Anti-Recall Going Up In Smoke


For instant laughs please go to the anti-recall website, hilariously called Protect Fullerton. Of course the site should really be called Protect Jones, McKinley and Bankhead and Their Culture of Police Corruption, but we can let that go for now.

Apparently greasemeister Dick Ackerman decided to publish the fact I that attended Judge Gray’s August fundraiser for the initiative that would treat cannabis like any other intoxicant – like wine, for instance.

Am I supposed to be ashamed?

I have long advocated for the use and legal dispensation of medical marijuana, a position advocated by a clear majority of Californians back in the 90s. Of course ignorant obstructionists like Dick Jones and Dick Ackerman (see a trend with this Dick thing?) kept the will of the people from being enacted as they deprived sick people of a useful medication in their twisted puritanical self-righteousness.

I also happen believe that government shouldn’t be in the business of regulating stuff folks can grow in their backyard. People like Jones, McKinley and Bankhead on the other hand, are very much interested in what you do in the privacy of your private property, because they are not freedom-loving conservatives; they are freedom-depriving bullies who want to tell everybody else how to live.

Which is funny because I would never dream of telling Doctor HeeHaw what to do with those spiky cucumbers he diligently grows in his backyard.

For no extra charge, have fun watching Doctor Donkey elaborate on something he knows absolutely nothing about.

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  1. They might as well change their “Anti-Recall” campaign to “Anti-Tony Bushala” campaign

    The trio plus Ackerman is worried about ONE man instead of 120,000 Residents is troubling!

    1. That website is so bad and the distorted references to you are even worse. If people believe the distortion, they are lemmings anyways. If that site is a reflection of their best efforts in this recall, it’s not going to be a fair fight.

      Keep ’em honest, Tony!

  2. We have a fiscal crisis in Fullerton as well as a social crisis with a police department that has committed murder on an American citizen and these three incompetents are worried about Tony Bushala’s stance on medical marijuana. Incredible!!

    In case these donkeys don’t get it, the recall is about THEM not TONY BUSHALA. When the voting begins, it will be a referendum about their failed leadership in our City of Fullerton and what the good citizens intend to do about it.

    Forget the deception boys, the issue is you three, not Tony or marijuana ………..

  3. We have to push Recall process to prevent further damages to Fullerton. It is going to be a hercule tasks to clean up huge mess these crooks left behind.
    We have to make sure these crooks never “Protect and Serve” public again.
    Vote your heart out.
    Are you ready?

  4. me thinks he protesteth too much

    What does that have to do with the fact the those 3 are incompetent, corrupt boobs?

    Figures, just another dirtbag lawyer who wants to to win, cant find any dirt, so will stoop to dragging up a teacher that yelled at you in 1975.

    Look out, he might scower ever nursing home to look up that teacher and get a statement from him/her

  5. The Anti-recall website is a joke. I didn’t see one legitimate fact on their website that defended their fight against the recall. All they are doing is trying to sway the public from the real issues at hand by posting things out of context and flat out lying to the public. I guess lying to the public is what they are good at.
    Fullerton needs change now! Support the recall.

  6. This, children, is what we call “Grasping at straws”, or “Desperation on the cusp of madness”, or “teh lulz”.

      1. Shows you how OLD they are – marijuana decriminalization / re-legalization isn’t even that “radical” of an issue anymore, 64% of the nation favors it.

  7. There are 3 groups of people who want weed to remain illegal:

    (1) Drug dealers

    (2) Cops

    (3) Politicians who are financed by cops.

    Why do all 3 groups want it to remain legal?

    All 3 groups personally profit from it in one way or another.

  8. I LOVE the “putting a dispensary on every corner” bit. Really? Like the bars and tattoo shops are any better. LOL What is wrong with these people?

    And everyone in the MMJ industry knows Fullerton is OFF LIMITS when it comes to setting up a brick and mortar shop because of the way they are shut down in a matter of weeks. At least the city allows MMJ patients the luxury of delivery.

    And it is NOT Bushala who is the issue here…it is the corruption we are paying for with our tax dollars!

    1. Actually a study just came out showing that closing medical marijuana dispensaries increased crime rates.

      Selling things in stores rather than on the street is generally a positive development.

  9. That picture is so freaking hilarious! Mayor Hee Haw strikes again!

    I think pot should be legalized. And so do most people. Even my parents think it’s time. Alcohol is much worse. I know people who smoke pot and they just get goofy and lazy, whereas a lot of people get belligerent and violent when they drink.

