A Public Nuisance Announcement: Lorri Galloway’s Eli Home Said to Be On Rocks

Something wasn’t quite right.

Said by Lorri, of course.

And naturally the local media and a few compliant bloggers are publicizing the fact that Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway’s charity the “Eli Home” is facing tough times.

This is hard to believe given the massive support offered the Eli Home by us federal taxpayers to the whopping tune of $500,000 a year, not counting all the local support given to Galloway by genuine philanthropists and of course by people who do business in Anaheim.

Of course we know a little bit more about Lorraine’s track record from her 2010 scampaign to be our county supervisor. It’s not pretty.

You will soon be moving again…

We know, among other charming things, that she and her husband scammed his aunt out of her house in Salinas just before they popped up in OC praising the Lord for their good fortune in investments. And we know the family has always been on the Eli Home payroll in one fashion or another.

Then there were revelations of more financial embarrassments that led to quick exits, stage left and more re-appearances, stage right.

And through it all the fake residences, jewelry, manicures, baby-talk and expensive cut and dyes remained.

The really ironic thing is that Lorri is now bemoaning that the Eli Home house in Anaheim Hills – yes, the one built without permits – faces “closure.” Some of the neighbors over there have claimed over the years that that house was never actually open in the first place; that it was just a Potemkin village, an empty abode, a prop to gin up financial support for the family business.


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  1. True enough. Galloway has gotten half a mil every year from HUD for seven or eight years.

    Where does all that dough go?

    1. “I notice the OJ post isn’t open for comments”……. Hmmmm

      What do you expect from admin a convicted felon Vern “Gröfaz” Nelson. He will always protect theft by the ultra left.

        1. It was reported that the one of them was a felony DUI.
          No laughing matter!
          There is thousands and thousands of unsolved DUI hit and run some of them killings….. I wonder by whom?

  2. She should fire her hairdresser and sue for damages.

    The front portion of her hair is obviously hers but it looks like whoever did her hair pinned a full sized wig on the back of her head at a lopsided angle then did a really sloppy job cutting it.

    Actually I take that back, it wasn’t just sloppy, they mangled it.

    1. Galloway’s hair is a mess?

      Look at these two coiffured-challenged douche bags. Travis Kiger, Miss Gel 2012, and Bruce Whitaker, Sir Rogaine 2012.

      1. Galloway’s hair is a mess?

        Yes Ma’am and the other poster is right. She is wearing a mangled weave on the back of her head. I would go for a full weave with bangs not that mess.

        She looks like a damn fool going out like that.

        1. I have no idea to whom you are referring. I Google searched this” Shawn Quirk” person and discovered there are four of them in Californina. I don’t run marathons and I don’t play drums in a rock band.

          I’m just a woman on your blog.

      1. I find it really funny that the high school drama this blog tried to create by bashing Jan Flory has slap you up side head. Kiger is way to green to serve on city council. Nice try to get a Manchurian on the council. His days as anything in politics are over because of TB.

        1. Too bad Kiger broke your union sad sack. Now you are broke financially as well as morally and ethically.

          You’re finished.

  3. Is anyone as shocked as I that FFFF is bashing a woman politician, Galloway, and her faith-based charity that serves abused children?

    Particularly after FFFF has been such an advocate for liberal causes, such as support for the mentally ill and the homeless (Kelly Thomas)?

    And even more shocked after FFFF has been such a feminist supporter of women who have been groped by a certain FPD officer (Rincon)?

    Don’t worry. Rumor has it that Tony B. will be donating his man cave on Walnut St. as a shelter for the homeless, mentally ill.

    He’ll also be passing out free ribs to the homeless and hungry at the restaurant in the Orangefaire Plaza.

    And he’s also donating $300, 000 through the Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Shelter to the help battered women and abused women in our community.

    There will be a kinder and gentler FFFF very soon.

    1. Why I do believe I’m getting the vapors, I am shocked over how they’ve bashed strong powerful males like Dr Dick Jones who was an air force surgeon and stuff.

      I guess this racist blog hates all fat white males who speak with Texan accents.

      There is be a kinder and more considerate FFFF very soon once the FPD is starts busting some heads!

      Ms. Dizzy Dunderhead,
      Wife of 2 FPD officers, mother of 7 kids, homemaker and dispatcher.

    2. A woman politician? What’s gender got to do with it? She’s a scammer, just like Tammy Faye, another “faith-based” con artist.

    3. Maria, Maria, Maria…. It’s not a gender bashing. You know that and I know it also. If you abuse the name of the Lord by mismanaging funds and call it serving others, then you deserve criticism.
      I have no doubt that Eli Home has done good work. No doubt at all. They deserve criticism though for this one.

      1. Are times boring in Fullerton that you’re reaching outside city limits? When will Friends for Orange County’s Future begin? 🙂

  4. Ms. Dizzy, can you point out a few Fullerton or even OC women that the FFFF blog has had a history of supporting?

    1. You have a point. There are thousands of Zimbabweans living in Southern California but do you ever see this blog supporting one?

      Ms. Dizzy Dunderhead,
      Wife of 2 FPD officers, barfly, mother of 7 kids, homemaker and dispatcher.

