Another Round of Anti-Recall Fabrications

After discovering that Fullerton was not biting on their “Bushala Buying Fullerton” fairy tale,  the Anti-Recall committee moved on to their pathetic and even hysterical Plan B: maybe Fullerton will believe that both Tony and Chris Thompson were hooked up several times by the Fullerton PD, hauled and away and placed under investigation by the Orange County DA?

Since this story can be factually disproven, they might want to consider going back to their buying Fullerton strategy.

This week, Larry Bennett attached his name to this mailer which can be seen (here) and additionally attached it as a file to an email blast which can be seen (here).

This monolithic mailer must have cost a bundle to send out. Along with a giant pair of handcuffs and the header of “Busted”, it includes three more postage paid opportunities for voters to tell Bankhead, Jones and McKinley what horrific leaders they have actually been.

The Fullerton Recall has had an uninterrupted and remarkably cooperative relationship with now Interim Chief Dan Hughes and the Fullerton PD with regard to our signature gathering activities at retail locations. It is informally understood between our campaign and the FPD that they WILL NOT arrest our people for signature gathering activities. But in California it is legally incumbent upon any police officer to assist any citizen in executing a citizen’s arrest if the accuser claims to witness a crime.

The bottom line is that signature gathering in front of multi-tenant retail centers s is protected by the First Amendment and legal precedent.

But a number of times, supermarket managers upset by the unwillingness of the Fullerton PD to agree that a crime is occurring, have chosen to file a citizens arrest.  The process takes 3 minutes.  The police take your name, fill out some paperwork describing the citizen’s accusation, issue a “release” to the signature gatherer and submit a copy of the accusation to the DA to review.  Chief Hughes has confirmed that in every case, the DA has quickly and formally disregarded the accusations for lack of evidence.

There are NO pending cases against Tony, myself or any of our signature gatherers.  Note that we continue to gather signatures during the “arrests” and after the police leave.

Most notable with all of this continues to be the absolute unwillingness of the anti-recall campaign to address or debate the real issues of the recall:

  • An absence of management over out-of-control Fullerton cops.
  • The theft of $27 million of taxpayer’s money with an illegal franchise tax.
  • The planned doubling of our exorbitant water rates.
  • A multi-million dollar annual city budget deficit.
  • Bankhead and Jones’ effort to secretly and retroactively spike the pensions of their buddies who run city hall.
  • Putting every Fullerton voter $1,700 in debt with a $124 million unfunded city employee pension liability.
  • Absconding with $10 million per year of revenue for schools and public safety through an illegal and massive expansion of the corporate welfare known as Redevelopment.

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  1. You really ought to sue them for that mailer. And everyone who got one is going to send the cards back blank, right? Postage is on them!

  2. Its time for another Saturday protest with big giant pictures on signs of Bennett’s head saying busted and liar pants on fire

  3. Hopefully the recipients (who don’t know the truth) of these mailers would take into account what Chris stated in this post:
    “Most notable with all of this continues to be the absolute unwillingness of the anti-recall campaign to address or debate the real issues of the recall:”

  4. I hope that this issue will be brought up in the next city council meeting to let the viewing public know how misleading these mailers are.
    OC Occupy is now in fullerton and a few may attend the next city council meeting. I hope we can work with them to help us re-occupy the city with people who will be to work for the public intrests and not just for self-intrests.

    1. I would say that I have little in common with the “Occupy” people. It would be highly unlikely that an Occupy supporter and I would be backing the same city council candidates.

      1. Thank You Chris!!!!! No Occupoo!!!! We don;t need them. I myself, work for a living….And do whatever I have to do to make ends meet.


        1. I disagree we need all occupiers……….why not occupy? whatya scared of? I say the more the merrier……so you have a job..bfd-you have a job and no sense of community …you must be a hill dweller…figures.

      2. I would have to disagree with you there Chris. Occupyers are against police brutality and poliitcal corruption. That is a very strong common bond. Many of them are Ron Paul supporters as well. There may be a lot more commonalities between your positions than you assume.

    2. OC occupoo was a joke. They were on a little piece of the lot right next to the street. Some tents and dirty looking 20 somethings who should be getting some training and looking for a job. Everyone was laughing at you smelly fools.