    They’re really getting desperate and coming up with the absolute lamest things in their effort to dig up dirt on Tony and derail the recall. It’s like they’re stuck in the 1950’s. The next thing you know, they’re going to say something like “Tony Bushala doesn’t go to church every Sunday! Shocking!”

    Although if you look at their website, it’s easy to see how they’re stuck in their own little world. The site is horrible. It looks like a throwback to the mid-1990s when the Internet was still new. A 10 year old kid could design a better website.

  10. …And I also find it so hilarious that if you click on the “Join Your Neighbors” link at the top of the page, there is yet another long rant about Tony Bushala, but NOT ONE SINGLE “supporter” listed. It looks exactly the same as the last time I saw it, several weeks ago.

    It still says “supporters will be listed soon.”

    That’s because there are NONE. At this point, everyone and their grandma (literally) knows what happened to Kelly Thomas and how corrupt the police and city officials are. So I’m expecting that the only support they’re going to get will probably be from the Fullerton Police union.

    I also notice that they STILL don’t have a link anywhere on the site to email them. Gee…I wonder why.

    1. Amusing, too, that there is no place for comments on the posts or anything.

      Of course, they know what would happen if they did.

  11. This sideshow the city is putting on keeps getting better and better. It’s like a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. Tony B. you are what we refer to as a Hometown Hero keep up the great work my brother.

  12. i suppose we could all write to them at

    Paid for by PROTECT FULLERTON – Recall NO! – 603 E. Alton Ave. Ste. H . Santa Ana, CA 92705


  13. so if Tony Bushala believes like most people that marijuana is no more dangerous than a glass of wine, then the fact that Bankhead, McKinley and Jones obfuscated evidence that shows a homeless, disabled man was beaten to death by fullerton police officers is negated by Bushala’s desire to legalize marijuana. These three men have proven through their words and actions that they are unfit for any role in government. Not until the big eye of the media reported these 3 men’s callous indifference to the public outcry over the thomas beating death, did they publically admit it even occurred. when these three could no longer deny this beating death by their own police dept,. they tried to suppress evidence and promote lies via FPD Goodrich. We the people deserve better than these immoral representatives.

  14. Paid for by PROTECT FULLERTON – Recall NO! – 603 E. Alton Ave. Ste. H .Santa Ana, CA 92705 Amped Bikes
    (714) 371-0564
    603 E Alton Ave Ste H, Santa Ana, CA 92705 .Bicycle company gonna save City council,go fish……..

  15. Facebook-Lysa Ray Campaign Services-603 E Alton Ave Ste H, Santa Ana, CA 92705,D.R AY Construction -603 E Alton Ave H Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 540-2295,Amped Bikes- 603 E. Alton Ave. Ste. H .Santa Ana, CA 92705 Lysa Ray behind that site.

  16. These same clowns that hoisted 40 bars in a square mile into our bedroom community, which has led to out-of-towners coming into our town and literally pissing all over it and then crashing their cars into our homes and businesses, are now demonizing Tony Bushala for legalizing marijuana?
    There was an interesting article yesterday in the Sunday Los Angeles Times which studied the neighborhoods where marijuana dispensaries were ordered to shut down. The authors of the studies, the Rand Corporation, came to a clear conclusion that crimes actually increased quite dramatically once these dispensaries had shut down.
    I think that it’s safe to say that without all these bars in the downtown area of Fullerton that we would definitely not need half of the Fullerton police officers we currently employ.

  17. State watchdog fines OC officials
    April 29th, 2010, 1:00 am · 5 Comments · posted by Tony Saavedra, Register investigative reporter-The campaign and treasurer Lysa Ray were penalized for failing to report the identity of a major donor — John Craul, who donated $60,000 to the campaign. Craul’s contribution amounted to 95 percent of the funding.

  18. Yea, the ‘war on drugs’ the last argument of the corrupt police state. They put liquor on every corner and get drunk and violent and then beat the crap and cage innocent folks trying to get a little cheap, safe and organic relief from their daily pains and aches. The corruption is just so obvious and silly. I can’t wait until these real criminals (not the ones who grow/smoke organic plants but the ones who murder mentally ill peaceful citizens, cover it up and steal from hard working folks in the guise of taxes) are thrown out of power.

    1. They see the writing on the wall -the public knows that the war on drugs exists primarily to increase the rate of incarceration across America and justify further intervention in developing countries. So now they came up with the never ending war on terror to to increase the rate of incarceration across America and justify further intervention in developing countries.

  19. Maybe this is premature, but I believe that under current California law, a “contingent replacement election” is required to be on the same ballot as the recall election. [If I am behind the times, then somebody help me out on this one.] So, if three councilmembers are recalled, then there will be three positions to fill. Even though Tony Bushala can “fill big shoes”, he will only be allowed to fill one council seat. So I think that the reform community there needs to find two more people to run, who will also be willing to campaign in favor of the recall. And no replacement candidate should be supported for election by the reform community, who does not actively and openly support the recall.