    2. Show me an intelligent Fullerton/OC woman in politics worth supporting and I’ll get on board.

      Quirk, Keller, Flory, McClanahan? Are you serious? Loretta Sanchez is an obnoxious idiot. Rosie Espinoza? Lorri Galloway?

      Good Lord!

      I’m actually a little ashamed that my gender can’t produce a decent candidate.

      1. Thank you, #36, The Fullerton Shadow, for pointing out that all women politicians in Orange County are idiots.

        We all know they are the weaker sex and should be happy with their place as second class citizens. Just as in Islamic countries!

        No right to vote. No driver’s license. Keep those bitches in their place.

  5. I don’t know why you keep bringing up this Quirk character. I’m not him!

    I, too, google searched his name and discovered he’s a stock broker on Wall Street! Not me, definitely!

    I’m a Tea Party member, an advocate of transparency and accountability in government. That’s why I love this site. Any lame brain can write on it under the cloak of anonymity and, thus, not have to worry about being held responsible for their extremist ideology.

    1. Even wild eyed, skrawney crackheads can post here without being censored. That is why we endure nonesense posted by FPOA trolls useing multiple screen names

  6. FPD3 can hide behind “momma Flory’s” mumu all they want, still will not save them they are Prison bound! The hell with a recount, the Feds need to get involved, ASAP. Illegal tax imposed by past and present council members, murderous, sexual deviant PD, now possible voter fraud, what a cesspool of the worst of human traits.

  7. Thank you Koch brothers, all you Koch suckers, and FFFF! Your hate-filled proclamations and protests drove undecided voters to the middle!

    As a result:

    –Obama wins in the Electoral College by a landslide victory, carrying Michigan (Romney’s state), Wisconsin (Ryan’s state) in addition to Ohio and Florida!

    –Prop 30 passes in California!

    –Chevron is defeated in by Save Coyote Hills in Fullerton.

    –Chaffee, Fitzgerald, and Flory take City Council seats as a result of Recall moveme

    1. There seems to be a disconnect with what actually transpired in Fullerton over the past 2 years and what Mr. Robo Shill aka Paula Broadwell thinks happened.

      I’m guessing an out of state shill paid to confront negative press about certain people within a said party or group.

      You’ve got these twits constantly monitoring news articles, twitter feeds, blogs, etc then they will get on and spew out the same lines, usually the “right” propagandists will ramble on about George Soros but OTOH the “left” propagandists will babble on about the Koch brothers.

      …Then you have the Law Enforcement twits who will post the same garbage whenever an officer is caught shooting an unarmed person or jailed for committing a crime, they’ll spew off lines like “It’s a thankless job”, “He/She/They had what was coming to them.” and so forth.

      Many times I just wish major media companies would just turn off the comment section for articles because its just an open orgy for trolls, propagandists, political hacks and idiots.

      Notice Mr. Robo Shill mentions Obama because he automatically assumes that because the blog is critical of a left leaning candidate, it must be a GOP leaning site so he rattles off a bunch of lines to that effect.

      Which also explains why he thinks, this blog supports Chevron …Funny. He probably has no clue about the Kelly Thomas beating or even cares for that matter.

      1. Jim, you’re right. None of this ever had anything to do with mainstream politics. It’s about our City and our quality of life. I don’t care what anyone says about FFFF, it opened a lot of eyes and prevented the Kelly Thomas matter from being swept under the rug.

        This is what Paula Broadwell, and those who are like-minded, fail to get. We want our City back.

  8. Even if Councilman Kiger’s election bid goes down to that long goodnight do not dispair, the end of the union stranglehold is at an end, union schills like Flory, what is she about 90? Diamond must be pushing 65-70 and obese to boot? Elderly and minds turning to oatmeal Bankhead and McKinnly. The writing is on the wall, if Flory’s election is upheld, hold her feet to the fire at every council meeting, do not sleepwalk through this tenure. There is no shame in a loseing, only in not trying. God bless everyone who fought and continue to fight for justice.

    1. 90 is the new 50 , so she has a long way to go. Cheaters never prosper. Kiger showed everyone what a loser he is.

  9. Orange County Registrar Neal Kelley reiterated in an email Friday that his office is “down to the remaining batches” but was unable to quantify the ballots that remain to be counted because the majority are damaged and missing data.

    Kelley said a recount costs about $2,000 per day, which the requestor of the recount must pay each day. He added a recount of this size would take at least 10 days.


  10. “tis the season for non-profits to seek free media coverage about their need for money, donated food, donated toys, or whatever their cause using “the cupboard is bare” or “the toybox is nearly empty” scripts to convince people to hike up their britches and donate because this year’s drive is falling behind. Happens ever year. This year Ms. Galloway appears to be first out of the chute with this annual cry for help. There will be more ——

    1. Yeah EV FREE is asking for a million and a half dollars to take the new seats for the sanctuary out of cold storage. You know if it ain’t broke you still need to fix it.

