Hide and Seek Sidhu On Public Employee Unions

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UPDATE: I came across this earlier post today as I was thinking about all the political mail paid for by the “public employee unions” telling you what a great guy Harry Sidhu is and what a bad guy Shawn Nelson is. This video is worth a replay. Sidhu has an almost limitless capacity for clownish behavior — a perfect fit for the union circus.

Here’s another classic “what did he say?” mumble moment brought to you by Harry Sidhu at the GOP Central Committee meeting last week. We think he believes in public employee unions, but not in his ability to say no to them if they give him dough (directly) – so Honest Harry says he hasn’t and won’t take it. Even though he has been taking it ever since he first got elected in 2004!

In any case he says he won’t ‘take their money now. But just a few days before he had gone hat in hand to the Sheriff Deputy’s union to get their endorsement – and a big monetary expenditure via their IE, and he knows he got it. This is perfectly consistent with the profile of a politician without an ethical fiber in his being.

And that makes him a first class hypocritical hair ball and a worthy candidate for the John Lewis crowd to support.

What a guy.

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  1. Pretty pathetic. He can’t communicate, and even if he could he’s incapable of telling even a single simple truth.

    I really wish his handlers would let him out more so everybody could see what a complete joke this character is.

  2. Just got a OC Deputies Union PAC paid for flyer touting Harry Siduh. It has no photos or words supporting Harry attributed from deputies or their PAC…CAUSE THE WHOLE FU%$ FLYER IS FROM THE PAC!

    You can only tell this by the “Paid for by…” on the backof the mailer.

    This dirt bag lied to Scott Baugh and everybody at the OC GOP Central Committee the other night. Is there nothing this scum sucking majic carpet bagger riding assmonkey won’t do? NO, He Will Do Anything To Win.

  3. My grandfather is rolling in his grave…and not from laughter! He knew someday this would happen; that the politicians would be stupider than the workers, thereby allowing the workers to exploit the system and get BIG compensation packages.

  4. For everyone who finds this assclown repugnant, please show up for Shawn Nelson’s Precinct Walk on Saturday. Taking out this loser is the best revenge. If you are really disgusted, bring a friend or two to help.

  5. Nelson CLAIMS he is a stalwart against so-called union bosses. That didn’t stop him from seeking the police union endorsement in 2004 and in 2008. Only now, when it has become politically expedient to oppose them, does he stand up in so-called opposition.

    You want to see what a double-dealer Nelson is? As recently as a few months ago, he sat with police union leaders and said, “I’m your guy on the council”. Now whether he is or isn’t can be discussed. Whether you agree or disagree with that stance is also a personal decision…

    …but do you want someone who is so dishonest, so ambitious, so lacking in integrity as to make those kinds of statements in private, and then do a 180 degree turn in public because of the blowing of the political winds?? If you do, if you’re willing to excuse that kind of dishonesty from a councilman, let alone a county supervisor…well, you get what you deserve.

    Just because he lives next door to Bushala’s former residence is no reason to support Nelson. Talk about clowns!

    1. Now I see why this site is so pro Nelson-Neighbors. There is a lot of stuff to print about him but it’s kept quiet because of the Friends aspect. Very hypocritcal why not be so honest with him as you are with others. Not a credible site until you do!

    2. Nelson stood up and stopped the pension spike in Fullerton. How much double dealing is involved there?

      There is no truer test of standing up to the union thugs than single handedly exposing and stopping a pension spike. Period! Did you forget that little fact?

      Your comment seems to make the opposite point. Evidently Nelson got along fine with the cops until they required supporting pension spiking as part of the mattiage. Maybe he learned that there really is no such thing as supporting law enforcement unless by “support” one is willing to sell the financial stability of government down the river.

      Oh ya, wasnt Nelson the guy that made the motion four weeks ago to balance the budget without cutting police jobs? Looks to me like he supports the police on everything except the pension issue. That sole issue is the only issue that matters in the current discussion and Nelson has been nothing but consistent on the pension issue.

  6. @JustAGuy
    “…but do you want someone who is so dishonest, so ambitious, so lacking in integrity as to make those kinds of statements in private, and then do a 180 degree turn in public because of the blowing of the political winds?? If you do, if you’re willing to excuse that kind of dishonesty from a councilman, let alone a county supervisor…well, you get what you deserve.”

    Sounds exactly like you are describing Harry Sidhu…

  7. So, if we can all agree that Nelson is a reprehensible, ambitious, un-trustable liar, then maybe Sidhu is as well. I never said I supported Sidhu.

