“Quit Lying, Sidhu!” Says OCTAX

Looks like Hide and Seek Sidhu has been claiming he has the endorsement of the OCTAXPAC. Well, not anymore as the boss of the operation points out. Has Hairball been misleading folks again? Bad boy!

In the meantime it will be very interesting to see if the same people who were bamboozled into supporting the newly minted Democrat-hugging Sidhu will be persuaded by the Pringle types to screw up again.

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  1. Reed Royalty is an opinion for hire. Which is why he went with Sidhu in the first place. He will now undoubtedly jump off the sinking SS Sidhu since he will not mess with a sitting Supe.

  2. Has there ever been a campaign that has embarassed itself so many times in a single year? Number two Sidoo, hit the showers.

  3. Hey Bushala, how about some consistency (oops, silly me) and show the same outrage that Shawn Nelson was using photos with police association members without their permission to show he had police officer support?

    Oh, that’s right, there IS no consistency or credibility here on this site. So damn Sidhu for doing the same kind of thing that your (former) neighbor does.

    C’mon, Tony, what do you have to say about that??

    Oh wait, let me guess, “it’s a non-issue but union thugs blah blah blah”.

  4. You don’t need permission to show photos of cops, moron.

    Furthermore, most cops probably like Nelson. It’s the union leadership that doesn’t.

  5. Ahhh, donut. You Nelson types will lie, deceive and justify just about everything to defend your guy. You guys are like Marion Barry supporters.

    I didn’t think that Nelson wanted to “game” the system. I thought he was on the up and up. And yes, he should have had permission from at least the PEOPLE in the photos, but I guess that’s ok in Marion Barry World.

    And no, nice try. There isn’t some great divide between the “Union Leadership” and the “Rank and File”. That doesn’t fly. The “leadership” are rank and file officers. This isn’t NYPD you dope. Just about every police officer in Fullerton thinks Nelson is a dishonest, opportunistic weasel.

    Show some consistency and credibility and this site could someday become more than the train wreck of arch-libertarian pessimists that it is today.

    That’s about as likely as Nelson getting an actual moral compass!!

  6. Tony, your understanding of technology is so sad.

    Could it be possible that multiple people might use the same site hiding an IP address because you and your cronies have shown a propensity to try to identify people despite earlier claims? I’ll answer for you, yes it is. I am not Bleed.

    And nice response to the question.

  7. Not multiple. Two.

    What’s sad is an overpaid flatfoot with six JC credits under his McKinley vest trying to opine on anything more complicated than a glazed donut.

  8. Harpoontang, what’s even funnier is your attempt to insult me. Just because you could never make it as a cop you resent those who could.

    Are you a silver spooner like Mr. Admin, or do you blog from your Mom’s basement?

  9. All you kool aid drinkers know that I’m not the realjohnadams.

    Hey Jo-Jo I’m thinking that you still live with mama and you sit alone in your pissed stained skivvies, eating hotpockets with your thesaurus by your side so you can act like some big shot wordsmith.

    Now go kiss your poster of Hulk Hogan and put some air in the tires of your house.

  10. Hey Donut, did you get that name because you have a hole in the center of your head? What are you talking about? Go smoke your weed or whatever or whoever you smoke.

    1. I can see you’re hard at work on the streets today, winning the hearts and minds of the people. Keep up the great PR work.

  11. OC Tax is an organzation with membership that are mostly developers and others with vested interest in the development industry. It is not an organization that is representative of the so-called average taxpayer. Royalty is a slick, smooth talking front man for this organization and will steer in whatever way the political winds are blowing. The day will come when an endorsement by OC Tax is more of a kiss of death than a kudo.

  12. You guys don’t even have credible arguments anymore. You’ve resorted to simply insulting police officers and fire fighters.

    Most police officers have at least AAs, many have BAs, and lots even have gone to graduate school and have MAs.

    But of course, that takes away from your “donut” arguments. So, keep up the attacks, it shows your utter lack of ideas (not to mention life accomplishments).

    Hey Donut-hole, Jo-Jo, and Harpoontang (not to mention Travis and “admin”), what have you accomplished in your life time? I mean, besides inheriting a bunch of property? Ever save a life? Ever actually help someone? Or do you just complain and tear down and call everyone names? Or was your peak accomplishment your high school drill team championship?

    1. Touchy, aren’t we? For a blog with no credibility you and your alter ego Bleed sure spend a bunch of time here crying about how honorable you are.

      Fear not! JC credits are still 18 buck apiece and they’re still handing ’em out like party favors.

      BTW, getting your partner to quit eating donuts doesn’t count as saving a life.

    2. “You guys don’t even have credible arguments any more”.

      Nice try TheBullJohn Adams. The post is not about Police.

      For some reason Sidhu refuses to take endorsements off his website even AFTER he has been asked to do so. Some groups have had to resort to writing letters.

      Sure we can have a little fun and speculate as to why he does the things he does but there is no denying he does them.

      Your fixation with any crticism of Sidhu is bizarre. Trying to defend a screw up when the evidence is a letter from an unrelated party to this blog is how one looks like he has no credible argument. Not the other way around.

  13. I used to love to watch the Police Academy recruits trying to get over the wall and around the track.

    They only had to do six laps and that damn near killed most of them. A good time for them was 8 minutes a mile.

  14. Hey Jo-Jo and the other dozen or so of you kool aid drinkers. I think if you read the articles and the post by the 12 usual suspects that this site is a joke. Even a person with 6 JC units can see that. Why can’t you all?

    1. Remedial Composition will be available next semester. Please, don’t give up. A cruller is a terrible thing to waste.

    2. Bleed the Geek: I’d be happy to go elswhere. Please point me to where I can get 30 seconds of laughter a day other than here (and standing next to you at the john) and I’m in. Until then I, like you, will keep looking at this site once or more a day because its funny and well written.

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