        1. Not tax dollars-agreed. It is clear they do what they want along with all the other 501c3 tax EXEMPT organizations in this town. $30 million here and $20 million there and they are empty buildings 6 days a week while people go hungry and sleep in cars, gutters and in bus shelters. It is the responsibility of the CHURCH to care for the poor-not the government.

          1. I agree with you one-thousand percent. Churches do a far better job at it than the government anyway.
            I went to EV Free for awhile and can tell you that they do a lot for the homeless. They house them also. I think legally they can only do it for a certain amount of days per year and from what I remember house them 6 days per year. They also have a food and clothes bank for the poor and homeless.
            Anyone from EV Free who actually goes there care to comment further?

  11. Currently in the process of contacting several news agencys re. the goings on in Fullerton if there has been no fraud, nothing to worry about, if there has, time to shine the light on the cockaroaches.

  12. Why pay for a recount? When a little investigative reporting ought to be able to expose any vote tampering easily enough.

  13. If a recount is determined to be the next best thing, Councilman Kiger got 12000+ votes. A 2.00 contribution from each of those voters ought to be more than enough to cover the tab, that would be a couple of bucks well spent.

  14. Even if Kiger ends up losing, three dangerous criminals are off the streets and soon to be in prison, three more have been moted, Sellers, McKinley, Jones, and Bankhead are no longer around to cover up the misdeeds of FPD officers, the department will be paying off tens of millions in lawsuits for years to come, are under constant scrutiny for how they deal with the public, and don’t forget about the Feds. They love to hold podunk departments up to the standards we should all expect from public officials we pay to protect and serve us.

  15. Has anyone seen “Breaking Bad?” Do the Fullerton cops act like the racist prick cop on that show, cause that guy they posted the pic of on here the other day looked an awful lot like him. Just saying.

    1. if your talking about the DEA agent on breaking bad, no he is not racist. but i bet your a “white hating” liberal racist.

  16. Shades of Pam Keller and her Keller collaborative. regardless if private sector or public sector, if these entities wave the flag of charity and social welfare over their heads to convince the public and politicians to give them money, and non-profits do earn money, that is pocketed( crooks call it administrative costs instead of salaries) by same “charitable” employees of do-gooder incorporated lack of morals may not legally be a crime. However, the fact these people scam the hearts of good people shows serious character flaws. And someone like Lori g. Or Pam Keller enter the public trust by misrepresenting themselves to the public to gain entrance into a political position that demands he or she represent the interests of the people.
    My opinion

    1. Kinda like Travis Kiger trying to give the impression in his campaign mailers that he had the support of the Fire Department?

    1. Just like they wouldn’t be indicted and wolfe would never be charged, right? Oh and the fossils will never be recalled. Well you keep up with the predictions…but don’t quit your day job, pig.

  17. Okay, Van #99, have it your way–both private and public charitable foundations serve no purpose but to scam money with which to fill their own piggy banks.

    What would you propose, then, to assist abused children or battered women? Or do you believe that such people don’t exist or that such abuse never happened? Or that it hasn’t happened to you; thus, it’s not a problem?

    Libertarians at Republican debates screamed, “Let them die!” That’s one possible final solution.

    1. There are actually good charaties. Are you telling me we must put up with the scammers in order to help those less fortunate? What a sad world you live in.

  18. The current so called “church” that exists in modern day America does so at the behest of the IRS and its 501c3 choke chain. In our not so distant past orphanages, schools, universities, and hospitals were almost exclusively built by the church. Now we have massive corporations shilling as “churches” with no financial transparency, operating tax exempt from revenue collection and generation, whose donations are tax deductible, pulling billions of dollars from the economy every year pulling billions of dollars from the tax rolls every year and have almost COMPLETELY ABDICATED their responsibilities as dictated by the inerrant scriptures given by whom they purport to serve. So now the government (God help us) has stepped in to manage (not help to elevate) and in reality exponentially exacerbates the condition of the poor and downtrodden creating a system by which there is no escape and upward mobility is precluded by the very nature of the systems tendency to reward bad decisions. The ensuing socialist mindset becomes metastatic and multi-generational. Now in 2012 the Nation has reached the tipping point with the electorate majority pulling the lever for handouts at the expense of the productive minority which has historically provided for the majority. Our schools now produce worker bees and consumers instead of citizens. The church produces followers instead of leaders and statesmen. The resultant insanity yeilds a nightmarish reality where the taxpayers are now supporting on their atrophying shoulders TWO parasitic entities the government with our taxes and the church with our tax deductible tithes who have made a complete disaster out of what was once a calling of high esteem and moral character. The ardent desire was once to care for and elevate the less fortunate, the widows, the orphans, the downtrodden, the abused, the neglected and further the causes of righteousness and justice especially in government. I ask this question of our local clergy-WHERE WERE YOU WHEN AN INNOCENT HOMELESS MAN WAS BLUDGEONED AND ELECTROCUTED BY AGENTS OF THE STATE IN THE STREETS ON CAMERA IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD? Were you praying about it like the Weimar church was when the oven were going full blast? Were you too busy watering down your messages, counting the loot, mapping out your next building project which includes NO FACILITIES for those who are on the margins of society, paying high priced consultants to grow the numbers? You will know a tree by its fruit. It doesn’t take an arborist to name what has taken root in the groves of Fullerton. I submit to you that the demise of this nation, which was born out of the pulpit, lies in the pulpit which has become altogether silent on the real issues that face us all. If you doubt me shop around on Sunday mornings and you will realize why the Nation is at the brink and the people don’t even realize that they are at the end of their rope.

