52,254 Recall Signatures Turned In.

Moments ago the Fullerton Recall team turned in well over 50,000 signatures from Fullerton voters to initiate a recall election of councilmembers Don Bankhead, Dick Jones and Pat McKinley. The reason? Their simple failure to provide competent leadership for our city. The individual totals are: Don Bankhead: 17,064 signatures F. Richard “Dick” Jones: 17,587 signatures […]

Anti-Recall Going Up In Smoke

EXCELLENT UPDATE! NOW THE BOZOS ARE CLAIMING I WANT TO LET PEOPLE GROW OPIUM POPPIES  AND COCOA LEAVES IN THEIR BACKYARDS! HOO BOY!! For instant laughs please go to the anti-recall website, hilariously called Protect Fullerton. Of course the site should really be called Protect Jones, McKinley and Bankhead and Their Culture of Police Corruption, […]