How To Manage A Lynch-type Mob

The Orange County Association of Cities is an organization of repuglicans who just can’t stand the thought of big, authoritarian government unless they are milking it for all it’s worth. So it is fitting indeed that this operation should employ former Fullerton City Councilman and State legislator, Dick Ackerman, to teach its members how to “manage” a lynch-type mob (us). Such management presumably means deception, flattery, cajoling, bamboozlement, and ultimately doing nothing.

The choice of Ackerman cannot have been accidental, for he is one of the biggest enemies of government transparency in the State. You may remember some of our posts on Dickie Boy. We busted him cooking up a fake address in Fullerton so his old lady could carpetbag her way into the Assembly and perpetuate Dick’s cozy relationship with big lobbyists. Speaking of lobbyists we also uncovered the Ackermans’ scam non-profit, a gig run by lobbyists to pay for Hawaiian vacations for Dick and his slimy pals in the Legislature. And then of course there was the OC Fair scandal in which Ackerman illegally lobbied his former colleagues in Sacramento. Ackerman’s own billings did him in when exposed by our friends at the Voice of OC(EA). (Parenthetically, the latter incident was the subject of a DA whitewash – hmm).

Ironically, Ackerman has been on of the biggest supporters and promoters of the immensely incompetent and arrogant Three Blind Mice, who presumably, can be relied upon to trek down to the Tustin Ranch Golf Club and hobnob with their repuglican kinfolk and learn from the Dickster all about “shocking crises and what went wrong.”

Come to think about it, maybe Bankhead, Jones, and McKinley should be teaching this course; that is, if they are capable of learning anything at all.


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  1. This is the funniest example of simultaneous cheap opportunism and baldfaced contempt of the public I have seen in quite a while. The fact that it is being held at a golf club is just icing on the cake.

  2. And the thought occurs to me that there are 6 cops out there somewhere who are now wishing they had become firemen!!

  3. Mr. Bushala stay the course. Regardless of what any of you including the establishment think of this blog, it is fundamental right and the American way. Fullerton needs the balance of opinions as well as objective reporting. Mr. Thompson stay the course. The more you are both being intimidated means the closer the both of you are at helping the lid blow off of this MASSIVE COVER-UP.

    1. Are you being intimidated? At the meeting all I heard was the lone “witch hunt” kook and on this blog I just see one or two smurf trolls with numerous screen names.

      For what it’s worth I thought Hamilton and Hughes(?) conducted themselves well at the council meeting – listening attentively and Hamilton was nodding at speakers suggestions and taking a lot of notes.

      1. Most of the trolls…ahem.. I mean cops are sticking to the O.C Register comments section. It’s unfortunate how information and transparency of justice can only be found in the threads of an independent website (i.e FriendsofFullerton).

  4. #7 I agree. Hamilton is a small step in the right direction. At least he seems to be trying. As much as all of us complain, there needs to be some honest, hardworking Fullertonians who step up to run for city council. As a long time resident, I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even know the names of our mayor until this month. The only name I will remember next election time is Mr. Whitaker. Hopefully we will have more choices on the ballot

    1. Hamilton said watching the video and contriving a story is SOP. No, he’s obviously part of the problem. A few days of sweet talk won’t erase 35 years of indoctrination.

  5. I agree with #2! I actually thought I was reading an article from “The Onion”. This gets worse daily, geez.

    1. “I agree with #2! I actually thought I was reading an article from “The Onion”. This gets worse daily, geez.”

      I also thought it was a joke. It’s like they are preparing for war and this is a seminar on how to subdue the masses from rising up.

      “This event will provide real-life examples of shocking crises, what went wrong and how to prevent them from happening in your city. Legal experts will also provide you the insight to ensure that any step you take fits within the law.”

      Added titles: “How to keep your secrets secret!” or “How to get around the Democratic Process”

      Ha, ha, ha ha, ha! It really isn’t funny. I just needed to vent a little. The Fullerton City Council and the FPD are laughing stocks.

    2. Ditto. I thought the admin had created it just to be funny. But alas. Isn’t it sad that we don’t even have to TRY to make fun of them? They’re just innately ridiculous.