      1. is your girlfriend is a royal loser. Yes that is right, the pothead so called speaker that can’t take her lips off the pipe long enough to speak a coherent sentence.

    1. This nation WAS born out of the pulpit. We are a nation of judeo-Christian ethics and grew to become the greatest super power in the world because we were rooted in God and His truth, And then, His word became irrelevant in our lives because the government said no more prayer in public buildings, at public events-we need tolerance. Going, going, gone……
      I agree with you wholeheartedly that the church should do more to help the homeless. I could not agree with you more. As I mentioned before, EV Free does do a small part. A church in Fullerton was just in the Register for their long-time homeless ministry. The question is, can they legally do more, or does the government stop them?
      Don’t get me wrong, a lot of churches don’t want to get their hands dirty by helping those less fortunate. Do they fear the government telling them to stop?

    1. *Applicants limited to Friends, Family, Business Partners, Business Interests of current and/or former City employees(*)

      *Employees limited to Police, Parks and rec, City Council, Teachers and Librarians.

      All other applications will be accepted at the City Clerk’s Office in compliance with state and federal law but will not be processed.

    2. Definitely an example of “bureaucracy in action” and “your tax dollars at work” – why the need for so many committees/commissions? Other local cities of the same size have far fewer!

  19. SHARON QUIRK-SILVA (D) 68,731 52.00%

    CHRIS NORBY (R/LIB) 63,442 48.00%

    4 point + 5,300 vote lead = Landslide Victory!

    1. I wouldn’t view this as an affirmation of Quirk-Silva’s acumen as much as it was a failure on the part of Chris Norby to wage a coherent campaign. It was his to lose and he lost it.

      1. James Carvelle–Incumbent Bruce Whitaker’s showing wasn’t impressive given that young upstart Jennifer Fitzgerald fell short of his top vote-getter spot by only 300+. Presently, Jan Flory is leading over incumbent Travis Kiger.

        But I guess we shouldn’t view this as an affirmation of Fitzgerald and Flory’s acumen as much as it was a failure on the part of Whitaker and Kiger to wage coherent campaigns. This is particularly true of Kiger. It was his to lose and he’s losing.

        1. This was a tough Council election to handicap. I’d probably have better luck at Del Mar or Hollywood Park. What did you think of the Norby race, Bay?

          1. What did I think of the Quirk-Silva race?

            Well, Orange County went for Mitt Romney, a distinction it shares with the former slave states (The South) and the fly-over states (The Plains) the Republican candidate also carried.

            The states that matter to America (West Coast, New England, and the Midwest) all voted decidedly Democratic in electing Obama.

            Assemblywoman Elect Quirk-Silva (D) won here in the Land of Nixon because of her demonstated ability to work with both political parties for the common good, her effective campaign strategy and organization, and her grassroots supporters’ willingness to follow her in pounding the pavement every weekend for marathon precinct walks.

            That work ethic provided her victory. Good, old fashioned, traditional hard work. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Only 4 votes counted today. I’m pretty much ready to call this.

      Travis, get on your knees, and when you’re done there, Tony can write the check for the recount.

  20. Truthseeker (above) made some cogent points about Fullerton churches. I believe their silence was due to money issues. If they took sides on the pulpit, they would lose $$ from the older folks in Fullerton who wrongfully thought everything was OK in Fullerton as long as it was just like it was for the past 20 years!
    Money dictates lots of decisions in life, and in death. Now money will be spent to settle civil lawsuits instead of on street repair, sewer, water and all those things a municipality is required to upkeep to assist residents in maintaining their property value.
    The only Pastor to speak against the 3 indicted policemen and the 3 jurassic councilmembers was Wiley Drake of Buena Park.

    1. Wiley Drake is a complete idiot, irrespective of his position on the three officers and three councilmembers.

      From Wikipedia:

      Drake wrote the resolution at the Southern Baptist Covention in 1996 calling for a boycott of the Walt Disney Corporation over its decision to “promote homosexuality over family values,” by granting health benefits to gay and lesbian partners of employees.[5] At that time, Drake described homosexuality as “abnormal, biologically unhealthy, as well as contrary to Bible teachings.”[3] Drake later protested an unofficial “Gay Day” celebration held at Disneyland in 1998.[6]

      He also campaigned against the appointment of a gay man, former University of Chicago dean James Hormel, as ambassador to Luxembourg. “We need to speak out and say we do not want an avowed homosexual to represent the U.S,” Drake said in 1997.[7]

      Drake was widely criticized for his response to the murder of abortion provider George Tiller on May 31, 2009. Drake stated on his Crusade Radio Program, “I am glad George Tiller is dead.” He called Tiller “a brutal, murdering monster” and said he is “grateful to God” that the physician was killed.[10] He also said, “This man, George Tiller, was far greater in his atrocities than Adolf Hitler.”[11] Religion journalist Cary McMullen has written that, in the wake of Tiller’s death, Drake “has gone from being outspoken to being dangerously outspoken, perhaps criminally so.”[12]

