A Serious Talk With Senator Newman

FFFF firebrand Joshua Ferguson will be interviewing State Senator Josh Newman Friday evening on his podcast “The Hourly Struggle.”

This should be quite an event, as Ferguson has lobbed a series of public critiques at Senator Newman for his involvement as a deciding vote in the $5.2 billion California car tax last month. My guess is that Ferguson will not be throwing any softballs towards Newman.

The podcast will be available on The Hourly Struggle Facebook page at 7:00 PM (1900Hours) on Friday. Replays will be available on iTunes and Google Play.


14 Replies to “A Serious Talk With Senator Newman”

  1. That guy Newman is going home in a body bag. All Ferguson has to do is show up and Newman is reduced to a wet paper bag

    1. Well, we’ll see. Newman has a wonderful ability to talks and talk and not say anything or comit to much of anything.

  2. Expect excessive political rhetoric from Newman. Guys like this are politicians for a reason.

    1. I’d be willing to wager ANYONE that Josh Newman doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER being recalled frpm office.


      The threshold of 20% of the voters rescinding their vote is impossible within the time allotted.

      You may recall that the threshold for the recent Fullerton recall was 10%, and that took almost the whole time allotted.

      1. Good. It’s a waste of money. We shouldn’t be recalling someone for doing their job. We have elections to address disagreement on governing philosophy like taxes.

        1. Great. Then don’t sign the petition.

          Then don’t vote in the recall.

          The rest of us will have fun without you.

        2. No, we should be recalling someone for doing his job badly. Five months into office and he votes for a tax on poor people to enable Brown’s lead pellet train – because he drew the short straw.

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