Tax-Cheering Teachers Get Mad

In the midst of a teachers’ union protest for higher taxes the other day, we handed out a list of 585 Fullerton teachers and administrators who make over $90,000. Our camera captured their reaction:

This afternoon the teachers’ union will be at it again, this time on Harbor Blvd. in Downtown Fullerton.¬†John and Ken will be there too, and so will FFFF.

I also heard that the teachers’ unions are planning some kind of “surprise” in response to the conservative radio duo. Come on down, it might be fun.

17 Replies to “Tax-Cheering Teachers Get Mad”

  1. Did that woman really say that “furlough days are best for kids?” How stupid does she think we are?

  2. Is that recently elected school board member Chris Thompson’s son (R Hall) passing out flyers for daddy. Is that the same gun toting front yard playing kid or adult? Seems a bit old to be playing guns on his front yard. Mom and Dad must be so proud to have him following in daddy Tony’s footsteps or you owe Tony big time for getting you the financing to get elected. This site is consistently distorting the truths to fit their agenda. Similiar to the SLA or Manson followers.

    1. If so, the kid has grande cajones just like his dad. That’s the future of Fullerton right there!

  3. Thompson Bloodline? :
    Is that recently elected school board member Chris This site is consistently distorting the truths to fit their agenda. Similiar to the SLA or Manson followers.

    Good to know that the response by Teachers is to accuse people passing out flyers with information become associated with murderous thugs.

    It’s a sad day for teachers when this is how they represent themselves.

    1. You are correct sir. Grubbing for money brings out the worst in all of us. Teachers are no exception.

  4. “My brother is on that list and I know what he makes and it’s not that much!” “How can a poor man make $100,000 a year?”
    You can’t predict this responses! This is way too good to be true!

    1. These folks live in their own union bubble. To them, anyone who has to work a full year to make $100,000 IS POOR!

  5. I think that is terrorism by God. The guys that are behind all this must hate America and the American Way. They should not be allowed to oppose anything that a government worker says or does because that might change the way everyone goes along with everything that government workers want.

  6. If the teachers need a job they can call Tom Daly the savior. He hired that weirdo Jordan from Anaheim school board and the guy had no experience and he us making $75,000 a year. Your tax money at work. Tom Daly is worst than John Williams at least John Williams shows uo to work.

  7. If you cut the compensation of each and every individual employed by the government schools by 50%, NONE of them would quit (i. e. to find another “higher paying” job or to replace their government salary).

    ALL of the school employees are at least doubly overpaid if not triple or four times their actual “worth” in any normal competitive market place work environment.

    Public school teachers have “always” been the worst students in colleges with the least challenging or worthwhile curriculum for decades-generations.

    All of the much touted “advanced degrees” are in the area of “Education” which is effectively content free, unless one counts Leftist psycho-babble propaganda as an academic discipline.

    And the pretense of “good intentions” count for nothing because ALL of them are so vastly overcompensated that they will “teach” or do anything which they are told to do (by the Union – which is indistinquishable from the “administration”), no matter how ineffective or actually damaging their “work” is to the students.

    If you do not believe me? Attend the meetings of the school boards and listen to what passes for business management reports and see what is unendingly “praised” and applauded as “accomplishments” and “excellence” – the words simply have no meaning in such places.

    It can be fixed.

  8. This reminds me of the saying “please dont try to confuse me by using the facts or common sense”.

    I understand why they were on that street but they are an embarrassment to their profession to try and suggest they are surprised by the information or that it is inaccurate. The information is from the districts’ website for goodness sake.

    Listen closely and you will hear them deny the truth of the information in the same sentence they explian it. ‘He’s a coach” or “he gets a stipend”, “he has a masters”. Totally missing the point that nothing was said about the pay other than the number. No feeling, just facts. They can’t handle it.

  9. I’m a teacher in fullerton. Can someone give me Tom Daly phone number? I need an easy job and I’m a hispanic woman.

  10. Hey Travis,

    What is with your haircut dude. It looks like something out of the 60’s. Maybe Shawn Nelson can refer you to a good hair stylist.

    Aren’t you wearing the same clothes in this video that you were wearing last week at Norby’s Office protest.

    Maybe you’re hitting the bong with Tony too much.

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