      1. Im not laughing Im laughing at those in fullerton who sit arund and bitch but do nothing…keep it up occupy….if it pisses people off…keep doin it….ha ha ha ha

  5. Thank you for reviewing the REAL ISSUES which provoked the RECALL effort.

    It would be helpful and valuable to reiterate (periodically) a full discussion of each issue relevant to this RECALL.

    You used the term “management” (i.e. lack of) regarding the Fullerton police. In order to more accurately focus on THAT huge problem, I think the better word would be Leadership.

    There has been a horrible Leadership problem which resulted, over a LONG period of time, to the broad array of serious problems within the Fullerton Police Department, and which problems can ALL be attributed to former Fullerton Police Chief (and current City Councilman) Pat McKinley. Additionally, ALL of the problems of management and Leadership within the Fullerton Police Department occured during the terms in office of Councilman Don Bankhead and Councilman Dick Jones.

    The three of them OWN the Fullerton Police Department problems which only finally came to light in public awareness because of the MURDER committed by at least SIX of our Fullerton Policemen (not counting those others who were involved behind the scenes at the police station) before, during and after (i.e. covering up and lying to the media and citizens) regarding the murder of Kelly Thomas.

    1. And again this question arises; where was Rusty Kennedy and his Orange County Human Relations Commission that claims to mediate the community’s complaints of civil rights abuses committed by the community’s police force, when Fullerton Police officers were systematically abusing the civil rights of fullerton’s community? Rusty Kennedy has lived all his life in Fullerton and yet he and his colleague and only member of law enforcement on his commission’s board, Ex-fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley and now current Fullerton city council person, were unaware that Fullerton police officers under McKInley’s watch were abusing the civil rights of fullerton’s community? Will someone ask Rusty Kennedy, CEO of the Orange County Human Relations commission how he never heard of one complaint from the community about these civil rights abuses?

  6. Chris, thanks for setting a good example for kids by not going to jail. I’m sure ol’ Larry appreciates is because he is all about the children. Just think of the children!

  7. I know it’s useless, but I really want to see a good old fashion debate. Cleary, we know who will be prevail. But the fact of seeing Bennett fumble for rebuttals could prove to be entertaining.

  8. merijoe :
    Its time for another Saturday protest with big giant pictures on signs of Bennett’s head saying busted and liar pants on fire

    I’d be the first one out there to join you Merijoe.

    Every word that I read from Chris Thompson wrote is absolutely true.

    Every thing that I read which was attributed to Larry Bennett, were nothing but lies and innuendo.

    I’m beginning to think that “Larry” must be French for “liar”.

        1. Thank You, but a yes or no, would have been fine.
          I guess he has a right, to voice his opinion, weather we agree with it, or not.

  9. When you cannot debate campaign issues you obfuscate. By making up silly handcuffs, it plays to those residents who are not all that interested in the recall. They will simply stay out on the sidelines. This makes it somewhat more difficult to gather the required signatures. So even though the handcuffs and bs attached is all made up crap, it serves a purpose or they would not have spent that kind of money on the mailing.
    Do not expect any debate of the issues. However, a successful recall petition results in a recall vote, at that time, the pro recall folks need to have debates with the dinosaurs. Never say anything bad about the person, only show what they have done and even their supporters will cringe and stay away from the ballot box!
    Tuco has been through this before,in a city on the list of best managed in OC, not worst managed like Fullerton. The difference is amazing. Balanced budgets vs. deficit spending.

  10. Let’s be perfectly clear, cops are not suppose to be ASSISTING anyone, retail merchant manager or Joe Blow in making a “citizens arrest” when no crime has been committed.

    The cops are immune to liablility when assisting a citizen in making a LAWFUL arrest. The citizen making bogus arrests is VERY much liable just as the police would be for making a false arrest.

    The cop if smart, does not want his name attached to any report that later turns out to be absolutely bogus, would refuse to take part in such non-sense.

    If your on store property and are asked to leave, and you refuse, your subject to arrest for trespassing.

    If there are no signs posted that say “no soliciting” then there is no crime.

