Hide and Seek Sidhu Gone; Not Forgotten

The beautiful Calabria beckons. Over there. Behind the pool hall.

Although we now know that Harry Sidhu never lived at the Calabria Apartments on Lincoln Avenue, that hasn’t altered the fact that some of his would-be neighbors still want a piece of him – on the pool table, that is.

Will arm wrestle you for soggy nachos...

Here is a re-issued billiard challenge to Sidhu on the donpalabraz website. Well, good luck trying to pin down the elusive Sidhu!

2 Replies to “Hide and Seek Sidhu Gone; Not Forgotten”

  1. What’s the deal with Sidhu, anyway? Is he bowing out of a second round with Nelson? Still pretending to live on Lucky Way?

  2. prediction: hairball scratches on the 8 ball. I will hallucinate in lysergic nacho cheese heaven!!!

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