      On The Alan Colmes Show on June 2, 2009, Drake stated that he is engaging in imprecatory prayer, praying for God to kill President Barack Obama, who he claimed needed to “turn his life around.”[13] In 2008 he was party to a lawsuit in federal court, Captain Pamela Barnett v. Barack Hussein Obama, which claimed that Barack Obama was not an American citizen and therefore ineligible to be President of the United States.[14][15] Also in 2008 he said that God would punish Rick Warren for agreeing to give the benediction at the inauguration of Obama, who he called an “evil illegal alien”.[16] He had previously used such prayers against employees of the Internal Revenue Service,[17] Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and George Tiller.[citation needed]

      In response to Drake’s comments about Obama, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Sing Oldham stated: “Mr. Drake does not represent Southern Baptist actions, resolutions, or positions in his interpretation and application of imprecatory prayers. …Any comments made by Wiley Drake on this subject represent his personal views, not those of the Convention.”[18] Keith Olbermann, a television host on MSNBC, named Drake the “worst person in the world” in response to the revelation.[9]

      1. Like him or not, Wiley Drake has his own Wikipedia page unlike the hireling cowardly psychology professing clergy in this town that has gone lukewarm and all but abandoned its true calling. We are all free to agree or disagree with his ideology however his tenacity and ardent desire to help the poor and downtrodden as well as his fearless stance on Scripture is to be commended. We as a Nation have come to the point where we call evil good and good evil. Like it or not the Roman Numerals I-X chiseled into the door of the the Supreme Court are the source of this Nation’s moral code and legal foundations. How can it be that an innocent emaciated homeless schizophrenic man can be bludgeoned to death and electrocuted in the street by agents of the state on camera in front of the whole world and NOT ONE member of Fullerton’s clergy including those in the million dollar a month club stood or spoke out against this heinous act? Welcome to modern day Amerika where the DHS has purchased over 1.5 billion rounds of ammo for domestic use, where the true US debt exceeds the GDP of the entire planet, the preachers are given over to filthy lucre, the masses given over to mindless diversions like sports and their comforts, and real, honest and courageous leaders (both secular and religious) are an endangered species. There is a price to be paid for this. This Nation was born out of the pulpit and is dying in the pulpit right before our very eyes. The remote control, the bottle and the pizza box will not save us folks. As you celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, ponder anew what you can do or have done lately to ensure that your children and their children will be blessed with a remote resemblance to an existence we take for granted. The Nation teeters folks. May God help us.

        1. So you agree with his positions on gays, and killing Obama and Tiller?

          Or is it your position that it’s okay to overlook those things just because you agree with him on another subject?

          And what about the rest of you cowards here that stay silent about these things just because truthseeker agrees with you on other issues?

          1. CCCB like I said we are all free to agree or disagree with his ideology. I was simply commending his courage with respect to his outspokenness in the Kelly Thomas murder, his courage to defend what the Bible says and his endeavors to help the homeless in Orange County. Wiley takes an extremely literal approach and methodology unlike his current contemporary hirelings that have the elaborate production facilities with crosses on the premises. I am at times greatly at odds with his applications such as what you have referred to here and in agreement at others. I believe the Bible as the inerrant Word of God CCCB. That statement is meant to be taken at face value. Pick one up sometime. It’s the Book. I would give my life for that Book and I am sure there will come a day when it will happen. I wish others felt the same way. Maybe if they did and took it seriously the Nation would not be a bankrupt police state. Maybe we would not have the problems we have and we wouldn’t have to lock our doors at night. Maybe we wouldnt have to worry about or kids ending up in cage in someone’s basement. Maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about the police murdering or framing innocent people. Maybe we wouldn’t have an acting police chief that goes to a church on Sunday and thinks after watching the video 400 times of Kelly Thomas being murdered that it would change our minds. Maybe just maybe things would be different. Maybe not because of what the first book of the 66 outlays, man is a depraved creature. Fortunately the Book also parlays the remedy. I urge all of you to break that dusty thing out and put in on your Thanksgiving table, open it up and read from it before you all indulge in a meal that is judged fit for a king by 2/3’s of the world population’s standards and remember The One that so carefully placed that 75,000 miles of circulatory system in our feeble bodies that will transport that turkey to our cells’ mitochondria to be used for sustenance for a better tomorrow.

    2. McKinley is a member of the church on the hill at Harbor and Las Riendas, so I can agree with what you said as far as that church goes

    1. Travis not being in his seat tonight was a show of decorum, as the outcome of this race is still in dispute. But you would not know anything about good form or tact.

      1. Gonad, please explain how Travis’ absence is a show of decorum. I can’t wait to hear you explain that. I hope you are kidding. If you’re not it shows how close minded you and your like truly are, but I think most of us already knew that.

      2. so that’s an excuse to NOT do his job he was ELECTED TO DO.
        kinda reminds me of character named DICK JONES.
        except dick was way more funny.

