Crime Wave Continues

Rumors of increased criminal activity are wafting out of city hall again. A few employees of the Public Works department are in hot water for some sort of embezzlement/kick-back scheme down at the city yard. Criminal charges are in the offing.

Something stinks.

It’s not clear to us who was involved or what was stolen. City leaders are keeping quiet right now, but hopefully they will inform the public soon.

If you have any information to contribute, please drop us a line. Discretion is our thing.

15 Replies to “Crime Wave Continues”

  1. I hope the new city manager is ready to do some cleanup. Fullerton’s record for corruption and employee theft is right up there with Santa Ana’s.

    Nah, who am I kidding? We’re screwed.

    1. You’ve got to wonder who is desperate enough to take that job. Well, we don’t have to wonder any more.

  2. “City leaders are keeping quiet right now”

    There are no city leaders, or this wouldn’t be happening all the time. The blog about the rudderless ghost ship was right, and nothing is going to change. Fullerton has the government that it deserves.

  3. Look what happens when we look under couch cushions for nickels and dimes.

    We find roaches. Fleeing from the light.

    Run little bug, run.

  4. Felz, Hughes, Cross, Major, Mejia, Baughman, Siliceo, Wren, Mater, Wolfe, Ramos, Cicinelli, Hampton, Nguyen, Rincon, Thayer, Tong, Gibert, etc.

    There are more criminals in Fullerton city government than there are in the general public.

  5. We should dispense with calling these people “leaders”- they are merely our representatives and they serve at our pleasure ….and our apathetic nature, which they rely on.

  6. Has there ever been an FFFF rumor that isn’t true? I can’t recall any. You’re always on the ball.

    1. I can remember when this blog led us to believe that Kelly Thomas’s face was bashed in by a flashlight. It turned out to be a tazer. Not always right, but pretty close is my take.

  7. The city workers never seen working, occasionly seen driving around in the fancy white utility truck.When their parked in the parking structure they always have that look that someone might catch on to what there really up too, not much. I would like to see what they do all day down at the city yard when their supposed to be fixing the sprinklers at Hillcrest park. I can think of lots of jobs around the city that have need of working on including a fallen down handycapped parking sign that I reported over 6 months ago on the city of Fullerton app.

  8. You get the feeling that with Felz and Fitzgerald in charge everyone ehtically challenged in City Hall started looking for opportunities.

    1. Since no Fullerton employee has been fired for gross incompetence in recent memory we are entitled to believe a crime (or more likely lots of them) was committed.

  9. Thank goodness we have mayor Whitaker around to get to the bottom of this and make sure the public is informed in a timely manner.

    Whitaker… Whitaker… anybody?

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