Roscoe Finally Comes to his Senses

Roscoe's illegally constructed outdoor patio

Dear Friends, a few weeks back Friends for Fullerton’s Future filed an appeal of the appalling decision by the Fullerton Planning Commission to grant a bogus “special event” permit to Roscoe’s in order to legitimize the ongoing violation of the City ordinance regarding outdoor live amplified music in the C-3 Zone. The appeal was based on the fact that playing live amplified music outdoors is detrimental to the health, safety, peace, comfort and general welfare of persons visiting, residing or working in the neighborhood and is injurious to property or improvements in the area.

We are pleased to inform you that as a result of our appeal, Roscoe’s has withdrawn their application, therefore no public hearing on Roscoe’s appeal will be necessary.  calm

13 Replies to “Roscoe Finally Comes to his Senses”

  1. What would it take for Jack to have live music there? I don’t think it should be banned all together. I think if he goes through the proper channels and he is strict on hours and decible readings he should be able to have local artists perform. The Slide Bar has live music, what is the difference, besides the owners?

    1. Krusty, I believe live bands do perform on a regular basis at The Slidebar, but the bands perform “inside” the building not outside, a big difference.

      Live, amplified bands playing outdoors in the C-3 zone is the issue at hand.

  2. I’ve decided I’m annoyed by emails every day if I’m not interested in the topic. So is there a way to go to your blog and simply find a LIST of the MOST RECENT posts, with the most recent at the top? That way, I could go to just the ones I’m interested in, and I could go there right away, rather than shop around in the few I like most? Whathappens now is, I just don’t go to the blog unless I have a lot of time, because I can’t find the freshest news or comments. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

    1. The stage at Slidebar is in the outside patio area. It is wide open towards the parking lot. Diffrent owners, diffrent rules?

  3. Anonymous, there’s a “Recent Comments” list on the right side of the site’s pages, doesn’t that provide what you’re looking for?

  4. Great work! What will it take to get rid of all these bars in Fullerton? All these sinners are making us like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  5. Josh, are you being sarcastic? Perhaps the ancient city of Jericho would be a more apt comparison. It was the first ancient city to be crushed by amplified music. Even Sodomites need their sleep.

  6. FFFF deserves congradulation on its successful challenge of that ludicrous Planning Commision approval. Unfortunately, as any observer of government should know, the bureaucrat staffers will just do an end around and get 3 or more of the Clowncil bozos to approve something or another in order to defeat the interest of the community. Dracula and staff are just having too much fun getting free beers and burgers from Rosco’s and Hero’s.

  7. I can’t stand hypocrisy. How is it fair that the city and Mr. Bushala are able to have amplified music? Oh yeah, the zoning. Friends, live music has helped bring people out on Thursday nights to the Farmer’s Market. The stages at the plaza and train depot are much closer to homes then Roscoe’s stage. Could it be the three stooges Carlo, Baily, and Bushala are just bored and wanted to pick a fight with Jack? What was the harm Tony with having music Sunday afternoon? What was the harm Dave with bringing people to downtown that actually might discover Matador because of it? Carlo, didn’t the Hub use to have music? And are you sill living in the alley? Bushala, I’m glad you can hide behind your keyboard because you’re a lousy speaker. Baily, I can’t wait to post the pictures of you judging a bikini contest if you ever decide to run for council. I’m sure the majority of voters in Fullerton who hold traditional conservative values would like to know about what you do on your off time. I’m sure Jack will rebound nicely and I’m sure we’ll here you whine again. Keep serving the minors at the depot Bushala and keep rocking the live music hypocrite!

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