  6. At first I thought this was a joke. I know how the proud and the powerful, our public servants, may conveniently avoid unruly, disruptive residents from speaking at the dais; just don’t hold meetings or only allow in pre-approved persons who will glowingly support our public servants machinations.

  7. I honestly thought this post was a gag that the staff at FFFF cooked up, until I Googled the group’s name and saw this invitation to the site of our next protest…

    Crisis on the Dais

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    5:30 – networking reception

    6:30 – dinner program

    Tustin Ranch Golf Course

    $53 (members)

    $65 (non-members)

    Hope to see y’all there!

    1. Not even a member and it is $65 to attend?

      I guess better start collecting cans and recycle them for $$.

      Oh wait, Are some of those councilmembers going to pay their way or reimbursed from their respective cities?

    1. Ditto with every experience I have had with him also. Talks the talk when city council memebers are nearby and a bully when they’re not. He reminded me alot of the way Eddie Haskell was on the old “Leave it to Beaver” show.

      1. I watched Hamilton swagger through the lobby at the last meeting. This time he just had to take a pee break so he could swagger through the lobby again – just to let the lynch-type mob he was in the house.

      2. I really want to know specifics, particulars, details about people experiences with Hamilton. Several people i asked at the meeting told me he was a good cop, and Ron Thomas has praised him. Specifically, what is the problem with him, beyond swaggering and his tenure in FPD?
        We all want a clean, responsive, humane individual running FPD, right? Is Hamilton that man?

        1. I would be alarmed that he started off by telling you that it was perfectly alright for the six cops to watch the videos and then to re-write their reports. That’s just wrong on so many levels. And he defended it. That makes him part of a likely falsification of evidence.

          But it’s okay when FPD does it. If you try it you’ll be prosecuted for perjury.

    2. I read a lot of your comments and most of them are flat out dumb. You prob mean well, but you’re making our lynch mob look like a bunch of hooligans when you post comments like that. Why even take up the space?

      If you are going to make comments like that, back it with evidence. Don’t make the People of Fullerton look like a bunch of idiots!

  8. ” Repuglican” really….What i find repugnant are those who fail to take responceablility for ones own life and feels like they must depend on free hand outs at the expence of others. I hope this is not what you wish for fullertons future.

    1. Handouts, yes, that’s the repuglican for you: preach small government and then lobby for contracts doing PR work for idiotic government agencies (think Children and Families Commission).

    2. Why don’t you take responsibility for being unable to spell simple words first. I guess you turned down that “public education” handout didn’t you. Oh, and you should send back your social security checks too. And quit driving on roads that you didn’t pay to pave while you’re at it.

    3. I know that you don’t “read too good” (in perfect Southern Inbred dialect), so I’ll give you a free handout of going the extra mile by writing it so even you can understand.

      U r en ideeuht!

    4. @ anonymous. When you post in a public forum, I expect you to be intelligent enough to do so. Aside from the fact that you basically said nothing, you need to learn how to spell. “responceablility” really? Try responsibility. “enpence” try expense. I don’t mean to be cruel it’s just an excellent way of showing you that you’re not smart enough to post. Are you really one of the people giving free handouts? I doubt it. Also, karma is a bitch. If you ever need help what then?

    5. TROLL Alert. Those misspellings were a little TOO obvious! Good grief, people. At least see the obvious?

      You folks do realize this is the Internet?

      1. #32 by Xer on August 17, 2011

        You folks do realize this is the Internet?

        Try to keep this in mind before you press the SEND button: If you feel smug as you write your reply you have very likely just risen to troll bait. fyi

  9. What a great council meeting last night. Your speeches were all excellent! I was watching from home live and crying and cussing at my computer constantly. I could not even believe when the 3 Blind Mice walked out… and how much convincing it took to let Ron Thomas have extra time to speak. I was yelling, “Let him speak!” I told my neighbor to watch it too… I could here him yelling too! People are pissed, and although only 200 or so at the meeting, there were exponentially more watching live. Its like the Dukes of Hazard here in lovely Fullerton… and the proverbial pitchforks ARE coming out.

  10. Ron Thomas

    Way to go last night!!!!! You certainly made your points and you are doing a GREAT JOB GRANDSTANDING over the tragic death of your son Kelly.

