Dannemeyer’s Recreational Vehicle Versus The People of Fullerton

Hey! You dope-smoking homos get outta my alley!

Bill Dannemeyer just lost an expensive appeal in an effort to compel you Fullerton taxpayers to pave a dirt alleyway that leads to the back of his property. Why? So that he can park his RV and boat behind his house.

“Who is Bill Dannemeyer?” some of you may well ask. Why, he used to be your esteemed Congresscritter there in F-town before the Little Corporal took over. He was a hard-line conservative who hated queers, and who got his start as – you guessed it – a public employee. A long, long time ago he was a City Attorney in Fullerton. In fact, he spent thirty years on the public dime.

Dannemeyer's RV, Burning Man 2008

You would think a former congressman, former city attorney and supposed “conservative” would be smart enough to avoid an evident legal morass caused by a selfish grab for public resources, or at least be able to present his case in plausible legalese. Boy would you be 180 wrong!

According to the appeals court that heard the case:

Dannemeyer’s opening brief is confusing and at times completely unintelligible. His brief has 22 separate argument headings, most of which are devoid of legal analysis, citation to relevant supporting legal authority, or cogent explanation as to how he was prejudiced by the claimed error

View the opinion

5 Replies to “Dannemeyer’s Recreational Vehicle Versus The People of Fullerton”

  1. Hard to believe this jackoff ever got elected to anything, but what a perfect representative of Fullerton repuglicanism.

    1. The only access to my home is alley access and it looks like a 3rd world country in our alley.I spend over $200 a year in tire repairs.All because we cant park on the street and the city wont allow us to put in a front driveway.

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