      3. How do you explain Sharon Quirk-Silva’s presence at last night’s meeting?

        Oh, yeah — the Council members from before the election are still in place until the election is certified, which will happen before the next meeting.

        I guess it’s OK that you didn’t know that. What’s Travis’s excuse?

        1. Greg — the flu. A strong work ethic is always commendable, but not to the extent it risks getting the remaining councilmembers (not to mention the general public) sick as well.

          1. Sean,
            I enjoyed your presentation before the city council last night regarding the ease of which the city of Fullerton’s workers compensation carrier handed over $150K of our money over to Chief Sellers.

            I hadn’t realized that on top of the over $200,000.00 per year pension, that the city of Fullerton also had to pay Chief Sellers an extra one time tax-free payment $150,000.00 to go away quietly.

            How does that work where a Chief like Mike Sellers can come in and absolutely morally devastate our town with his command of our police force, and then gets to walk away a rich man for the rest of his life?

            1. If it’s Worker’s Comp, is it the City’s own money or is it more like an insurance payoff based on its paid premiums?

              That Sellers has walked off with more than he deserves I would not dispute.

            2. Fullerton Lover;

              To quote the Grateful Dead,, “What a long strange trip it’s been”. Keep up the good fight my friend, you are of the good guys. Have a great Thanksgiving and my regards to your family.

              1. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement my friend.

                I hope that you and your family have an awesome Thanksgiving together.

                p.s. I don’t know the meaning of the word “quit”.

                1. Oh. Well, that can be fixed easily enough:

                  quit    [kwit]

                  verb (used with object)
                  to stop, cease, or discontinue: She quit what she was doing to help me paint the house.
                  to depart from; leave (a place or person): They quit the city for the seashore every summer.
                  to give up or resign; let go; relinquish: He quit his claim to the throne. She quit her job.
                  to release one’s hold of (something grasped).
                  to acquit or conduct (oneself).
                  to free or rid (oneself): to quit oneself of doubts.
                  to clear (a debt); repay.

                  verb (used without object)
                  to cease from doing something; stop.
                  to give up or resign one’s job or position: He keeps threatening to quit.
                  to depart or leave.
                  to stop trying, struggling, or the like; accept or acknowledge defeat.

                  released from obligation, penalty, etc.; free, clear, or rid (usually followed by of ): quit of all further responsibilities.
                  1175–1225; (adj.) Middle English quit ( te ) exempt, freed, acquitted of (< Old French quite ) < Medieval Latin quittus, by-form of quītus (≫ Middle English quit ( e ); see quite), for Latin quiētus quiet1 ; (v.) Middle English quit ( t ) en to pay, acquit oneself < Old French quit ( t ) er < Medieval Latin quittāre, quiētāre to release, discharge, Late Latin quiētare to put to rest, quiet1

                  Related forms
                  quit·ta·ble, adjective
                  un·quit·ted, adjective

                  3. surrender, release. 12. acquitted, discharged.

                  1, 8. start. 2. enter.

          2. I wasn’t there at the beginning. Was that announced publicly? His absence seems to have gotten a lot of attention from people; if it was the flu I’d like to spread the word that it was not, as some suspect, a fit of pique or (as suggested above … by a supporter of his) a complete misunderstanding of the rules regarding when his term ended.

            1. No. No announcement as to why he was absent, only that he was absent.

              I think it’s just speculation about the flu. I think maybe it was the boo hoo flu.

            1. Thanks.

              To answer your question, Greg, the City of Fullerton is self-insured for its workers compensation claims, so the money paid out did come from the taxpayers directly. I have to say, I do have a lot of faith in Bruce Whitaker and if he says there’s more to the situation than can be disclosed publicly I believe him, but that additional $150,000 payment still rankles me, as does almost everything else about his tenure and departure as Chief.

              And I missed the first few minutes of the council meeting but I don’t think it was mentioned by anyone except a speaker during public comments.

        2. Oh, and ballots are still being counted that could affect her status on the council? No, one seat is still in dispute, making it a “lame duck” until the votes are certified.

          1. I thought the counting of ballots was completed ? Do you know when we will get the “Official” outcome of this contested seat ?

            1. According to the city clerk who stated this last night at the council meeting- “rumor has it we have the official count at 5pm tonight …..” We shall see soon enough.

      1. “THREATS LIES DECEIT MALFEASANCE AND GREED” got them to where they are, wonder what the TV people are gonna do.

  21. So far, the nugget of last night’s council meeting was R.D. admitting that he’s a horrible driver who doesn’t know the traffic laws and almost causes accidents.

  22. Also….

    Congratulations to Greg Diamond and Sean Paden for demonstrating how to intelligently communicate your concerns and thoughts without coming off as a douchebag. Many people here could take lessons from their appearances last night.

          1. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Live-1978)


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              1. September 20, 2012
                “…three parts, “Dogs”, “Pigs”, and “Sheep”, pigs represent the people whom Roger Waters considers to be at the top of the social ladder, the ones with wealth and power; they also manipulate the rest of society and encourage them to be viciously competitive and cutthroat, so the pigs can remain powerful.” -Wikipedia

                When Public Unions in Fullerton are taken over by “Union Drunks” and “Government Heroin addicts”, everybody is POOR!