    You couldn’t cut it as a cop, now you’re pointing the finger at the entire FPD and the Council. You even threatened the MAYOR, and then quickly retracted it. You are a hothead who is grandstanding over this tragedy where a couple of cops may have taken your son’s life.

    Will be interesting to see what you do next Ron.

    You need to go quietly into the night. You need to take your followers someplace else and get the heck out of my city.

    You anticop activests need to be better parents and stop bringing your kids to protests and negative council meetings and say to the mass that you couldn’t explain why the police would murder an innocent man.

    This is why acts of violence against good cops are up. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!

    FFFF – focus on something else because you will be responsible for the detriment of this city

    1. The”detriment of this city” was caused by the murdering thug cops, and now by The Three Blind Mice.

      Own it.

    2. Actually, it’s OUR city, not yours. The coup has started and Kelly Thomas’ tragic death is just the catalyst. The most ludicrous thing said last night was that the crowd were “Ron’s followers.”. We are the concerned citizens of Fullerton and we are going to rid this town of corrupt officials and abusive cops. Sounds to me like you’d feel more at home in Yorba Linda. It’s a good time to buy a house there – go for it.

      1. Are you saying its not my city because I don’t agree with you. You must have been one of the spectators making threats last night! I live in Fullerton and I will stay in Fullerton.

        THANK YOU

        1. Actually, I believe he was trying to saying it was OUR city. You used MY. It doesn’t belong to you only. It belongs to all of US. Has nothing to do with taking sides. This city belongs to everyone that lives in it. You’re not very smart.

          1. Good Point, Its not about me, I’m just upset about this mess. Hope changes and calm come soon. I guess I was a little out of line, thanks for the splash in the face.

          2. Yes, that is what I was trying to say. I think we’re on the same side basically after reading some of your posts below. I blame City Council more than you do, but other than that no major differences.

            And I did NOT make any threats at the meeting last night. I think threatening people who come to a public meeting to voice their opinions, even ones I disagree with, is completely unacceptable. Ron Thomas really showed his good character last night by stepping back up to the mic to make that point.

          3. I agree JT. We’re all in this together. It blows my mind that people would side with the police or city council, but they have that right.

            I’ve been at the protests. I’m not a yeller/screamer or rabble-rouser. I think its important to be there to show my support & solidarity with the citizens of Fullerton. I respect everyone. I don’t go in the street, break the law, or cause any problems. The powers that be really blew it with this situation. They allowed the officers to continue working for a month. Is that SOP? And then the comments from the Chief, council members, etc. have just made this worse. Not to mention the countless videos, eye witness accounts, etc. Every day something more shocking & damning is released that hurts the city of Fullerton. It is time for change because the powers that be have failed the community. Power to the people. Recall everyone. During the next election vote for someone not in office. Don’t let these old, slimeballs continue to leech off the public.

        1. Hey Joe Blow, Ive only seen 2 videos, which dont show anything, only what witnesses claim theyre seeing. So where are the countless videos?

    3. as long as those 6 first hand murderers and murderers by proxy:( watch commander,dispatchers “police chief on medical leave”, mayor and all council members that fail to condemn the murderous 6) remain free and contaminating the world with their disease-there is not 1 good cop in fullerton!!!! ONLY CO-CONSPIRATORS OR ACCOMPLICES BY WAY OF COWARDICE!!!!!

      M60- the preferred vaccine for corruption when the “justice” system fails the people.

        1. heree piggy,piggy,piggy-I SMELL BACON FRYIN!!!! you corrupt piggies have awakened a sleeping giant and you’re about to be stomped!!! (you and ALL your troll multiple identities)

          1. you continue to confirm how ignorant and narcissistic you are. Thats the best you can do Travis? or Tony? or Art from OJ blog

  11. forgot to point out that the only intelligent thing Ron said last was to allow people going against the grain to speak out. Those few that did where threatened!!!!

    THAT WAS A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I heard that Ackerman was there last night with his greasy hand out for subsidized housing. Typical repuglican.

      1. Ackerman spotted at City Hall, eh? What the hell does he want? Or is he trying to coverup anything he left behind in Fullerton?

  13. Don’ get me wrong. I think some of these cops committed a MURDER. Some of these cops need to go to PRISON!!!!!
    At the same time I think a lot of people are behaving irresponsibly and I don’t think that we should be blamming anyone other than the thug cops.

