District 5 Ballot Loses a Candidate

Well, it looks like District 5’s ballot is going to be one candidate shy come election time this November as our prospective progressive/socialist climate warrior neighbor Jose Trinidad Castaneda III didn’t quite make the cut.

If you don’t know – you need 20 registered voters to sign a petition for you to run for city council and they must be valid signatures. 20. Castaneda, with his “deep roots” in District 5 opted to turn in just 23 (leaving the 7 extra spots blank) and a few were disqualified. Apparently Castaneda couldn’t be bothered to do the bare minimum which is to turn in 20 valid signatures.

Socialists of a Feather

Upon finding out that turning in just above the bare minimum number of signatures, despite some bloviating on his campaign Facebook page, wasn’t good enough owing to disqualifications he did what any good socialist does and he sued.


And today he lost that lawsuit.


Let that sink in for when he runs his write-in campaign or perhaps carpetbags in 2020. He couldn’t be bothered to meet the bare minimum threshold and then sued because he didn’t think the rules should apply to him. This is not a mentality Fullerton needs or can afford and yet the mentality that typically is attracted to our City Council.

It seems that in this 60% Latino District the top two Progressives are a Caucasian Carpetbagger and a Syrian Showman. Which of the race baiting district election supporters saw this coming?

*Editorial Correction – In the original version of this post we said that District 5 lost a candidate. According to Castaneda’s lawyer, Greg Diamond, “Trini” plans on running a write-in campaign. So while he may still be a losing candidate, there will in fact be one-less than anticipated candidate on the ballot.

The original post also stated that Castaneda did the bare minimum. The law is to turn in 20 valid signatures and thus stating that Castaneda did the bare minimum is factually incorrect. Had he met the minimum threshold he would have qualified. He factually did less than the bare minimum and attempted to do just above the bare minimum.

Chaffees Buying His and Hers Campaigns

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that Doug Chaffee is hiring canvassers to beat Tim Shaw in the top-two general election race or that he and his wife are spending an equal amount of money to help her buy a seat in District 5 in Fullerton.

It’s going to be hilarious to see how much money Doug blows to be outvoted 4-1 every meeting.

As for Paulette, you’d think with such deep roots in District 2 5 she’d be able to get grassroots support instead of simply paying for AstroTurf. But hey, you know how those his and hers gifts come as a packaged deal.

Chaffee Gigs
His and Hers Campaigns

We should also take note that she “prefers” that you live in 92831. Kind of like it’s only preferred that Paulette lives in and is not carpetbag into District 5.

Sidhu Hires High-Priced Defense Attorney, Beats Rap; Not Exonerated

We finally heard back from the District Attorney on the matter of our complaint that Harry Sidhu committed perjury and fraud when he swore on voter registration forms (twice) that he lived at the beautiful Calabria Apartments – instead of his “Elegant Yorba Estate” in the 3rd Supervisor’s District.

Only problem is that he never set foot in the place...

Their “investigation” (if you want to call it that) concluded that “there is insufficient evidence to prove Mr. Sidhu committed any crimes.” Hmm. Apparently statements from Calabria residents saying they never saw Sidhu there and that the apartment had been empty for a year weren’t persuasive to a DAs office that habitually ignores funny business perpetrated by politicians. Still, it’s important to remember that nobody at the DAs office is in any way saying that there is evidence that Sidhu did live there. So no exoneration for Hide and Seek.

All lies, I tell you!

Well, it wasn’t as if anybody really expected Tony Rackaukas’ department actually to do anything, so there’s no reason to be surprised.

Still, the fact are inescapable. In his insatiable hunger for elective office in a district in which he doesn’t live, Harry Sidhu cooked up a fake address in a crummy apartment on Lincoln Avenue in West Anaheim next to a pool hall, and lied about it on voter registration forms – twice.

Ironically, we see  at the bottom of this letter from the DA that ol’ Hide and Seek Sidhu employed one of those evil defense attorneys his supporters are always railing against. But they can come in handy can’t they?

Let’s Cut out All the Weepy Self-righteousness, Shall We?

The other day I did a post about visiting the latest Harry Sidhu address and noted that I went up to the door and knocked on it. The door was opened and I asked for Harry. The woman who answered the door said Harry wasn’t there. I asked her if she knew that Harry was carpetbagging. She said that I should speak with Harry. I told her that I sent Harry an email, but I have not heard back from him. Then I said goodbye and left.

No threats, no intimidation, no trespass. Just a constituent trying to find out if his would-be representative actually lives in the district – not an unusual desire given the fact that this is the guy’s third voting address in four weeks.

Some folks in the local blogworld think I’ve done something wrong in trying to pin down the elusive Harry Sidhu by going to this address. It seems the sanctimonious bloggers at both the Blue and the Mauve County blogs who mask their own self-interest with empty talk about “reasoned debate” have their panties in a wad. The horror! Imagine –  dropping in on a carpetbagger who has already cooked up one fake address just to see if he actually lives in a second. Why you’d think I had committed a home invasion!

Wrong, kids. Since local “journalists” don’t seem to be too interested in checking up on the legitimacy of carpetbaggers and scofflaws, I’m going to do it – a citizen checking up on the doings of politicians whose ambitions seem to know no bounds and who want so desperately to be my representative.

And if Harry “moves” again I’ll go visit that address, too. And you can come along.

Harry Locomotion Story Gets Legs

Harry Sidhu has been on the go lately, but the story of his peripatetic wanderings is damn-near keeping up with Harry himself.

Until he moved to the Calabria graffiti was just an abstraction...

Here’s a fun post from a blog called donpalabraz that puts a new spin on Hide-N-Seek Harry’s sortie into the flatlands, and his drive to establish street cred therein. And it’s from a uniquely Latino perspective: el Sidhu loco! We like it.

An FFFF shout out to donpalabraz ‘n them.