’t bounce. But come September union bosses Wayne Quint and Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino will have to ask themselves whether they want to waste any more of their dough trying to sell a car that has no wheels and no engine.

Well, it’s true they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree, but as the Good Book says, the writing is on the wall. And then Harry will have to go it alone; and all the money squandered will be his.

Oh, and we’ll be checking up to see if he’s actually living at Lucky Way.

Criminal Complaint Filed With DA Against Harry Sidhu


Yesterday a complaint was filed with the District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas, against Harry Sidhu for falsifying public documents when he created a fake residence where he never lived in order to run for 4th District County Supervisor.

How do I know a complaint was filed? Because I’m the one who filed it.

First, take a look at my letter to Mr. Rackaukas.

Now that’s some serious stuff, right? Here are some of my supporting documents.

At the end of December Harry Sidhu re-registered to vote at 2230 West Lincoln Avenue, #106, aka the Calabria Apartments.

The Calabria Apartments

Here’s the re-registration form from the end of December, 2009.

One month later Sidhu re-registered yet again, this time to a place called Lucky Way. He cited the Calabria Apartments as his previous dwelling.

The only problem is that Sidhu never lived at the Calabria Apartments. Our investigation revealed that nobody, including the apartment manager and neighbors ever saw Sidhu there; no furniture was ever moved in; that the unit in question appears to have been vacant for a long time; that no leases or receipts exist to document Sidhu’s alleged tenancy.

It’s crystal clear. Harry Sidhu concocted a phony address in order to run for office in the 4th District and he never lived there. That was an outright lie. And he lied again when he changed his registration a second time citing 2230 West Lincoln as his previous address. This is blatant voter fraud and a knowing falsification of public documents.

I have no doubt that some in the political community will want to brush aside this sad, inconvenient truth as inconsequential. Sidhu will no doubt play the victim card like all politicians do when they get caught in a trap created by their own overarching ambition and arrogance.

Was a crime committed? Well, that’s for the DA to decide, or perhaps to lateral the issue to the State Attorney General. You can be sure we’ll keep you informed.

Greenhut: Unions use malleable Sidhu to flex power

Steven Greenhut just put out an impressive piece on the why the public employee unions are throwing everything they can behind Harry Sidhu.

While explaining Sidhu’s appeal to the union bosses, Greenhut writes:

Sidhu has no obvious principles that I can detect. He has agreed to drop OC’s lawsuit against the 2001 retroactive pension hike for deputy sheriffs, which has earned him the unending loyalty of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs. He supports the high-speed rail boondoggle. He would not support the Prop. 90 eminent-domain reform. He talks like a conservative at times, but that’s typical in OC — talk like a conservative, then vote like a liberal on the really important stuff.

He closes with this excellent summation of consequences from an (unlikely)  Sidhu victory:

If Sidhu wins in Orange County, then the unions will have won an enormous victory in arguably the most union-unfriendly area in the state. They will have made their point loud and clear: If you stand up to us, we will defeat you and will elect our own hand-picked candidate. Forget about pension reform and other union reform issues if they hold sway.

You can read the rest of “Unions use malleable Sidhu to flex power” on Greenhut’s CalWatchdog website.

Sheriff’s Union Sends Sidhu a Dictionary

How do you spell "pension?"

It looks like the Sheriff’s union has been watching the same video clips that we have. You know… the ones where Sidhu stammers incoherently and fails to answer simple questions about union pensions.

That must be why they sent out this mailer with a photo of Harry sifting through a dictionary, as if to tell voters “Harry knows pensions. See, he looked it up!”

What a bumbling buffoon! It’s no wonder county unions can’t wait to sit at table with Harry Sidhu and negotiate their next pension spike.

Hide and Seek Sidhu On Public Employee Unions

Hi there!

UPDATE: I came across this earlier post today as I was thinking about all the political mail paid for by the “public employee unions” telling you what a great guy Harry Sidhu is and what a bad guy Shawn Nelson is. This video is worth a replay. Sidhu has an almost limitless capacity for clownish behavior — a perfect fit for the union circus.

Here’s another classic “what did he say?” mumble moment brought to you by Harry Sidhu at the GOP Central Committee meeting last week. We think he believes in public employee unions, but not in his ability to say no to them if they give him dough (directly) – so Honest Harry says he hasn’t and won’t take it. Even though he has been taking it ever since he first got elected in 2004!

In any case he says he won’t ‘take their money now. But just a few days before he had gone hat in hand to the Sheriff Deputy’s union to get their endorsement – and a big monetary expenditure via their IE, and he knows he got it. This is perfectly consistent with the profile of a politician without an ethical fiber in his being.

And that makes him a first class hypocritical hair ball and a worthy candidate for the John Lewis crowd to support.

What a guy.

The Joke’s On You!

I got an e-mail today from a friend of mine from Anaheim who isn’t all that politically active, but who saw the 4th District Supervisor WAND forum and has seen the videos of Hide and Seek Sidhu on our website.

One is the loneliest number.

Shock and dismay would be two good words to describe this woman’s impression of Sidhu. But I’ll let her speak in her own words:

I am aware that money is really all it takes to run a political campaign, but I have to say I am really and truly amazed by the campaign of Harry Sidhu. I know he doesn’t live in the district and I know he made up several addresses in order to run in the 4th. Okay. That’s pretty awful.

But what’s really bad is that the man is completely incoherent, has no grasp of any issues, and can only read what has been written for him on index cards. It’s pathetic. I would feel sorry for him if he hadn’t brought this embarrassment on himself. In fact, I really doubt if the man has a sense of shame at all.

At the WAND forum all I heard from this character were platitudes of the emptiest kind and even most of those were irrelevant. His performance at the GOP Central Committee meeting was humiliating  – and embarrassing for everybody.

Keep up the pressure on this candidacy. You are doing an great job exposing this empty suit for what he is – an over ambitious, ignorant carpetbagger.

P.S. You can use my name.

M. Rodriguez

Thanks, for that. I couldn’t agree more.