    I appreciate Chief Hughes candor on the issue, but if the DA is not filing any of these cases because it clearly conflicts with the 1st Amendmant or whatever, then Chief Hughes and his officers should be telling merchants, SORRY no crime being committed, have a great day. CONTACT the DA’s office if your upset.

    Even receiving a citation and not being booked is still an arrest.

    In case you didn’t know the police computer data base shows those cases as an arrest or incident that is STILL negative to ones character.

    FPD doesn’t seem to mind doing whatever they want in the illegal sense as they feel the need, then they should try telling the merchants NO, when nothing has happened that require their attention and doing what is LEGALLY right.

    I’d be getting me a lawyer if I’d been subjected to FPD’s attention just to make some store manager happy.

    I bet the merchants corporate office would just crap if they got slapped with a “false arrest” lawsuit.

    When you perfer criminal charges against another, whether your a citizen or a cop, YOU better have a crime to prosecute.

    I don’t say “press hard four copies” or put handcuffs on anyone, JUST to make another person happy, knowing full well the entire matter does NOT meet any legal criteria.

  11. Dan C at the LOC blog says:

    “.. the recall in Fullerton is an excellent opportunity for two Democrats to make a move and turn Fullerton into the latest city with a Democratic Majority ..”

    Is that what this recall is about – getting a Democrat majority?

    1. I hope not….This is not, what this Recall is about. It is not suppose matter. People who look out for the residents, would be nice.

      1. I have never supported a Democrat. I fight against large and out of control government regardless of party. I am a lifelong registered Republican who constantly battles with whether to switch to Libertarian. I have fought to remove a number of big spending, big government Republicans from office. I support candidates like Bruce Whitaker who espouse and fight for small government, pro-freedom, pro-taxpayer values. Having said that, I am not aware of a small government Democrat. The party itself believes that government is designed to offer creative solutions without regard for constitutional principles.

        1. thanks Chris for stating where you stand,

          I would love to hear where Tony stands on the political motivations of the Recall.

        2. Seems to me that Tony wants clean, accountable government, with a tight control over the city’s purse strings and no tolerance for out-of-control thug cops.

          That transcends Dem/Repub. Or shall I say, these are hard qualities to find in either Dems or Repubs. But I think we should keep an open mind since there could be good people from any party, including Libertarian or Green, who would be accountable, transparent, fiscally prudent, and keep a tight watch on our LEOs.

              1. Thanks Tony, how do you feel about Silva staying on city Council? She also voted for the water tax multiple times, which is one of the Recall main points.

        3. Chris,so I may safely say you don’t believe welfare is a lifestyle to handed down to following generations, CalWorks, section 8 housing for life, EBT/food stamps is disguised charity but parity

    2. This is not about political parties although I’d bet my last nickel Ackerman will have to do a mailer saying that.

      This is about getting rid of the senile whackjobs on the Council whose incompetence got so bad somebody had to die.

      1. Fullerton’s Dem leaders have been no different than the RINOs there now.

        Think: McClanahan, Flory, Keller, Quirk.

        Now think: Catlin, Bankhead, Godfrey, Jones, Clearasil, Wilson.

        What’s the difference?

        The Recall is not an opportunity to replace one set of boobs with another, regardless of party.

  12. There are 135,161 residents in Fullerton according to the 2010 census. There are roughly 145 cops, 5 city council members and lets say 100 city hall workers, including the water staff.

    Why are we pulling punches with these thugs and cronies? we outnumber those who are oppressing us with illegal water taxes, false arrests and making us, the residents and taxpayers of OUR city, pay for their thievery, murder and general malfeasance.

    Do the math, we’re in charge, not them. It’s time that all of us stand up, it’s OUR city.

  13. Gawd, I am sooooo sick of these anti recall people using Tony Bushala and others to ward off evil spirits.
    This is not about Tony Bushala or Chris Thompson or signature gatherers, this is about WHY these numbskulls feel they should continue to hold their seats and make decisions for citizens of Fullerton-period.

    I want to hear what they have to say about that and not about Tony Bushala filling his car with gas at Arco instead of Shell so he must have ulterior motives for funding the recall, or Chris Thompson combing his hair in public and that makes him a bad example to kids.