    So what does that leave us with?

    I mean, is the argument, well…he’s OUR lying, cheating, dishonest whore…so that makes it ok?

    Where’s the scholar on this board that made the LAUGHABLE comparison of Shawn Nelson to John Adams (our 2nd President)?

    Let’s not kid ourselves here, Nelson lives at 2030 Conejo (public record), and Bushala (formerly lived) next door. So all this clap trap is simply Bushala’s attempt to get his neighbor elected. Ethics (and the truth) be damned…

    1. Wow, you call that a articulated well thought position? You are as transparent as Siduh is.

      Lets start by first denying your premise about Nelson

      Next, scholar? You slam someone for comparison and you perform a backdoor attack against Nelson by posing it as a question?

      Go hire an attorney and sue the University or technical college you went to for a refund.

    1. No he hasn’t. Just asking to be consistent with slamming candidates when there are issues about their credibility. You won’t find a negative article about Nelson but you sure will about the others. Why is that?

  8. Gilligan – let’s call a spade a spade, Sidhu moved into our district to run for office (carpetbagger) and Nelson lives as 2030 Conejo in the district, what’s your point?

  9. Nelson has his flaws, but being two faced is not one of them. Your comment Justaguy, disingenuously implies that Nelson told the cops that he was their guy with respect to their salaries and benefits. Nelson was endorsed by the cops starting way back when John Cross was the union President and I sat at enough tables with the two of them to know that Cross was crystal clear that Nelson had no intention of giving the combination to the City of Fullerton’s safe to his union. That union is as politically self serving as the cigarette or oil lobby. They backed Nelson because they knew Nelson was a winner and they didn’t want to get on his bad side.

    To the extent that Nelson has said that he is the best choice for the cops, he has demonstrated that by preventing the former chief from profiting by forcing them to wear ridiculously restrictive body armor of his (the chief’s) own design. To his political detriment amongst a bunch of other spineless councilman, Nelson called a spade a spade in honestly characterizing the chiefs abuse of his role as he pursued his 2nd career as a body armor salesman. He additionally did his best to prevent the purchase of a completely unnecessary, multi-million dollar dispatch system which was purported to improve the response time of the department from super fast to extra fast. Even the espoused marginal benefit could only be supported by councilman who have a public safety philosophy which disallows second guessing any expensive recommendation made by a uniformed cop or firefighter. While Nelson did not prevail, his position served the department and the cops by not depleting their resources on an over-priced system which they did not need.

    As far as Tony supporting Shawn because they are neighbors, you are either a knowledgeable liar, or utterly unfamiliar with Tony Bushala. When Bushala is pissed, Bushala attacks. This is why I so respect the guy. He’s jumped on Shawn for abstaining when he felt Shawn’s claim of a personal conflict was over-reaching. He’s trashed Nelson when he has supported certain projects which Tony didn’t like. There is a 100% chance that Tony will trash Shawn again in the early months of his seat on the BOD. Likely within hours. In the case of this race, Tony has simply concluded (as have all of us blessed with at least half a brain) that Sidhu and Galloway are incompetent, carpetbagging, self serving morons. Tony has chosen sides well here.

    I don’t know who you are, but you face a severe problem in characterizing Bushala as anything other than an independent, philosophically driven activist. Tony is driven to action by lies and liars. Anybody’s lies. At least of late, he is not driven to action by profit. Just ask his brother.

    At least until he disappoints me, Nelson is the PROVEN enemy of those who engage is sweetheart, back room attempts to pilfer the public trough.

  10. And with the Sidhu forces keeping up their attacks on the Fox restoration, Nelson’s even getting some support from the Observer!

  11. Mike J…you call that a well thought attack on my post?

    …and yes, I do slam someone for making a ludicrous and absolutely ridiculous comparison of Shawn Nelson to John Adams. Why not just say he’s Superman? C’mon, really?

    Back door attack? My attacks are not back door by any stretch. I’m laying them out in plain English.

    …and as for your insult at the end? **clap clap** your sharp wit is so very impressive.

    Now, on to Chris Thompson’s post. First of all, well done, well written, and well put.

    The whole “Carptetbagger” thing is a straw man argument. Tony glammed on to that issue like it means something. The funny thing is that I think 80%+ of the people who drive by his signs don’t even know what a carpetbagger is. For someone to move from, say Arkansas to New York…ok. For an arbitrary line drawn (and re-drawn) every few years? That’s a defining and deciding issue?

