Yellowing Submarine Advocates Tax Increase

Things are lookin' up!

Well of course they do. That’s what they know.

In the most recent edition of the squalid rag (page 1, 20% recycled paper) known as the Fullerton Observer, an unnamed editorial writer bemoans the fact that “City businesses fees” (sic) “may be outdated and too low.”

Well of course they are too low – for taxers like the Yellowing Observers, whether they are outdated or not.

Then there’s this gem: “While city (sic) employees and residents are being required to help out through layoffs, furloughs, increased fees, and reduced services, nothing has been asked of the business community.”

Huh? If anybody in Sharon Kennedy’s family had ever owned or run a business they would know that the business license is not a “fee,” it’s a thinly veiled tax, levied on businesses, and that it confers absolutely no service to the business owner. It’s just a revenue grab. Then of course the whole thing is pitched in the obligatory “look how small the increase per business is and look how many jobs it will keep!” routine.

If anybody is dumb enough to buy into I’d sure like to hear from them. And thanks Observer for a 2010 campaign issue! Let’s hear it. Whose for the new Observer tax increase?

And Now For Some Real Comic Relief

The Voice of OCEA, Norberto Santa penned this gem yesterday about a gathering of useless RINOs, government parasites and supposed “insiders.” The thrust of the story is that these creeps predicted a Sidhu victory. Why?

Just check out this image borrowed from The Voice of OCEA site:

The Tool Bank is now open...

Yep, there’s the useless pension spiker Bill Campbell on the left standing next to another useless pension spiker who actually did it twice, the pathetic Tom Wilson, former Supervisor of the 5th District.

Good God! What a collection of RINOs and repuglicans of the worst kind: the ones who champion Redevelopment, and who use other tools like Matthew J. Cunningham to pitch the delusion that discretionary land use entitlements are some sort of “property right.” Hey there’s Lucy Dunn who backed the Hairball, too.

Of course Campbell supported Sidhu as part of his and John Lewis’s master plan to get rid of both Nelson and Hairball.

Everything is for sale!

Apparently Curt Pringle, Anaheim’s sleazy Mayor for Sale was hand to prop up his tottering boy Sidhu; but talk about too little, too late! Pringle sure took it on the chops yesterday, and making fun of the party chairman Scott baugh ain’t gonna win him any Brownie points for that High Speed Rail merit badge he’s been working on for so many years.

Of course for Santana,  a last minute, pro-Sidhu piece tinged with a little gratuitous anti-Nelson shit is par for the course. Poor little Norberto! He wants people to think he’s a real journalist instead of what he really is: a toady to a union boss with no reportorial integrity or scruples.

You Can’t Dig A Hole With A Rubber Band

That’s a saying my grandfather had to suggest the futility of trying to do a job with the wrong tool. And in this case the tool in question is Mr. Hide and Seek Sidhu, the bogus 4th District candidate with the fake addresses, the gibberish, the all ’round assclownery.

All new episodes coming in the fall!

By now you may have heard that Sidhu got his clown’s ass handed to him last night By Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson in the 4th District Supervisor’s election. It was a solid 12% margin for Nelson – after the unions had spent $1.5 million to smear him and promote the lame Sidhu.

But the Sidhu product was, and is so worthless that it can’t be peddled at any price. The more money pumped into it, the worse it looked. As we predicted all along, Sidhu’s campaign managers have soaked poor Harry and will continue to do so all long as he keeps writing checks that don’t bounce. But come September union bosses Wayne Quint and Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino will have to ask themselves whether they want to waste any more of their dough trying to sell a car that has no wheels and no engine.

Well, it’s true they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree, but as the Good Book says, the writing is on the wall. And then Harry will have to go it alone; and all the money squandered will be his.

Oh, and we’ll be checking up to see if he’s actually living at Lucky Way.

News From Nevada

You know it’s funny, but when you get away from the big city and get out into real America you really get a great perspective on politics in places like Orange County. And what I mean by perspective is a much better sense of the stupid ambition of no-talent assclowns and fence hoppers like our good friend Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu.

Aw, c’mon, Joe, you’ll be saying, Sidhu’s just like the rest of them, and anyway, by June 8th he’s just going to be a rancid memory. Well, that’s not altogether true. Creeps like Sidhu never go away. They’re always there waiting for the next opening to worm their way into. And that really stinks; almost as much as the existence of weasels and varmints like Bill Campbell, and Janet Nguyen and all the other slug-suckers who want to grease their way into some trough or other and think they can do it by following the money. Well, I guess nobody has taught them yet that they can’t. Oops. Don’t want to forget the other repuglican slimers like John Lewis and his boy Matthew Cunningham who likewise follow their own interests and principle be damned.

Then there’s the lazy local media that wouldn’t recognize a real story if it bit ’em in the ass.

There are lots of places in this great land where Sidhu’s carpetbagging, perjuring, ignorant boobery would be an absolute non-starter politically. We’ve seen it all: the fake addresses, the incoherent statements, the lame and never-ending attacks on a candidate of real ability by Sidhu’s stooges and paid lackeys.

Well, too bad for us that apparently Orange County isn’t one of the places that an ignoramus and no-talent clown like Sidhu can make a plausible candidate out of himself.

But no matter how high you stack it it’s still bullshit.

What Is Harry Sidhu Hiding? Just About Everything

John Lewis told me to move
I'll be back!

By now we have all seen the campaign mailers produced by Hide-n-Seek Sidhu and his union pals asking what Shawn Nelson is hiding and that got me thinking about Harry Sidhu and what he might be hiding from the people of the 4th district.

