Another Typical Repuglican – Everything is For Sale!

Disturbing image of Van Tran courtesy of the OC Weekly

Our friend Scott Moxley was written a piece at the OC Weekly about how local State Assemblyman and would-be Congressman for the 47th District, Van Tran, actually flew his Chief of Staff down from Sacramento to vote in the recent California Republican Assembly nominating convention – casting a vote for his boss, of course.

Seems there’s some heartburn in some circles because the fellow, Paul Hegyi, somehow got himself affiliated with the Stanton Chapter of the CRA, where he doesn’t live, and also because Stanton isn’t even in the 47th Congressional District.

But part of Fullerton is, so we share this tale with you.

P.S. here’s a fun quote from Tran’s website: Let’s bring character and integrity back to Congress…

It’s a dubious proposition that Congress has ever had any character or integrity, but it’s a bit much to hear that from a guy who is ripping off the taxpayers by claiming a phony per diem in the State legislature, and whose wife was busted as part of an insurance fraud conspiracy ring.

Business as usual for the ‘pugs.

6 Replies to “Another Typical Repuglican – Everything is For Sale!”

    1. Hey, genius, the 47th Congressional District includes a big chunk of Fullerton.

      P.S. if you don like what we do start your own Fullerton blog!

  1. Wow, I knew facts didn’t mean much to you guys on the left, but they unfortunately didn’t stop Moxley in this case, either. The facts are simple, let’s assume that Hegyi’s vote wasn’t proper, and that the entire Stanton delegation was excluded – Tran still had enough votes to win (my source is the parliamentarian who was at the meeting – for full disclosure, I was as well). Moreover, Hegyi’s vote was in accordance with the CRA’s bylaws, and was entirely proper. Personally, I think they need to be changed because it can encourage some unsavory tactics like those being alleged against Tran.

    As for the per diem use – it is entirely legal. Yes, I agree that it is shameful for him to use the perks of office in that way, but you neglected to mention in your post (shockingly), that far too many legislators (Democrat and Republican) mis-use the per diem. I hope you will equally rail against members of your own party, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Just my two cents.

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