Hairball Sidhu Says “Money is No Object.”

I am rich.


OC Register (now OCEA) heart throb Jennifer Muir posted this piece today after having talked to Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu. Sidhu, who still does not live in our district claims “money is no object” in his fight to dethrone last night’s winner Shawn Nelson in a November run-off for the 4th District seat.

Aw, c’mon Harry. Are you really that dumb? You have nothing to pitch. The more money you spend to promote yourself, the more people will see what a clown, er assclown, you are.

You raised not one substantive issue during this last campaign. Not one. The pathetic “jobs, jobs, jobs” bullshit wasn’t swallowed by anybody. Go ahead. Spend a million. Spend two, or three. It won’t help. Like I said earlier today you can’t sell a car that has no wheels and no engine, no matter how slick you are. And Hairball, you ain’t even slick.

By the way Jen, did you bother to ask Hide and Seek Sidhu how the fortune already wasted on his slimy self accomplished so little? Or how this cipher thinks he’s going to beat a sitting supervisor who already kicked his ass by 12%?  Thought not.

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  1. Maybe he means there’s no limit to how much money he’ll let the unions spend on his behalf. As for Harry, he can go all Poizner on it and at the end of the day all he’ll have is a diminished fortune, which I encourage.

  2. If I thought it was going to be Harry’s money, I would not mind, Hell, he can spend all of the El Pollo Loco bucks he wants. The problem is he will continue shaking down locals for more contributions, and he has a nasty attitude with anyone who says no.

    1. Maybe. But I’ve got a feeling that Sidhu fatigue is really starting to sink in.

      Sidhu’s real friends (if he has any) will tell him not to humiliate himself anymore. Unfortunately for hairball he is completely lacking a sense of shame.

      “Money is no object” will be his political epitaph. I can’t wait to see that on a mailer.

  3. I’ve heard that Sidhu’s wife is pissed off and humiliated and Harry’s madness is causing damage to their marriage.

    1. Who cares and what business is it of anyone’s except the Sidhu’s but as far as anyone knows you are making this up.

  4. Clearly the Siduh stooges are thrilled they’ll still be on the payroll for a few more months. You think they wanted it to be settled early?

    1. What payroll are you delusional about? Anyone can say “I’ve heard….” what’s the source?

      1. Well Gilligan, Tim Clark is going to tell Sidhu to double down now because he IS on the payroll. Hell, Sidhu should spend two million on this next election and good for Tim if he does. Sidhu is going to get his ass handed to him so badly in round two he will not be able to torment the rest of us any longer with his foolish ambition to run for office. Sidhu has been defeated and only an idiot or a guy getting paid to tell him otherwise fails to see things are going to get worse not better for Sidhu.

  5. Campaign staff, for instance? I didn’t say “I heard” anything, or do you have a reading disability.

    Oh, asked and answered,

  6. He will no doubt be calling asking for money from the private sector. Nobody will put their name behind him now and write him a check. Watch for the sloth John Lewis bailing out to pal up next to Nelson soon. Just run for the 3rd Harish, where you really live. Get your ass kicked their next. Make it an even 10 for 10. Hahha

  7. It pains me to see so much money being thrown around to get ONE guy elected.

    I am looking for work never ask too much in life.

    Call me naive, but $1 Million could start up a new business by creating good number of jobs in Orange County…but what does Harry and his friends knows about that.

    1. On the happy side, all that money did provide jobs. Like a job for the little univalve Billy Turner. And think of all those printing bills; and job security for letter carriers schlepping that trash through the 4th District.

      The irony! The only non-fast-food jobs Hairball can create are political parasite jobs!

  8. The intensity and heated nature of of your posts makes me wonder what your source of income is – who is supporting you. Care to disclose?

  9. “Money is no object.” What does that tell you about his fiscal sense? And people voted for him to have 1/5 control over OC’s very limited tax revenue?

    Harry’s idea for starting up another business and creating jobs is opening up another Burger King in the IE.

  10. No. 15. This writing and other that are similarin intensity appears on the Orange Juice blog as having been authored by a Tony Bushala. The question was to him.

  11. Bushala cross posts many of our posts to that blog. He didn’t write this piece, I did.

    And if you think this is intense wait ’til September. We’ve got several nails in this bozo’s political coffin and apparently he’s going to make us keep driving in some more.

  12. Since Shawn Nelson will be out of the lawyer game, what in the world will the crooked OCEA/unions and Harish Babu go after him for?

    What could they put in their hate mail once Shawn is just a Supervisor???

      1. Oh yeah, that went over real big last time, didn’t it. You folks are not only bad losers, you’re desperate losers. BTW, you never told us who you voted for.

  13. Sippy on the Koolaid-why don’t you ask your best buddy next time you’re puffing on a Churchill about the Sky Lounge and if everything said about his role and current role is the truth. Koolaid to answer your burning question I don’t have a horse in this race anymore but like I’ve said in the past I will not vote for your “friend”

    1. Oh sad, pathetic loser Gilligan. Please tell me who “your horse” was. I’m sort of curious to see in which direction your true political tastes run.

  14. He really said that? That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a politician say. Yes, that will look great on a piece of political mail:

    Harry Sidhu thinks he can buy your vote. “Money is no object!”

    1. Yikers, you are right about that. The Fringies already have a nominee for Stupidest Thing Said in 2010.

      1. That is how stupid Harry and his cronies (Annie) are.

        “Money is no object….” yeah as long as its not yours Harry. You guys called too many people demanding financial support, making THREATS (borderline extortion) and making promises to destroy us if we didn’t give.

        Harry…F U and your strong arm Annie–can’t crush us now for not giving like you promised.

        By the way, F U stands for F@#K You, forgot you barely know English….

        1. There was nothing “borderline” about that extortion. To be scared into those donations people had to think harry had three votes to dish out retaliation. Extortion works only when victims believe the gorilla is big enough to follow through. Where did harry get the muscle to scare donors?

  15. Before the election I thought Harry was just an ignorant carpetbagging clown. His revelation to the OC Register proves he’s also delusional. Somebody call this man a psychiatrist. No, seriously.

    Harry sez: “I’m a fighter,” Sidhu said. “I’ve always been a good fighter, and I believe that this is so close – 5,000 votes short – that it’s absolutely winnable. I truly believe I will win in November.”

    So close? Are you kidding me? Nelson received 13272 votes compared to Harry’s 8172.

    Nelson got 62% more votes than Harry did. (Divide the difference 5100 by 8172 = 62.4%) In other words if you isolate Nelson and Sidhu from everybody else, for every 100 votes, 62 went to Nelson, 38 to Sidhu.

    I don’t have a clown dictionary handy but “so close” must mean getting your ass kicked.

  16. Mayor Pro-Tem Sidhu only beat Nelson by 557 votes in Anaheim and Nelson beat Sidhu by 4,626 votes in Fullerton.

    Sidhu had 1.5 million dollars in union support. There is NO amount of money that Sidhu could spend to change the outcome of the November election.

    Nelson 70% , Sidhu 30%

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