The Day Nothing Happened

They say the wheels of justice turn slowly. They would be right. Today a pre-trail hearing for Joe “Burt” Felz’ DUI caper was on the docket over at North Court. Joe sent his attorney to handle the matter, who promptly asked the court to continue the case to a future date. That date is June 20.

There isn’t much else to talk about, so enjoy a little photo fun courtesy of the FFFF courtroom reporting team.

Burt’s attorney, ready to represent his many upstanding clients.
The winner’s circle
Lots of activity, little progress.
KTLA requested a camera in the court room. Denied.


14 Replies to “The Day Nothing Happened”

  1. Stumblejoe better hope his lawyer knows how to lawyer better than he knows how to dress.

  2. One can only imagine the sums of money that are going to be spent to draw this thing out to no fruition.

  3. No photography? Why not? If Felz were a garden-variety criminal suspect his mug would be all over the 5 o’clock news.

  4. Another six weeks? What for? And since when did Rick Moranis become a deputy sheriff?

  5. the death of a tree by drunk driver Fullerton city manager started out as protecting “thanks, Joe, for another pay raise this year and padded pension” Joe Felz by the direct recipients of Felz’s fiscal incompetence , Fullerton cops. Again, thanks to FFFF efforts to bring truth about our civic leaders, ex Fullerton city manager Joe Felz is hot, local news. The significance of the interaction between dangerously drunk Fullerton civil servant, Felz, and those who monetarily benefited from Felz, the Fullerton PD , is this police force whose duty is to protect the public chose instead to protect Felz by not arresting and charging him with drunk driving. Fullerton PD’ s reputation hit record low after beating a disabled, homeless man to death(Kelly Thomas). Getting caught protecting not the public but Fullerton’s city manager shows this police force is still corrupt and self-serving.

  6. I wanna know how fucked up Joe’s minivan was. Sounds like he trashed one, maybe two half shafts on the rig and had it banging off he rev limiter like a boss. Imagine the scene! Must’ve been a real hot rod with those wires hanging underneath the dash. Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna or Dodge Caravan? You’re an inspiration Joe. Where does he get it repaired? I want pics.

    I Am SoDoNoCha

    1. Subaru Forester, actually. All wheel drive.

      Chitty-Chitty-Tree-Bang has been sited recently in various spots throughout Fullerton.

      1. Interesting. The Forester can be a quick vehicle depending on engine options. The XT is actually fast, though I will smoke it’s ass with any of my variety of vehicles in the stable.

        So, Joe misjudged a T-intersection that he had driven countless times and got away with it. If he did this with a Subie instead of a minivan, the car is significantly damaged, perhaps a total loss.

        Joe, I hope you’re ok, I’ll pray for peace in your family.

        I Am SoDoNoCha

  7. Orange County DA investigators allege cover-ups in murder case, city manager DUI

    One of the allegations, listed only by Santos, involves an election night car crash by Fullerton’s then City Manager Joe Felz on Nov. 9, 2016. A Fullerton police officer, who responded to the scene, notified the city’s then Police Chief Dan Hughes, who contacted a police sergeant and allegedly told him to drive Felz home instead of arresting him.

    Santos’ investigation later concluded that Hughes was calling in a favor allegedly owed by a sergeant. That sergeant, according to Santos’ claim, had once been caught having sex in a police car but was never disciplined.

    “Chief Hughes covered up the misconduct by his sergeant and, when he needed him in the Joe Felz DUI/attempted hit-and-run case, (the sergeant) repaid the favor to Chief Hughes,” said the claim.

    Santos’ subsequent investigation of the incident concluded that Hughes “criminally obstructed justice.” But the county never filed a charge against Hughes. Santos, in his claim, said Assistant District Attorney Ibrahim Baytieh told him, “I am friends with Chief Hughes and we are only going to be investigating the DUI and nothing else.”

    A short time after Santos and Bayteih allegedly spoke about Hughes’ actions, the case was taken from Santos, according to his claim.

    Hughes did not return calls for comment and Fullerton Police Chief David Hinig said he could not comment on personnel matters. Baytieh, reached at his office, referred questions to Orange County Counsel Leon Page. At the time of the crash, Hughes had already announced his intention to leave for a top security job at the Disney Resort.

    The DA’s office, in March, charged Felz with driving under the influence and hit and run. He pleaded not guilty. Felz retired at the end of last year.

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