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Amerige Court—How to Give Away Public Land for $500

Last December The Fullerton Redevelopment Agency approved yet another extension to Pelican, the hapless developer of the gigantic Amerige Court project downtown. Readers will recall that this project was approved in 2008 over the objections of hundreds of people who saw it for what it was, yet another cheap looking, insipid  copy of the retail/loft […]

Behind Closed Doors Fullerton City Council Redevelopment Setting The Bar Low

To Redevelop or Not to Redevelop?

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown signed in to law two bills designed to drastically diminish, or at least change redevelopment in California.  Assembly Bill x 126 eliminates redevelopment agencies (RDAs) altogether in municipalities across the state on October 1, 2011. It also prohibits RDAs like Fullerton’s from any new beginning any new activities or issuing […]

Redevelopment Statewide Stuff

The State of Redevelopment in California

Remember State Controller John Chaing’s review of  “Selected Redevelopment Agencies” in California? His office’s five week study of a sample of 18 agencies (Fullerton was not in the sample of agencies) in the state has released a report: The authors have come to some disturbing, but not unexpected conclusions beginning with “The Controller found […]