Carpetbagger Galloway Fundraiser Fail

It’s always ironic when your supporters begin to unwittingly advertise your failures. Such was the case when the Liberal OC’s Dan C posted about a recent campaign fundraising BBQ held at Lorri Galloway’s Address #3 in the 4th Supervisorial District. Dan added some fun photos that demonstrated how few people actually showed up for the party.

We're gonna have a lot of food left over...

Dan seems to be really concerned about the fact that his Precious Princess is a carpetbagger and that people might think the house is nothing but a front. Claims Dan hopefully:

And there’s no question Lorri lives here.  The home is covered with photos and personal items that clearly distinguish a home from a house.

Uh, yeah, right Dan. Anything you say. With the thirty-year old mismatched furniture and the cheap framed prints on the walls (courtesy of Galloway’s Eli Home thrift store) the place doesn’t even look plausible. Maybe Dan rifled the medicine cabinet and found some toothpaste or deodorant conveniently left for his discovery.

No one will be coming to your party...

Well Dan C. has good cause to worried about the carpetbagging issue. Galloway started her campaign cooking up a fake residency in an Office/Professional zone – which is illegal in Anaheim. After an abortive phony “stay” in a loft over a business Galloway had to “move” yet again to yet another cooked up address. That’s three bogus addresses since January, Dan. What tenacity!

All this moving has me a little disoriented...

The simple, unvarnished fact of the matter is that Lorri Galloway lives in the 3rd Supervisorial District, not ours. If she wants to be on the Board of Supervisors she should have waited until 2012 to run against Harry Sidhu for that seat.

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  1. I knew hilarity was going to ensue when I received a corrected invitation to this party under the glaring headline “CLARIFICATION”.

    The first invite said:

    At Lorri’s Home and Campaign Headquarters in Anaheim!

    but she had to change it to:

    At Campaign Headquarters in Anaheim!
    1219 W. Center St.
    Anaheim, Ca 92805

    Maybe all of her friends missed the party because they showed up at her real home in the hills…

  2. Dan C. is happy to join Galloway’s little fantasy adventure in Carpetbagger-land. Let’s all pretend we live here. WHEEEEEEE!!!!

  3. Dan C should have snooped around for some of her “baby dog” Bella’s calling cards. That would have been more believable than framed thrift store photos of who knows who on the walls.

    Unfortunately Bella is still living quite happily in the 3rd District, too.

  4. The Polish Peashooter and Prevatt the long beach stooge must be on drugs….having read their posting about this dismally inept campaign (by the way where is aitken–and speaker perez? notice the absence of all types of DP personalities) , it isclear that the real truth is that Galloway is clearly unsuited for the big leagues…..the funny thing is the continuing claim of the Polish Peashooter that she is the leading democratic candidate….when compared to the other two, it isclear that the Dems have nogood candidates in this race….Nelson by 15 points and over the 50% mark…I would hope that they would want Nelson to get the 50%+1 because if he doesnt, and the pinoy princess has to compete, she will be blown out…carrier over for the bible thumping pinoy princess

  5. oops career over for the pinoy princess…someone at OJ posted that Tony was “mistaken and that there were 50 people there and that the food was good”….if that is the case, 2500% greater than the number of people that read the posting on Fibby OC and the commentary by the Polish Peashooter (the new name for these two should be the P4 boys at the Fib OC-the Polish Peashooter and Prevatt the Pimp

  6. My gut is hurting right now, I almost died from laughing continuously for the for the 5 minutes reading these comments. I need a time out.

  7. When you read that post you discover that Galloway is pitched as the “leading Democrat” not the “#1 Front runner” as previously described.

    Hooray! Galloway is ahead of Art Brown and Rosie Espinoza!

  8. Just think, if she loses the race, she can get a second job working at the new sex shop in Fullerton……at least she would be working in the 4th supervisorial district

  9. You guys are all misguided idiots. Eli Home scam???? Why don’t you focus on something more your speed. I hear there is some action on the playground at Crescent Elementary.

  10. It sounds like someone got their feelings hurt.

    Considering Galloway’s checkered financial record, there is plenty of reason to think she is a wannabe teen who just loves to spend other people’s money and leave her creditors with the bill!

    Galloway: Union Puppet!

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