    Sorry thats how I feel!

    1. McKinley ran the police department and hired those cops. City council hired Sellers. Everybody ignored all the earlier evidence of police brutality and abuse. They deserve the blame they are now getting.

      1. Point taken, but how is McKinley expected to decide the psychological makeup of these cops when he can’t possibly be expected to? The City Manager hires the Chief and the one that hired him already retired – the City Council has nothing to do with that!?!

        Put the Police Department under a concent decree (?). Rodney King was just as bad as this, granted he was’nt killed, and the city of LA didnt recall the council.

        1. Um, actually, McPension tells the police shrink what sort of profile he wants to hire. Then the shrink tests ALL candidates (state law) and reports their observations back to the PD. The Chief can take it or leave it.
          Too bad we’ll never know how these criminals rated on their psych profiles because its a “personnel issue”.

          1. McKinley policey psychological exam:
            Are you:
            A. Arrogant
            B. Sadistic
            C. Remorseless
            D. All of the above

            Correct answer: D

    2. so accountability within the FPd stops directly with each officer? If you believe this, then you must also believe the FPD does not need a “chain of command’ or a city council the police chief must answer to when misconduct occurs within the FPD, your suggestion resembles anarchy

    3. don’t feel like the lone ranger. the same disease is epidemic throughout the tampa bay, fl leos – but there is hope-karma appears to agree with me by breaking records in leo mortality-google it. i repeat my view on the matter:as long as those 6 first-hand murderers and murderers-by-proxy:( watch commander,dispatchers “police chief on medical leave”, mayor and all council members that fail to condemn the murderous 6) remain free and contaminating the world with their disease-there is not 1 good cop in fullerton!!!! ONLY CO-CONSPIRATORS OR ACCOMPLICES BY WAY OF COWARDICE!!!!!

      M60- the preferred vaccine for corruption when the “justice” system fails the people.

    4. what are the people you say are “behaving badly” doing?

      people can say anything they want, you know, its called having an opinion and I believe its a 1st amendment right everyone (even you) has in America. so what are these “BEHAVING badly people” doing besides expressing an opinion?

    1. Look, in some strange way I actually sympathize with you and even with Jones. He’s an old man and I wish him some peace and quiet in his retirement. But he has abused the public’s trust in more ways than one. And he’s just flat-out incompetent. Did you see him approving housing development projects last night before the council had even heard public comments? That was just incredible. In any case, he failed this community when his leadership was needed most, and it is in everybody’s best interest, including his own, for him to step down.

      Political officials are public servants and when the public has reason to feel they are no longer serving in the public’s interest, that’s all she wrote.

      1. Point taken
        But on another angle, we need to remember that our Council Members are normal everyday citizens and not normally experienced in Government. Pat Mickinley is the exeption.

        I think we need to focus efforts on the FPD, get rid of the bad apples, reassess the hiring process and teach our cops to deescilate situations with verbage rather than tasers.

        I agree that political officials are public servents but I also think there is more to it than just ideology.
        Just my take

      2. It’s of easy to feel sorry for him because he’s kind of pathetic. Him handling a public meeting is like watching a fish out of water. It was embarassing to watch. It should have been crystal clear to him what the most important thing on the agenda was. His city is in crisis and he doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do. I have an idea for him…step down.

  14. WOOOHOO!!! And so it begins! Be proud people!!

    I thought last nights public comments were for the most part embarrassing, I felt like we(reasonable residents wanting change) went 10 steps back…but how wrong was I?

    Jones may be a nice man and grand-father, father, etc, but I am sorry……. this man couldn’t handle being Mayor of Petty Coat Junction. I am mortified for him every time I hear him speak.

    1. Jones is not and never has been a “nice man.” He’s been a rude, obnoxious, nonsensical bully for 15 years and counting.

      He HAS NOT changed for the worse, either. He’s always been a loud-mouthed boor.

  15. “The Orange County Association of Cities is an organization of repuglicans who just can’t stand the thought of big, authoritarian government unless they are milking it for all it’s worth. ”

    HAHAHAHA! Most excellent, Joe.

  16. Dricky Dicky Ackerman. No City Hall is too far for him to stick his tricky dicky into and make a big mess.

    Bankhead and Jones are a product of the Ackerman years.