    So tell me this…you have two candidates, one a union puppet who has lived in the district for years running against someone who shares every political value you have, but moved in the district to run for that seat. Is the “carpetbagger” charge your defining issue still?

    I would disagree with you, Chris, about Nelson’s two-face characteristics. Nelson claimed he didn’t want to “game the system” by applying for a Law Enforcement Association (IE: Union Thugs) endorsement after Scott Baugh pronounced them as verboten. Of course, Nelson didn’t come to this conclusion until about an hour before he was supposed to show up for that interview. Is that the actions of someone making principled decisions? If he was so principled and firm in his beliefs, wouldn’t he have told the Deputies’ Association weeks before that he wasn’t seeking the endorsement?

    Then he sends out a flier with an old endorsement from 2004, without even thinking of asking the people in the picture if they personally endorsed him or not. Gee, seems like “gaming the system” to me…but hey, I went to some low rent technical school (according to Dr. Mike J (see above)).

    …then with Nelson’s conflicts on all of the bar(s) in Fullerton and Brea…well, more about that will be coming out shortly.

    As for your recounting of the vest issue. Is former-Chief McKinley working for a vest company now? Did Shawn Nelson talk to the the police association leaders about the vest issue? The answer to both questions (according to my sources) is no.

    I don’t think the police officers are or ever were looking for the combination to any City safe.

    …and then about the neighbor aspect. Usually, neighbors are friends. When you’re personal friends (or family) with someone, then that becomes a huge potential conflict (in my opinion).

    You admit that Nelson has flaws. Well, I applaud you for your honesty there. Maybe the problem is partly mine for expecting any sort of honesty on a blog site like this one. Like expecting unbiased news from MSNBC. However, I think Nelson is just as self-serving, untrustworthy, and moronic as Sidhu or Galloway…he’s just Bushala’s self-serving moron.

    You know what, let me check that. Nelson is a lot of negative adjectives, but moron isn’t one of them. He is intelligent. It’s just with his negative characteristics, that intelligence is probably more dangerous than if he was moronic.

    1. Justaguy, you get to the focal point and then make a left turn. Did Nelson go to the Sheriff interview or not? Wouldnt “gaming the system” require that he show up, ask for the endorsement and then if he didnt get it he turned on them?

      Have you seen the debate between the two candidates we are talking about? I mean, you act as though its a toss up and you defend the guys that called heads instead of tales. Sidhu was an embarassment pure and simple. He doesnt know what the job involves that he is running for.

      As for carpetbagging, yes it is an issue and no it isnt the end of the world but lets look at this particular case. A guy that can not stop looking for an office to run for declares he is running for Supervisor, then he was going to jump in to the assembly race then clerk recorder, then Supervisor. He throws a holiday bash at his actual home in December and appropriately referrs to it as his home. In January or February he has a guy stop by some low rent apartment and say his name is “Harry” and pick up a key. Sidhu himself has no rental agreement, pays no rent and never actually goes to the location. He then registers to vote from that address. This is a sham and nothing more.

  12. JustAGuyInFullerton :

    The whole “Carptetbagger” thing is a straw man argument.

    Carpetbagging is, by definition, a lie. A boldfaced one at that. Right to the face of every single voter in the 4th district. Harry does did not and will not live in the 4th district if he is elected.

    What kind of human being lets a candidate lie to them and then goes along with the charade? Not me.

  13. Travis, you didn’t answer my question. Your choice is between the candidate you are very opposed to (candidate A, say, a Galloway) who lives in the district, and a candidate who is perfect (in your eyes) but lives a mile outside the district, or “moves” in to be able to run (candidate B).

    Those are your only choices. do you vote for A because of his/her geographical integrity, or do you vote for B, forgive the “carpetbagging”, and be happy you are getting a representative who thinks like you?

    By the way, “carpetbagging” is not a lie. A carpetbagger (politically speaking) is an outsider that moves to an area just to be able to run for a seat. In modern terms, think Hillary Clinton.

    What you’re accusing Sidhu and Galloway of is election code fraud (for not living where they say are living). While they may be carpetbaggers, being a carpetbagger doesn’t make them a liar.

    ..and Hollis, yes, I will agree with you that Nelson is a more accomplished speaker than Sidhu. But then again, our current President is an accomplished speaker, doesn’t mean he is doing a good job, or that I agree with him.

