Harry and The Dems; or #2 Goes To The Zoo

Donkey love...

Now that only the worst repugs still support his torpedoed campaign for 4th District supervisor (a district in which he doesn’t live), Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu seems to have decided that chumming it up with Democrats is his only prayer. Seems he even went so far as to attended the big Democrat Labor Day bash at the Santa Ana Zoo.

While Harry Sidhu was at Zoo, whooping it up for California’s #1 union stooge Jerry Brown, as reported by the Orange Juice blog here, he also happened to run across Pam Keller. Poor Harry selling his soul again just to get elected. Jeeze, this guy would do just about anything to be a political somebody. Will he re-register as a Democrat? Why not?

Well I hate to pop your bubble, Hide and Seek, but people can see right through your transparent BS, fake residences and all. All they can see is Sidhu the assclown.

That cologne is a real chick magnet.

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  1. “The CRA endorsement is a clear sign that Harry Siddhu (sic) is consolidating support among fiscally conservative voters”

  2. El Sidhu Loco will do anything!!! Such an unprincipled man unworthy of any respect. While working class people actually lived and paid rent at Calabria Apartments, “Hide and Seek” did neither! “Laborbagger,” haha!

  3. Harry / Pam’s hug looks like Harry’s love starved.

    Poor Mr’s Sidhu must be fed up with Harry…

  4. I can understand campaigning to the “other side” during a run off between two republicans but this is pathetic.

    Just in case there were folks wondering if Sidhu actually stood for anything he wanted to remove the mystery. I can see it now ACLU/CRA endorse Sidhu.

    Please post that old photo with Sidhu pointing his finger and use the quote “I do not get bogged down by principles during campaign season”

  5. Unprincipled? If you’re going to cast about that label, make sure you include Nelson! He’s the king of hypocrites!

    “I’m against pensions”, and he takes the same pension.

    “I’m against unions” and he seeks their endorsement.

    You can’t find a bigger flip-flopper in Orange County than Shawn “whatever is convenient” Nelson.

    But of course, we’ve already established that not only does Nelson have no credibility, but neither does FFFF.

    1. I love the logic that you cant call a spade a spade unless you right every wrong and out every injustice.

      Sidhu is obviously playing two faced by trolling this event for democrat votes. What the hell does that have to do with anyone other than Sidhu? Oh, I get it. Somewhere there is a person that is a bigger idiot than Sidhu, therefore, he’s not an idiot any more. Nice try.

  6. the best outlet for ordinary narcissistic people is municipal politics. In this political arena, people give them all their attention while not really caring about what they say

  7. #8 You referring to me? I would have liked to see this blog take Nelson to task on that. In the end, one’s closest allies, should be their fiercest critics.

    1. Nelson with his flaws is a million times better than the hapless nincompoop carpetbagger Sidhu. The sooner you end his political follies for good the better Orange County will be.

  8. Do you think Sidhu went to his closet and said, ‘let me where blue today so that the Dems will like me better’?

  9. Hey Van I agree with your statement in #12. But what about Out of the Ordinary Narcissistic people like Shawn Nelson. The guy is the worst hypocrite of them all and he ran for public office. I guess it applies to all.

  10. I was told that Tom Daly is helping Harry Sidhu with his campaign. Tom can’t stand Shawn Nelson and he is hoping that Harry will win so Harry will let Tom Daly do whatever he wants!!!!

  11. Tom Daly is a crook. He raised money running for supervisor then cancelled and stayed as clerk recorder. He didn’t refund my money neither. That bastartd!!

  12. Didn’t I see Harry at the Meg Whitman event in Fullerton? I guess he thinks he can just vote for everyone for governor.

  13. Harresh will show up at any political event, regardless of party, and work the crowd for money…kind of like a hooker. Harresh the Hooker–the Dems can have him as he will just be a memory in a year and a half anyways.

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