  17. Dick Ackerman has consistently opposed efforts at transparency and had one of the worst records on open government in the Legislature. Ironic that the cities don’t see out-of-control government spending as a problem. the real problem is angry constituents.

        1. May I suggest that’s because you’re either trying to distract the rest of us or you’re a moron.

          The citizens of Fullerton are fed up with police brutality and attempted coverups of same. Mr. Thomas’ background is of absolutely no relevance to the situation – a bunch of rogue officers beat a mentally-ill homeless man to death and we are going to see that they face justice. Now go back to your mud-slinging.

    1. Be careful. You will get bashed for questioning the character and motives of the child abandoner Thomas.

      1. I’ve been looking at the other posts. Looks like that jim dude dude has a small fan club going. I think I read somewhere that Thomas was fired from the OC sheriffs… wouldnt surprise me….

        1. He was. The retired Deputy game is just a ploy to make him look good and detract from the fact he abandoned his son with no contact over 10 years ago.

          1. Yep! and now he’s gonna be set for the rest of his life on taxpayer money. Didnt care for him in life, and about to live life on Kellys death.

            only in america!!!

    2. planning an ad hominem attack on Ron Thomas? How does his employment history alter what happened to his son on july 5th?

      1. Because he didn’t even know his son was alive anymore and now wants $$? Two totally separate issues. Kelly and Papa wanting millions.

    3. My cousin (former LE) and I attended a protest at the FPD recently. We spoke to RT for about 10 minutes. Because we indicated the LE “history”, RT opened up and told us his story on that. Doing my best to recall the details, Ron was with OCSD in the 80’s for about 6 years. Both his father and grandfather were Police Officers. He also shared that he has been approched by many current and former LE at the FPD protests who do not agree with the FPD use of force.

      1. The Steve Lopez article said he chose to go into construction. This was the pre 3% at 50 era and so a lot of cops thought they could make more or have less stress in the private sector. He is vested and collecting a check for his service, albeit a small one.

  18. Jiminy :
    McKinley policey psychological exam:
    Are you:
    A. Arrogant
    B. Sadistic
    C. Remorseless
    D. All of the above
    Correct answer: D

    McKinley made special provision for One Eye.

  19. Allen :Yep! and now he’s gonna be set for the rest of his life on taxpayer money. Didnt care for him in life, and about to live life on Kellys death.
    only in america!!!

    A man is dead, but I don’t care. Cause I only care if someone else is making money that isn’t going to me. Reason – I’m an immoral scumbag who only cares about my personal wealth and is jealous of anyone who has more than me. That is why I’ll defame the father of a crime victim and rub salt in his wounds when he seeks justice. Cause I’m so goddamn jealous that it isn’t me cleaning up. Oh, and I bitch a lot about “taxpayer money” without ever thinking about the various public goods I consume every day paid by that money. Because taxes are bad, unless they go to the police. Uh… yeah.

    Allen, you’re a piece of work.

    PS. its “losing”, not “loosing.” There is actually no such word as “loosing.” But hell, why learn to spell. Edu-ma-cation is a waste of my taxpayer money anyway.

  20. Allen :
    Yep! and now he’s gonna be set for the rest of his life on taxpayer money. Didnt care for him in life, and about to live life on Kellys death.
    only in america!!!

    Having fun talking to yourself?

    1. For those of you who don’t agree with FFFF – watch out because you will get singled out here just like I was..

      Take care everyone!!

      1. Allen/FBI/Jim/Another view-
        You are a bad person and need to be called out

        Pick one and get back to us. jerkwad

  21. What’s wrong with Hamilton?? 30+ years on the FPD, and he kept a blind eye to all of this crap. 30+ years?? Really. Come on, if you can’t make an impact in 30 years, you’re certainly not going to make an impact in 3 years, no matter how many stars are on your collar.

    1. Well, that’s a good point. It’s a small department. A cop can’t sneeze without all the others knowing about it the next day. Hamilton is no doubt well aware of all the misbehavin’ that’s ben going on. And if he isn’t something’s wrong, too.

      So what’s that tell you?

