Hairball Sidhu MIA On Tax Vote; Oops, Too Late!

I will have one new tax, please!

On Tuesday the Anaheim City Council voted on a new tax increase and a new government bureaucracy. On a vote of 4-0 they approved a new ordinance to create and spend a 13% increase on their city’s transit occupancy tax to create a new “tourism improvement district.”

4-0, you ask? But surely there are five members on the Anaheim City Council, yes? Well, Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, who aspires to be our 4th District county supervisor, wasn’t there. Where was he? At home in his Anaheim Hills (3rd District) estate?

He skipped out on the meeting, no doubt at the behest of his campaign manipulators John Lewis and Chris Jones who no doubt informed him that voting in favor of a tax during a political campaign would be political suicide. What a dilemma! Voting against a tax would make his puppet master, Anaheim’s mayor-for-hire Curt Pringle look bad; after all much of the new tax revenue is earmarked for the allegedly conservative Pringle’s fabulous ARTIC boondoggle. Better just to duck the whole thing.

But wait a just minute, Hairball fans. According to minutes of the July 27, 2010 Anaheim City Council meeting, Sidhu had already voted with the rest of the council on a formal resolution (2010-125) to create both the tax and the new bureaucracy. Ouch, indeed!

View the resolution

In other words, when he thought nobody was looking, Hide and Seek Sidhu voted for the tax increase; when the campaign spotlight shined a little brighter Sidhu cut and ran. But it was too late: the ever slippery Sidhu had already left his pro-tax, anti-business spoor trail. I can see the hit piece already.

Now let’s see Pringle and his stooges at the hilariously named OC Business Council spin this one for Sidhu.

Clown college tuition finally pays off...

The only question remaining in this election is how deep Sidhu’s assclownery can run. I have the feeling the answer is very.

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  1. What you forgot to mention was that the Anaheim Hotels almost unanimously voted in favor of this bed tax. They are the only ones impacted. They are in favor because the tax is soley for the use of Resort infrastructure (resort transportation and promotion). If you are not an Anaheim resident and dont really understand the facts, then you may want to learn something about it. As an original SOAR member, I am very sensitive to our resort area and am generally against taxes. In this case, it is proper, the taxees agree to it and it is for an important purpose. So Sidhu, as a SOAR member, would have voted in favor of this tax even though he is generally against taxes. That has nothing to do with involuntary taxation! Sidhu lied about his residence but at least he is not a slimey lawyer who lied about his major position on County retirement (Nelson). A flawed Sidhu is still the best choice for Supe (from any District).

    Oh, the “Govt Beuracracy” created is composed of those being taxed!!! The Hotels and the resort groups will MONITOR how the money will be spent! That is a HUGE plus! If only we poor taxpayers could control how our INVOLUNTARY taxes were spent; I would vote for such a commission, wouldnt you?.

    Keep up the watchdog reporting but dont mislead us by slanted reporting; there are enough bad things govt does without inventing them. In reviewing the actual Resolution ONLY, I understand how you may not have known that the Hotels, who were taxed, were FOR the bed tax (+2%). But thanks for your time and effort. Keep up the Watchdog reporting.

    1. Arnold, don’t be a dope. The hotels don’t pay the tax. Their customers pay it. The hotels get all the benefits. Why would they protest it?

      You’ve been hoodwinked again.

    2. Arnold you are a fool. The folks being taxed are online travel agents and visitors – people just like you – so your pal pringle can siphon more tax revenue into his own pockets thru the ARTIC and HSR boondoggles.

  2. Wow, Tony, good catch! I have been working on this as well, it goes so much deeper than Sidhu. Arnold, sorry to tell you, there is no oversight of this, and the guys who support it are the same guys who get to spend it. They put the foxes in charge of the henhouse.
    Cynthia Ward, Anaheim

  3. Sipowicz/Bushala, you are a turd. Sidhu had to leave because his daughter was in a car accident.


    1. Gee, I wonder who’s putting out this story? Could it be coming from a guy who has already lied about his true residence at the Calabria Apartments under penalty of perjury (twice)? And who also cooked up another phony address on Luck Way?

      In any case the truth is clear: Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu voted to raise a tax by 13% that will help fund his sugar daddy’s pet ARTIC project. And the truth, although it may hurt, will set you free.

  4. What’s really amazing is that lackey Cunningham on “red county” keeps calling Pringle a conservative. What a joke. Of course now that his Rob Reiner plug has been pulled he’s really got to step up his Pringle kissing.

    1. Oh look! Little Billy Turner’s cousin Billy Bob, or kid, or someone equally ignorant and illiterate.

      What has happened to your hero, the befuddled assclown Harry Sidhu? I hear he’s dancin’ for nickels at the Santa Ana Zoo to pay off his June debts. Why he even bothered dodging that pro-tax vote is a mystery to me. It’s not like he’s even running a campaign.

  5. Whats really funny about you guys, is you always attack and name call, but whenever you are asked a legitimate question you just dodge and insult.

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