Lorri “Cute Shoe” Galloway Running for Supervisor


Hat tip to one of our readers who just informed us that Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham over at the Red Clownty blog just reported that Anaheim Councilperson Lorri Galloway has announced that she is going to run for Supervisor Chris Norby’s termed out 4th District seat.  This is terrible news for Tom Daly and Harry Sudhu as Galloway’s presence in the race will split the Anaheim vote, but great news for Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson. When asked what she would bring different to the Board of Supes, she said, “I also intend to bring something different, like way cute shoes!”

5 Replies to “Lorri “Cute Shoe” Galloway Running for Supervisor”

  1. This creates an opportunity for the dream match of of philosophy between the liberal left Galloway and the conservative father of the Fullerton tax revolt Nelson. Move over Daly and let the fight begin!

  2. Since neither Harry nor Lorri live in the district, it’s hard to know if either are serious. Will they really move out of their posh Anaheim Hills digs and move into the “real” Anaheim that actually IS in the Fourth district?

    Galloway’s obviously trying to bluff Daly out of the race, which probably won’t work. The way I see it, it’s still a run-off in the fall between the top 2 candidates: Nelson & Daly.

  3. “Galloway’s obviously trying to bluff Daly out of the race,”

    Wrong-o colonist. i’m writing a post on the subject that I’m going to ask admin to post.

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