      1. To play devil’s advocate, and it might be wishful thinking, it is possible that at a lower rank there isn’t much of a way to change a departmental culture. But once you head that department, and particularly in response to a crisis of this magnitude, you CAN create change.

        There has to be a reason why Ron Thomas has defended Hamilton, at least so far.

        1. Ron Thomas is anything but a good judge of character. Remember a few weeks back when he told us how great of a guy Chief Sellers was?

          And I heard today he was saying that Dick Jones was a smart guy. Please, somebody tell Ron to shut up.

          1. Give him a break. His son was brutally murdered, remember? Of course you’re going to be emotional and if someone you perceive as uncaring suddenly expresses deep sympathy, which is probably what Jones did when they met in person, of course your opinion of that person is going to be swayed at least temporarily.

            Given that, I see your point on his judgement of Hamilton.

  22. @Joe Blow #43….best comments yet. I have read nearly every single one and your words are perfect IMHO!

  23. Was anybody else struck by how sad it was that those who spoke up from our “lynch mob” at the council meeting last night consisted of maybe 10-20% people who had been the victims of police brutality earlier, and no actions had been taken?

    1. Yep. They couldn’t have all made it up. There is a culture of tolerated brutality that needs to change!

    2. From this day on, when people who have complaints (including police brutality) against police officers, they need to e-mail the police chief in their city. To get their attention, they must also cc their mayor, city council, the OC Register ( The Watchdog), and someone at the OC Weekly. This is one way to make sure that all of those in charge cannot deny that officer misconduct has been brought to their attention. By alerting the media, it puts them in a position where they cannot try to sweep things under the rug. FOR GOOD MEASURE, A CERTIFIED LETTER CAN EVEN BE MAILED TO THEIR HOME. A little research is a it takes to obtain their home address. We must do everything in our power to put a stop to the bullying and harassment being done by law enforcement to citizens everywhere. Let us give FFFF and Ron Thomas all the support we can and a big thank you to them for their efforts to bring justice for KT.

      1. Brilliant idea. LOL. You still have to fill out a complaint form with all of your info, be interviewed, and no one will still get any info. Personnel matter. Nice try though.

        1. Thank goodness you are in the minority. You actually have to persevere sometimes to get it done but it can be done. You would probably stop after you filled out the form. Sometimes things are worth the fight. I had a brother die from the gross negligence of a physician. It was not easy, as a matter of fact, very painful but I went through a very slow, ridiculous process. The physician now has a permanently revoked license and can never practice again. I’m sure he didn’t just start to suck when he began taking care of my brother, but no one ever filed a formal report. I often wonder if my brother would be alive had someone done something before. It HAS to start somewhere. At the state level, I was told ” the situation was not bad enough.” Good thing I didn’t listen. Good thing I persevered. Good thing the people of Fullerton are persevering!

  24. … I found this on the California Secretary of State’s unclaimed property website using “Kelly Thomas” + “Fullerton”. This refund of around $25 is from a division of Verizon Wireless and lists a Kelly Thomas living at 221 Lincoln in Fullerton which is off of E Chapman near Fullerton College. This house is less than a mile from where Kelly was murdered. Maybe he wasn’t always truly homeless and once lived in this home? I know that Kelly used to also frequent the Albertson’s grocery store nearby where he would buy his own cigarettes and was always polite to personnel.

    Property Details screen

    Date: 8/17/2011

    Source: INT

    Property ID Number: 953947001

    Owner(s) Name:


    Reported Owner Address:

    FULLERTON CA 92831-3816

    Type of Property:

    Customer Overpayments

    Cash Reported:


    Reported By:



  25. Jt :
    The most ludicrous thing said last night was that the crowd were “Ron’s followers.”. We are the concerned citizens of Fullerton and we are going to rid this town of corrupt officials and abusive cops.

    Yes. I am a concerned member of the human race and can’t sit idle when a fellow human being is murdered in cold blood by the people that are suppose to protect us.

    1. I see Sgt Goodwrench is spouting a new pack of lies regarding the Hampton/Mam incident. He should go, all he does is lie and mislead. Is it a a minimum job requirement anyone working for the FPD be a liar?

      1. It is just downright unbelievable the lies he spews in that piece.

        That’s also kind of the nail in the coffin for Hamilton. He told Goodrich to claim it was a case of mistaken identity. Laughable. Every time they lie they just dig themselves in deeper. CYA in full effect. Which just makes you wonder what else they’ve got to hide.