    1. That’s what bother me the most is that these three City Councilman have a long history of simply “demonizing the messenger” each and every time they’re confronted with a serious issue, and will instead label everyone else that disagrees with their lunacy, as blasphemers and heretics, rather than having one of those “come to Jesus” meetings with what’s left of their own conscience.

    2. they should be happy he’s combing his hair and not clipping his toenails (deliberate insertion of attempted levity here) in public

      I met Christine a few months ago at the Stater Bros at Brea/Bastanchury; nice lady, well spoken, intelligent – and some yahoo was sitting and watching in his car during the 15 minute duration of our conversation. He wasn’t very subtle.

      Wished, in hindsight, that I had my camera with me so I could have taken a photo of him 🙂

  14. Those mailers are not that expensive. Postage can be as low as 14.3 cents. In quantities of 5,000, internet publishers will print two-sided color cards for under 10 cents.

    If Ron Thomas would agree, I would suggest the hospital photo of Kelly Thomas be sent to every home and business in Fullerton. On the other side of the card can be an explanation of why the recall is essential.

    If Ron Thomas agrees, I will donate $300 to the cost.

    1. Steve, I see that, and I may be wrong here, as it looking as though the recallers are doing tit for tat and Im not really sure that is what people would be happy to see in their mailbox. Let Bennett and his band of dorks make fools of themselves. I think your $300 bucks would be better served as a donation to the recall, just saying.

      1. I wasn’t talking about tit for tat and I was talking about donating to the recall. I was talking about confronting disinformation with real information in the same forum.

        I just not want to promote the use of Kelly’s image in a way that was not authorized by Ron and/or Kathy.

  15. Dillinger Escape Plan Playing Free Concert at Slidebar; Watch it Without Compromising Your Integrity

    So mathcore/hardcore band Dillinger Escape Plan is playing a free show at Slidebar on Thursday, Jan. 19. It’s being called the band’s “last U.S. [show] for a while” And if you’re still boycotting Slidebar because of the Kelly Thomas hooha, know that you could maintain your integrity by watching the concert online, where they’ll be streaming it at

    1. You wrote the word Integrity, in the same sentence with Slidebar?????? I don’t think, that can be done anymore. Nobody should support the slimebar, reguardless what band is playing.

  16. What have the three old dudes done lately for the kids. A closed skate park since March 2010. Fences around the Truslow park, because the FPD can’t control the gangs. So who is the bad example?

  17. About all those bars concentrated in DTF.
    How about some kind of equal opportunity for the rest of us soon to be and senior citizens in the northwest part of the city. We should have a social gathering waterhole and a MARIJUANA medical collective in our area.
    Would we qualify for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for these enterprises in this area?

  18. I wonder who’s going to move into the old Jenney Lynn bakery? Let me guess a bar? No wait, we have to many of those. A tattoo parlor? I can’t wait.

      1. no joke. Judy Lynn Is gone, Fred(the owner) died years ago and they have barely been able to keep the Fullerton location alive. Pouls Bakery was also Fred’s but I believe it is still open (in Orange).

  19. Anti-recallers face a huge problem. The replacemetn candidate ballot will have candidates of all political stripes whose supporters will all likely vote Recall Yes. Hard to support a replacement candidate and vote not to replace.

    PS–Say it ain’t so with Judy Lynn Bakery! That place is way old school cool! Best wheat bread in OC–when you can get it!

    1. Yeah, it’s true 🙁 so is Poul’s, their partner bakery. Apparently told the employees on Christmas Eve that they were closing for good right then and there

      At least I still have French’s a few miles away, but I’ll miss the cheese bread from Judy Lynn

  20. Ful99 :
    I know it’s useless, but I really want to see a good old fashion debate. Cleary, we know who will be prevail. But the fact of seeing Bennett fumble for rebuttals could prove to be entertaining.

    …this PBS interview will have to tide you over until that yellow bellied Bennett puts his big boy pants on again, and goes one-on-one with Chris Thompson in a pay-per-view.

  21. why am i getting a from larry “douchebag” bennett? is somebody from this site selling my information 3rd party solicatation co.?

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