So to be helpful I made a list:

1. Sidhu doesn’t live in this district and he doesn’t want you to know it.

2. Sidhu committed perjury twice when he claimed to have live at the Calabria apartments.

3. Sidhu is the public employee union candidate and his pals in the union are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put their puppet in office.

4.  Sidhu is barely intelligible and has no grasp of the basic functions of county government.

5. Sidhu is a perpetual office seeker who is constantly running for higher office.

6. Despite his claims to the contrary as an Anaheim city council member Sidhu has voted for dozens of fee and utility rate increases.

So there’s the Sidhu record. No wonder his handlers want to keep it a secret and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

A Promise Was Made. Will It Be Kept?


More than a year (and a half) ago a majority of the Fullerton City Council agreed to put the idea of a three term limit to a plebiscite. Councilmembers Sharon Quirk, Pam Keller and Shawn Nelson were for it; Dick Jones and Don Bankhead were against it.

Dick and I aren't going anywhere...

At the time we ran this post, which we updated in last October. Well, Friends, with the impending June primary election the time has come to remind Quirk, Keller, and Nelson of their promise. It’s not that we don’t trust them, but folks just get so gosh darn busy and their calendars fill up.

But seriously: now that a year has passed and the cold reality of actually having to do something approaches, will there be political remorse?

We’ll soon find out.

The Joke of OC

Listen up, Supes! We finally got our own news outlet!

We’ve recently seen the true purpose of “The Voice of OC,” and organization that promotes itself as a “non-profit investigative news agency.” We’ve noticed that the manager, Norberto Santana has never said a word about any of the manifest malfeasance taking place in Democrat Tom Daly’s Clerk-Recorders office, but has found time to publish what a amounts to a political hit piece on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson – public enemy #1 as far as County unions are concerned.

It continues. The Voice has recently detailed in five separate posts a DA investigation brought about by charges made against Assessor Webster Guillory by County personnel and publicly advertised by OCEA union chief Nick Berardino. So what, you ask. Here’s what: not once has Santana mentioned that the OCEA provided start-up captial for the Voice of OC. That’s an obvious conflict of interest, and one that any ethical operation would make known to its readers.

What’s also interesting is that the blog comments section has become a forum for a raft of public employees pretending to give a rat’s ass about government efficiency. You will even find LibOC blogger and dead beat, Chris Prevatt on the list. Typical.

Say, Norberto, why not publish something on Tom Daly’s cronyism, waste, or bad real estate deals? At least then the Clerk-Recorder personnel could have a chance to weigh in and let Berardino know how his members feel about OC’s biggest money squanderer.

Well, “The Voice” never claimed to be impartial or objective. Just non-profit.

And that’s why it’s quickly becoming the known as the Voice of OCEA.

More on Pacific Strategies and The Greenhut Lunch

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day.

In the comments thread to our post this morning on Matthew Cunningham billing the taxpayers $200 an hour to have lunch with former Register editorialist Steve Greenhut in September, 2008, an observant Friend “nobody” drew our attention to a July 2008 blog article written by Greenhut. In the article Greenhut calls for getting rid of the Children and families Commission altogether.

Well that wouldn’t do! So what does the Commission do? It sends its Ambassador to Conservatives, Matthew J. Cunningham and its Executive Director, Michael Ruane to lunch with Greenhut. Did Greenhut learn the errors of his ways? I wonder. Steve?

What I don’t wonder about is how much this lunch cost the taxpayers.

Oh, and for extra fun, read the one and only comment on Greenhut’s post. It’s by a guy named “Michael” and he’s he’s defending the Commission from State budget raids, calling that a new tax. Here’s the money quote from “Michael’s” comment:

“Granted, there are always imperfection and waste when government doing anything, but at least with Prop 10 the money returned to the counties where anybody could see if there is a misappropriation and fix it.”

Ho, ho! Imperfection and waste? Hoo boy, he nailed that one! But anybody could see if there is a “misappropriation?!” If by anybody, “Michael,” you really meant almost nobody, then we are agreed. How many people know the Commission has a $195,00 a year contract for PR with Pacific Strategies? How many people knew the Commission was paying Cunningham $200 an hour to read blogs, Facebook, recycle the same “op-ed” piece over and over again, and do all those lunches? For the love of God, Michael, please tell us you were only joking!

Hmm. Come to think of it now I wonder if Pacific Strategies didn’t write that comment for “Michael.”

What Is An Assclown?

Update: Our new reader “Major Nelson” seems to be having comprehension trouble with the concept of “assclown.” To help out I’ve decided to repost this topical piece.

I’ve been using this phrase quite a lot lately, and I’ve gotten several e-mails from Friends, asking me about it. “Joe” they say, “what exactly is an assclown?” To make it simple I will illustrate the subject. This is an assclown:

Let me entertain you...

An assclown is obviously a co-joining of the ass – a self-important, overblown ego, and the clown, a buffoon. The former personality is almost inevitably drawn into clownishness by his inability to judge his own behavior by the same standards that everybody else does.

And to venture from the general to the specific, we find a perfect representative of the type in a man who is continually seeking political office, whose ambition and crazy inflated sense of self-worth make him believe that faking an address and lying about it on voting registration documents is okay because it is in his best interest; a man who believes carpetbagging is fine because without it the people of some district where he doesn’t live would be deprived of his “trusted, respected, and endorsed” self.

This assclown is perfectly willing to exploit his family members as stage props in his little life’s comedy no matter how foolish the spectacle may be.

To know me is to laugh at me.

And that, Friends is an assclown.