20 Replies to “The Easy Winner”

  1. While Fullerton has long been known as a breeding ground for some of the most inept and imbecilic politicians in California, one DeJesus Silva towers above them all. Truly mediocre, marginal at his best, and dangerously stupid always. Adios indeed. And good riddance.

  2. Tried to work a slimy deal to become a lobbyist on our dime. Saw Fitzgerald and wanted some. Had the greed, but not the modicum of brains. Back to Nicholas pre-algebra with ya.

  3. Anyone know if Jesus, Sharon, Shana, or other school teachers are “on leave” for their political work? Pam Keller did that for a while when she ran the Collaborative.

  4. Jesus was a noble servant of the people who always put their best interests ahead of his own. He was a Champion of Truth, Justice and Equity for all and the most fiscally sound and prudent administrator of our public funds the City of Fullerton has ever known.

    We should appoint him His Excellency in Charge forever.

  5. Dec. 16 was the last entry?!?!
    C’mon guys get back to work! The people of Fullerton need our watchdogs back at it. Keep’em accountable and exposed.

    1. I think it’s overdue vacation time for many of the 4F bloggers. Feel free to write a post and send it to admin.

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