    From reading the blogs, it looks like, as usual, there is no shortage of talent there in Fullerton. Good luck!

    1. Jeez, what a terrible website the anti-recall goons have launched. It’s bloody awful, like a 7th grader might pop off on his first shot. It reminds me of the old pre- Win95 days.

      Maybe they know what they’re doing. Maybe they’re actually internet-savvy ninjas who fully understand the audience they’re trying to capture and control.

      Or maybe more likely, they ARE the audience they are trying to capture and control.

      Fullerton is busy these days, and the FFFF team is the engine driving all the activity. Two of Kelly’s murderers have been charged, and the recall is evidently moving along nicely. Bravo, and congratulataions on a fine job.

      I have a couple questions and comments regarding Kelly’s murder charge, but I think I’ll wait. Things move quickly around here; if I wait a few days my questions will likely be answered, and nobody cares about the comments anyway.

      I want to say this, though; irrespective of the swarming trolls who regularly and inevitably descend upon you, FFFF has remained on point regarding the murder of Kelly Thomas.

      The trolls call you this, the trolls call you that; they claim nobody is paying attention — and we know this is total baloney; the British news reports regularly on Kelly Thomas — they clog the blog with troll 101 amateur tactics, and FFFF patiently and continually moves forward. This is rare, and beautiful.

      One cop squeaked out on bail; one is still in the can.

      This never would’ve happened without you.

      You’ve got a cop in a can. You did this.

      A cop in a can.

      Do you see these citizens? These are the citizens who are about to f**k you up.

      I love you guys.


  20. I notice that the three dolts being recalled seemed to be worried that the council is going to be bought. I wonder do they mean like how Chevron bought them?

  21. I’ve been libertarian and anti-big-government for my whole adult life (now 52 years young), and I’m totally amazed at how out of control the cops are now. I’m amazed because I would have thought that people would have figured out it was stupid to trust the government with all that power a long time ago. So while Americans slept the totalitarian beast took over and now we are ruled over by assassins.

  22. They’re posting links to fullertonsfuture! Now even more people will be directed here to learn about official incompetence and corruption. How stupid are these people? Are they secretly trying to help the recall?

  23. Too funny.

    No wait, this is serious business and and they are subjecting themselves to ridicule.

    They are watching, reading, conniving.

  24. ziggy :
    Facebook-Lysa Ray Campaign Services-603 E Alton Ave Ste H, Santa Ana, CA 92705,D.R AY Construction -603 E Alton Ave H Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 540-2295,Amped Bikes- 603 E. Alton Ave. Ste. H .Santa Ana, CA 92705 Lysa Ray behind that site.

    Yup, I found them on Facebook and here is a direct link:!/pages/Lysa-Ray-Campaign-Services/278208916262

    If that pathetic Anti-Recall website doesn’t list an email link anywhere, then hit them on Facebook! Let’s flood their inbox with messages, letting them know what people really think. Their efforts to try to dig up dirt on Tony Bushala aren’t going to work. They’re really supporting corrupt city officials and cops who brutally MURDERED an innocent man. Let them know we see right through their crap.

    And oh yeah, you might want to casually ask them if a 10 year old kid designed that 1990’s-era website for them.

  25. Wow these people are really old and bad at using technology. That anti-recall website looks like a myspace profile for a 9 year old lol..

  26. Chris: Don’t be a sap! Live and let live. Let ppl have their opinions. If you don’t agree, so be it but com’on… if you can say what you think, so can they. “They” have he 1st amendment just like you do, if not, then everyone should get off the blog.

  27. Metaphorically speaking of course:


    He needs to wake up — he’s not equipped for the job he has to fulfill — too old, behind the times, prejudiced and ignorant too it seems.

  28. Did anyone find it amusing that under the “arguments”, all 3 arguments are almost identical (I mean, literally, word for word)?

    Looks like someone got fancy and learned how to use “ctrl c”.

  29. Is it possible for you to put a comments section on a tab for Protectfullerton-recallno!.com? Their site admins don’t seem to know how to put one. I tried to let them know how I feel about it, you know “positive feedback”, but I couldn’t find one. I tried to see my neighbors’ support for them, but they were too ashamed to show their faces… It’s kind of funny, because there is a vigilante on a comic book, in which the city wants to attack him, for saving the city. I say Tony gets the spotlight from Heroes and converts it into his own bat signal 🙂

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