                War Pigs -Black Sabbath
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                Poisoning their brainwashed minds
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                Politicians hide themselves away
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                [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/black+sabbath/war+pigs_20019418.html ]
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                Satan laughing spreads his wings
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                The double entendre of Rock and Roll has roots in Holy Roller, and strong “Gospel Enthusiasm”, “The old and rich do need ENEMIES other than themselves!”

  23. @ Phray: 1) Very clever of you to deduce that I was referring to a DEA agent when I said “that cop.” 2) And the douche DEA on that show is blatantly racist against Hispanics. 3) I don’t hate white people. I don’t hate anyone. I dislike ignorant people; hence my disdain for cops who have no formal education and think they’re Dirty Harry.

    @ Brandon is a dickbag: Very clever insult. But I wouldn’t expect any type of intelligent discourse from someone whose only means of disagreeing with someone is calling them a “fag.” And you’re right. They won’t be spending any time in jail. They will be spending time in prison.

    @ CCCB trying to point out spelling errors. A large portion of the murderer supporters on here can not spell, punctuate or use correct grammar and syntax. You may want to help your “brethren” first before you correct others. At least Nomad doesn’t spew ignorant hatred when he talks. Just Saying.

    Sigh. It’s just no fun trying to have an intelligent conversation with the juvenile minds of these murderer supporters. Do they teach you guys how to think critically, analyze empirical evidence, and discuss things rationally without resulting to name calling at the Academy? If so, I guess none of the pro-murderers on here ever graduated the academy.

    Happy Holidays to all of the FFFF supporters on here. Thanks to this blog for exposing all of the corruption in Fullerton and getting dirty cops/politicians off the streets.

    1. Brandon :
      At least Nomad doesn’t spew ignorant hatred when he talks. Just Saying.

      BTW…. “cannot”

      From Nomad’s posts on this thread alone. Just saying.

      Dumbass troll alert

      wild eyed, skrawney crackheads

      FPD3 can hide behind “momma Flory’s” mumu

      past and present council members, murderous, sexual deviant PD

      what a cesspool of the worst of human traits

      shine the light on the cockaroaches

      The only lesson you have any credibility in conducting is “how to win a pie eating contest”

      What part of that did you not understand? Dumbshit!

    2. hank schrader is not racist aginst hispanics, he jokes around with them like everyone does. he’s partner gomez is hispanic and they are quite close.
      And i think you may be IGNORANT.

  24. Very interesting post about Quinonez McSatan. You have to wonder how Hughes can keep such a loose canon like Hampton on the street after numerous instances of roughing up innocent citizens for no good reason. I mean I know Hughes may not care about the morally correct thing to do. But you’d think the millions these thugs are costing the city in civil rights lawsuits a deterrent. I guess if you’re interested in keeping angry citizens who are fed up with your abuse of power in check you want guys like Hampton, Cicinelli and Ramos who will kick ass first and ask questions later.

  25. According to Grammargirl: Both “cannot” and “can not” are acceptable, although it’s more common to see the one-word spelling–“cannot.” I have three years of post grad, so unless you have a PhD in language, I doubt there’s much you can teach me about spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. Thanks for the suggestion though dawg.

    And Nomad pointing out that many of your partners (I should say former partners, criminals can only serve on the force if you work for the mafia or a drug cartel) are murderers and sexual deviants is just stating facts, not spewing hatred. I guess one could argue that calling someone scrawny, a cockroach, or an excessive pie-eater is hateful, but it doesn’t come close to the terms like “fag,” “homo,” and “retard” I have seen FPD supporters on here using. Just Saying.

  26. Ya’ll see how I researched something and cited empirical evidence to refute an incorrect claim? How far you have to work your way up in the force before they teach you how to do that?

  27. Thanks for getting my back Brandon. If these fpoa trolls want to sling insults I can do that, if they have a difference of opinion without attacking myself or other FFFF posters we can do that as well. CCCB had no idea you were so sensitive.

  28. I’m pretty sure citing a quote from a website where the woman gets paid to know the correct usage of the English language is empirical evidence. As opposed to you just stating your opinion on what the correct usage of can not is.

    1. Actually, neither one is.

      You should know that before you trot out that “post grad” braggadocio.

      Of course, if you were able to properly research things, you would have known that before you put your foot in your mouth a second time.

  29. No worries Nomad. I know it’s hard not to result to name calling sometimes when you deal with murderers/rapists and their supporters. I guess some people think the badge gives you the right to do what you want, when you want without consequences.

  30. I try to keep it tongue in cheek as much as possible so as not to offend our more delicate readers like CCCB, for instance I could have posted that we need to expose the Fpd for the blood thirsty, murderous cowards that they are but instead I went with the more humanitarian approach of…shine the light on the cockaroaches. And rather than pointing out G. Diamond is an obese schill, I felt he was a champion pie eater and O’Mal, well he is a skrawney crackhead.

