Galloway Announces Run For Supe


We just came across a post by Art Pedroza over at his Orange Juice blog about Anaheim City Councilwoman Lorri Galloway announcing a 4th District County Supe campaign kick-off event.

A while back our friend Joe Sipowicz speculated that Galloway might have been nothing but a shill for John Lewis; a shill whose job it was to get Harry Sidhu to back down and preserve the Anaheim vote for Tom Daly – the heir apparent as selected by John Lewis.

Now it seems that Joe’s guesses were off the mark; or if that Galloway was just supposed to be a shill she is one no longer. In any case this seems like really bad news for both Daly and Sidhu who, if they go through with their plans must split the Anaheim vote one more time.

4 Replies to “Galloway Announces Run For Supe”

  1. Hold on there, Harpoon. Remeber it was the Lewis spokeshole Matt (Jerbil) Cunningham who got the “scoop” when she announced her candidacy a few months ago? But not now. Art Pedroza got wind of it and found time to do a post, but not Cunningham. Could it be that Galloway has strayed off the reservation and now the very worst thing imaginable has happened for Lewis’ boy Daly?

  2. Joe, be careful. If you say “Matt Cunningham” three times he will show up and send this discussion down the drain with empty arguments and circular distractions.

  3. Regardless of the reason for her candidacy, her intellectually lazy ideas and answers to challenging questions will be apparent. Nelson will be viewed as the “giant” in the race with Daly and Galloway resembling “dogs barking at the lion” when debating Nelson.

    1. A bit over the top, don’t you think, PL? Anhyhoo Daly will soon announce that he is running for re-election as Clerk Recorder; Galloway will discover that outside of Anaheim she doesn’t cast a very long shadow.

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