        1. I’ve been trying to tell everyone that Kevin Hamilton defines the word “smarmy”.
          “Insincere”, “callous,” and “calculated”, also came to mind, but ultimately I think that “smarmy” sums up my honest opinion of Kevin Hamilton’s character best.

  26. I just saw the strangest snippet on channel 2.. Mr. Thomas saying he met with DICK and DICK was genuinely concerned for his son, or something to that effect. DEFINITELY a softer side than witnessed last night. RON, don’t bail now!!!! Don’t trust DICK.!!!! He’s got something up his cheap sleeve…

  27. Are you okay, soldier? Haven’t seen you around here for a while. Been wondering about you ever since that Chinook went down in Afghanistan. Hope you’re safe at home with the family. I’d sure rest easier knowing you’re alright.

    All the best,

  28. Jiminy :
    Was anybody else struck by how sad it was that those who spoke up from our “lynch mob” at the council meeting last night consisted of maybe 10-20% people who had been the victims of police brutality earlier, and no actions had been taken?

    Yes. I’d imagine there are thousands of stories that we’ll never hear about. I wonder how many people have been murdered by the FPD that will never get justice.

    I wish I could trust the police in this city, I really do. But they give me absolutely no reason to.

    1. It’s the same in every city. Same liars that make shit up so activists and tree huggers like you will listen and think there is a rampant problem. Keep smokin the juice.

  29. outraged :
    you continue to confirm how ignorant and narcissistic you are. Thats the best you can do Travis? or Tony? or Art from OJ blog

    transference much, blue brotherhood of cowards? (speaking to all of your split personalities) sorry to disappoint you but unlike you i only post under one screen name-google it. i’m deliberately posting plenty of specific references for the benefit of the scum-sucking, inbred badge-disgracing subhumans here in tampa,fl. we’re dealing with the same sub-species as fullerton pd-stupid, evil and cowardly perversion of pig species. you idiots will soon be educated to the fact that your brotherhood of blue corruption is EXTREMELY OUTNUMBERED. just do the only good thing you’re capable of and punch your own ticket hell-you’ve already paid for it.

  30. Go to You Tube. These people sound like Tony and his followers LOL. No reason, only bus fare, 5 times, police abuse, blah blah. Just like Fullerton and Kelly. Imagine if the idiots didn’t get the gun on video? It would be no gun, unarmed innocent man like Kelly! LOL
    Search this: San Francisco Police Shoot Black Male 5 Times After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying Bus Fare

    1. wrong answer, o scared, evil, gutless, blue legion of 1. they came up with video real fast that vindicated them in the S.F. case. yet fullerton pd has been sitting on video, their OWN zoomed in to closeup video,that shows everything from start to finish. the only thing the 2 cases have in common is that officers were involved in both cases-everything else about is completely opposite. if there was ANYTHING on the video to justify the DELIBERATE torture and murder of Kelly Thomas, the fullerton pd would have leaked it to EVERY media outlet in the world-i first became aware of this murder when it was reported in a BRITISH newspaper. the video has not been released because there is NOTHING on it to justify their actions-it will only damn them!!!

        1. the video i was referring to is the pd surveillance camera that the city is terrified to have seen. you know the one that the officers used to write and rewrite to attempt to present plausible and consistent lies to cover their rico actions. you know the video that would “prove” their murder party was justified. they would have to use c.g. to edit enough to accomplish that.

  31. I wonder if the three blind mice will put this and the milage to and from the event on their city expense reports.

    Bend over some more city of Fullerton.

  32. Fullerton citizens beware! This article talks about why the city of Lake Forest’s city council is witholding $16,000 that they were going to spend to be a member of this “Orange County Association of Cities” group. A little research, shows that they appear to be no more than a front for a minority of Republican conservatives types, (RINOS?) to keep imposing their will and emptying our pocketbooks by lobbying against the majority of taxpayers who oppose these re-development agencies which ultimately only benefit developers and the politicians that they hire to represent their views on the rest of us. What’s really morally reprehensible is that these the group is asking the residents of the cities to pay $16,000 each year for the privelege.

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