12 Replies to “The 4th Annual India’s 62nd Independence Day and Kick-off for Sidhu for OC Supervisor 2010”

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter that Harry doesn’t live in our district, if the voters are stupid enough to elect Dick Jones 4 times they will do anything.

  2. How many times can one “kick off” a campaign? Didn’t he just try to “kick off” his “campaign” with that flop fundraiser in Anaheim on June 28th? I think there was even another “kick off” before that.

  3. God, another one? This is all he does, one fundraiser after another. And since he will never move out of his Yorba Estate in Anaheim Hills (Lorri) he will simply take all of your money and then roll it over to the run for the BOS 3rd District, Bill Campbell’s seat, against Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche.

    What a JOKE. Only a fool would waste their monty by giving to him or attending any of his fundraisers. As if he was insturmental on any Anaheim votes anyhow, simply follows Pringle.

    The end of the month is coming Harry and you will have to report your 2009 fund raising efforts…then we will Indian wave good bye to you.

  4. Another Anaheim Hills / 3rd District Council Member running in another district.

    Call it “When Harry Met Lorri.”

  5. Please do not make funny of Harry. Harry is a good man. He will give you a free whopper if you promise to vote for him. Also, do not worry that he does not live in the district, this is only a technicality- he has already been advised by Julie Sa. Oh goodness, what if that fellow Snow can do an Indian accent as well?

  6. Hey, I actually intend to support Harry for his run in the third. Carolyn Cavechee is another pension spiker in the Dick Jones mold. My only hesitation is that he keeps making a mockery of himself woith this charade about running for the 4th.

    Harry: Move on. You are loosing credibiliy. Announce you are running from the berautiful home you are proud to own and live in and lets all move on

    1. Mayor Cavecche is one of the most conservative local government officials in Orange County

  7. Aw, c’mon Harry! One campaign kickoff per campaign. This ain’t golf and you can’t award yourself a Mulligan.

  8. Are you kidding??!!! :

    Mayor Cavecche is one of the most conservative local government officials in Orange County

    Are u kidding, you obviously don’t know about the pension spike Cavecche championed in Orange, so I’ve been told.

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