  14. @justaguyin fullerton:

    Have you ever actually met Tony Bushala? Spend an hour with the guy and then tell us that he is controlled by anyone.

  15. Harish Siduh, think like me? The man is a puppet of High Speed Rail Curt Pringle.

    Bill Campbell of the 3rd District endorses him because Campbell wants to anoint his own guy to run for the 3rd in 2012 when he terms out. Harish would throw a monkey wrench into that plan as he lives in the 3rd District. This way, when Harish looses he cannot possibly run for the 3rd – not to mention that Campbell is the biggest bureaucratic whore in Orange County. He knows Harish will go along with him on any vote, that Harish is as malleable as putty.

    “While they may be carpetbaggers…” Glad you admit that little nagging fact about these two, especially when Harish sends out flyers touting his integrity.

    A guy who runs for everything but dogcatcher has a psychological flaw and he will say and do anything to fill that void. Unfortunately, when you combine that character flaw with money, you get Harish and his disciples willing to say and do anything. It happened to Mimi Walters. The only difference now is Harish has made a Faustian deal with the unions to get elected at all costs.

    So, what do you think he will do if he gets elected?

    I believe he will serve those who enabled him, guys like you, Pringle and Campbell while the taxpayers get screwed.

    From my sources, the Democrat machine has this as the biggest race in all of Southern California, all because Nelson won’t support stopping the pension lawsuit. If the lawsuit prevails, every bloated government employee’s pension is going to be at risk. I can’t wait to see the Form 460 filling of OCEA Union and AOCDS (deputies union) that is coming up. We will know if other unions are dumping donations into those respective PACS for Harish.

    1. The above comment really sums it all up. This few paragraphs need to go out to everyone you know. Well done!

      Harish Sidhu is the WORST thing that could happen to anyone who lives in the the 4th…unless you are in the OCEA or Curt Pringle.

    1. Racist for stating his given name or saying he can’t speak English well? Come on….truth hurts.

      Pretty weak!

  16. When someone cannot debunk a statement, in desperation they hurl the racist mud ball.


    On the subject of Harish Siduh, would it have been racist for someone to have taken Harish to court to stop him from using the moniker Harry on his ballot statement?

    Others have gone after Caucasian candidates in court over this very same issue. And won!

    Harish is his legal name, not Harry. He could have put Harish “Harry” Siduh on his ballot statement but he choose not to.


    Although you call me racist for using his legal name, it was no doubt racism in Harry’s mind about the voters. That they would not elect a guy, who never lived in the fourth district, lied about living in an apartment, moved again to another rental more befitting his millionaire bank account, while claims he is renting out his lavish Yorba familial estate that sits on 4 acres, with a first name like Harish

    Harry is trying to do a full makeover after he assaulted Mimi Walters with sexist mailers against her in another political race a few years ago.

    What Harish stands for is whatever will get him elected, will get that one endorsement that could put him over the top. The desperation of his endorsed AOCDS (Deputies PAC) mailers attacks against Nelson will not be forgotten by many in this county when this is over.

    In the end, Harish’s own psychological need to be accepted on a political level will lead to a toxicity that will make him unpalatable to even his most ardent supporters when this is over.

    In politics, those who came quickly to support you for gain will leave you even quicker when you loose. The silence will be deafening and only Siduh will be able to hear it, alone.

    1. “The silence will be deafening and only Siduh will be able to hear it, alone.”

      Wrong! Your ears you keep, and I’ll tell you why. So
      that every shriek of every child at seeing your
      hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe
      that weeps at your approach, ever woman who cries
      out “Dear God, what is that thing?” will echo in
      your perfect ears. That is what “to the pain” means.
      It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in
      freakish misery for ever.

  17. Porn liberal Democrat Unionist Thug king, Just an Asshole in Fullerton, Major Turd Assmonkey or should I say Matt Cunningham.

    Funny, I never heard you Harish supporters go after Matt Cunningham for outing victims of a priest’s abuse. Yet you make shit up out of whole cloth about others – becuase it serves a political purpose.

    Matt Cunningham needs Harish in office because of his deep seeded hate for Bushala. AOCDS (Deputies PAC) OCEA (Union Thug Nick Beradino) wants Harish in office order to protect their bloated pensions. And they have committed the most heinous crimes of all – Demogogery of victims of abuse in their political mailers. No Shame and no integrity.

    The county has free mental clinics you can go to for your problems.

    Get a grip and quit waxing the extreme.

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