  31. The last line of the article is my favorite.


    FULLERTON – In a race that wasn’t decided until two weeks after Election Day, Jan Flory defeated incumbent Travis Kiger in the race for the third and final City Council seat.

    The final-vote tally – certified at 5 p.m. Wednesday by the Orange County Registrar of Voters – show Flory with 12,829 votes compared to 12,800 for Kiger, who initially won his seat in the recall election in June.

    Incumbent Bruce Whitaker, with 15,428 votes, and former Planning Commissioner Jennifer Fitzgerald, with 15,116, finished first and second.

    The candidates flip-flopped as mail-in and provisional ballots got counted in the days following the Nov. 6 election.

    Flory took the lead for good last Friday.

    “It’s been a torturous two weeks,” Flory said. “If anyone ever tells me again that their vote doesn’t count, I would have to disagree.”

    The City Council is expected to certify the vote – typically a formality – in early December. The new council members will then be sworn in.

    Kiger couldn’t be reached for comment on Wednesday.

  32. I’m not going to waste time explaining what empirical evidence means to you. And the braggadocio started with you trying to act like you knew the correct spelling of a word when you obviously had no clue.

    At least Kiger won’t be unemployed or in prison for the holidays. Thanks to Kiger, Whittaker, and TB the streets are safer. Wish we could say the same about all of FPD’s finest.

  33. @ Nomad: I think the cockroach analogy is fitting. And no matter who the FPOA tries to buy a council seat for, the light has already been casted upon the FPD. If Flory and the current council-members don’t finish taking out the trash they’ll find themselves recalled just like Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley.

    1. Brandon :
      @ Nomad: I think the cockroach analogy is fitting. And no matter who the FPOA tries to buy a council seat for, the light has already been casted upon the FPD. If Flory and the current council-members don’t finish taking out the trash they’ll find themselves recalled just like Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley.

      THIS IS COVER THEIR ASSES CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE SHIT, good cops would and do agree!

      1. Ethically and economically destroy a City, for the whole world to see!

        Self centeredness, lying, crime, rage and violence, is one whole mixed bag of SOCIOPATHY.

        Profile of the Sociopath

        This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

        Glibness and Superficial Charm

        Manipulative and Conning
        They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

        Grandiose Sense of Self
        Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

        Pathological Lying
        Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

        Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

        Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is described by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth edition (DSM-IV-TR), as an Axis II personality disorder characterized by “…a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood…” -Wikipedia

        Bowfinger (2/10) Movie CLIP

  34. MOXLEYs NEW Article

    Garden Grove Cops to Hugo Sarmiento: ‘This Mexican Speaks English!’
    [Moxley Confidential] Targeted for torture after a 2005 anti-immigration rally, the UCLA Ph.D. is still waiting for justice
    Comments (4) By R. SCOTT MOXLEY Wednesday, Nov 21 2012
    The case of Hugo V. Sarmiento isn’t exactly ideal in the fight against Southern California police brutality. Sarmiento is alive and well after his law-enforcement encounters, and though more cynical about cops, he’s full of intellectual stamina. He has earned a master’s degree from UCLA, where he’s in the process of earning a Ph.D. in urban planning.

    “Seven years ago last May, Sarmiento, then 24, involuntarily received a lesson in the power of abusive police. The Los Angeles County resident attended a 300-person protest in Garden Grove against Jim Gilchrist and his anti-immigrant Minuteman Project. He believes the cops overreacted with force against a handful of protesters and that he was singled out, harassed, mocked, falsely arrested, excessively detained and beaten for expressing political views contrary to ones held by officer…”

    “According to the lawsuit, a group of deputies working under the direction of then-sheriff, now-convicted felon Mike Carona concocted the intoxication excuse to separate Sarmiento from other prisoners, throw him against a concrete jail wall, toss him on the floor, twist his legs to the back of his head, unnecessarily handcuff him with excessive tightness, kick his face, kneel on his head, leave him in a cold cell without adequate clothes and threaten additional physical assaults. (To see the details of a prosecutor-driven report outlining brazen unprofessionalism and cheating by jail deputies in this county, read my April 10, 2008, column, “DA’s Report Is a Stunning Indictment of the Mike Carona-Run Jails—Sort Of.”)…’ -OCWeekly, Moxley

  35. sadistic – definition of sadistic by the Free Online Dictionary …
    http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sadisticsa·dism (s d z m, s d z -). n. 1. The deriving of sexual gratification or the tendency to derive sexual gratification from inflicting pain or emotional abuse on others.

    “Penal Code 206, California’s torture law, defines the crime as: inflicting great bodily harm on another person with the specific intent to cause cruel or extreme pain.1 Despite the fact that the victim must suffer a serious injury, the crime of “torture” is more concerned with the intent of the defendant than on the pain of the victim.

    The penalty for a torture conviction is a life sentence in California State Prison.”

  36. “The Ego has Landed” comments above are reckless. I personally know Kim Harris and she is a very caring, nice woman who I am proud to call my friend. I guess there are some people like “The Ego…” who are apparently so self-centered that they can not imagine someone like Kim helping others with no ulterior motives. I for one am uplifted by the fact that there are some good people out there willing to make a difference.

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