John and Ken Return to Fullerton on Thursday

The KFI radio jocks love stirring things up here in Fullerton. Whether its the 2009 tax revolt, the 2011 teachers’ union protest or the 2012 Fullerton recall, they just can’t seem to avoid our little town and its parade of terrible politicians.

Here’s a clip of KFI’s John and Ken expanding upon The Hourly Struggle’s recent interview with state senator Josh Newman. The radio hosts also took the opportunity to announce that they are coming to Fullerton this week, gathering signatures to recall Newman.

Here are the details:

The effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman is officially on! This Thursday we’re going to broadcast live in Fullerton, and we need you to come by and sign the recall petition.

WHEN: THURSDAY 05/11/17 2pm-6pm PST

LOCATION: Arco AM PM  519 South Harbor Blvd. Fullerton,CA

Carl DeMaio, who hosts on our San Diego sister station KOGO-AM, has worked hard to put all of this together. He’ll be there doing his show along side us from 3-6pm.

We’re also in need of volunteers to collect the signatures, you can click here to sign up for a date that works for you.

We’ll see you this Thursday!

Be sure to come by, sign a petition and say hello to your favorite FFFFers.

27 Replies to “John and Ken Return to Fullerton on Thursday”

    1. That article is unalderated BS and reminds me of Molly McClanahans rant at a Fullerton city council meeting that none of the three bald tires (councilman) had done anything wrong to be the target of a recall.

      Doesn’t matter.

      There is no legal rhyme or reason to initiate a recall other than the will of the people.

    2. This article is McCune’s chance to lob her critiques at the GOP. That’s fine, but what does that have to do with the recall? As far as I can tell, the GOP isn’t running this one.

      1. I would tend to disagree that the Republican party isn’t supporting this recall…

        “The National Republican Congressional Committee added DeMaio to their “On the Radar” list in November 2013. According to the NRCC, candidates that made this list were set to receive “…the tools they need to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.”

        1. That’s pretty spurious.

          I don’t doubt that the Republican apparatus will jump on board once success is imminent and candidates start announcing intentions, but I still don’t understand why McCune would expect us to tie an attempt at removing a Democrat from office to GOP failures.

    3. Jane, thanks so much for this posting. The effort to recall Josh Newman is a waste of time and money. Its all partisan B.S.. I am hoping that the majority of people will see this for the ruse that it is. Instead of whining about a lost election, republicans like Ed Royce need to stop being cowards and show up for town hall meetings.

      1. I can’t wait until Newman is gone so we won’t have to read idiotic statements like this. I’m voting to recall Newman because he screwed us with a new tax, nothing more. It’s very simple.

        1. If you support the recall, please answer the following:

          How exactly did Josh Newman screw anyone? His was ONE vote, just like every other member of the state Legislature. Why isn’t there a move to recall other legislators who voted Yes?

          How exactly will recalling Newman change the tax, anyway? The tax itself being isn’t rescinded by this is it?

          If you’re so outraged and burdened as a taxpayer, how can you support a recall that will likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars and even though it’s likely to fail?

          Do you know you’re being played for a chump by the Republicans, whose REAL goal for
          the recall is to break up the Democratic supermajority in the state Senate? These Repubs are too dishonest to tell you their true purpose.

          These are the real issues at stake.

          1. Josh Newman voted to take about $600 a year out of my pocket to piss it away to the public employee unions. He will pay the price. The rest of your blather is irrelevant.

          2. “His was ONE vote,”

            Yes, and his vote was cast as a representative of me. You’re really not that slow are you, Arlene?

  1. Of course the Republicans are behind this the hatemongers AKA John and Ken who are nothing more than racist shills and this recall is being put forth to fortify their defense of the indefensible coward Ed Royce that doesn’t have the guts to face his constituents.
    John and Ken go start something where you live and stay out of my district or do you live in a district that is not Republican ?
    Soon the 39th will not be either you hypocrites

    1. “stay out of my district”

      P.S. Did you tell that to Sukhee Kang? How about millionaire Union Joe Kerr – who lives in Coto de Caza.

  2. I want to support the No CA gas tax hike. What is the email address where I can go and help gather signatures for a petition to fight the gas tax hike? Hope someone responds to me as I really want to help. Thank you.

  3. i asked the derelicts out in front of Staters if I sign their petition to recall Newman then will the gas tax be stopped but they couldn’t answer all they could say is they love Trump

    1. Please stop dismissing and insulting the “derelicts.” Your attitude propeled them into control of all three branches of federal government. Get a clue.

  4. The derelicts also said they were being paid $750.00 a day to gather signatures.
    No wonder they can afford to smoke $10.00 a pack cigarettes while making $750.00 a day

  5. How many of those 7000 signatures were collected based on the lie that this recall would repeal the gas tax ?
    Why do the signature gatherers have a sign that says no gas tax ?
    Can’t get signatures without lying ?

    1. I don’t know, but i know at this rate we’ll be done collecting in a month.

      Say goodnight Josh.

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