The New 2010 Council Dynamic

Now that Shawn Nelson is moving up to the Supervisor’s office, his imminent departure creates an even more unpredictable Fullerton City Council campaign landscape.

Pam Keller has already announced that she’s out. With Nelson gone that means there will be two openings, plus the interminable candidacy of the antediluvian Don Bankhead.

It’s hard to believe that the four remaining councilmembers could decide on a replacement for Nelson, so the prospect of a rump council (okay that’s pretty funny if you think about it) and a November election to fill the remainder of Nelson’s term seems inevitable.

Then, of course, there’s the sad deterioration of Doc Jones, whose antics and idiocies continue to mount. Re-elected in 2008, there has been speculation that he would hold on for two years and then quit when a suitable Ackerman/Royce Chamber of Commerce zombie could be coughed up.

Could there be yet another seat up for grabs, come November?

It’s already getting late in the year so the interested and the ambitious must surely be contemplating their political futures today.

Good luck to them, with a caveat. The ones whose ambitions outweigh their brains will be scrutinized closely. By us.

12 Replies to “The New 2010 Council Dynamic”

  1. Good post, but I have one quibble. I don’t think Jones is deteriorating. I far as I can tell he’s always been a loud-mouthed jackass

  2. I’ve heard that Bruce Whitaker is going to throw his hat in the ring, again. He would be pretty good.

  3. The Ackerman/Royce/Chamber triumvirate has been emasculated. Will a new power structure emerge to place free thinkers into the vacuum or will the Fullerton City Council maintain a majority of Staff Stooges like it has for at least the last two decades?

  4. So is there actual criteria for appointing replacements or should we expect the best brown noser to get the nod? If that happens, of course.

  5. I could see BW doing it but could he win?

    And what about Rand? She will run…

    Then you get the handsome chamber-made Willy Marty Burbank.

    And you got Chrome-Dome-Flat-Foot with Rotarian and X-Chief Pat Mckinney.

    The prospects are looking less than desirable.

    We should fire all of the department heads and with the savings pay for a professional city council with no retirement.

  6. I have this feeling a school district clown will get appointed because of friendships with Quirk and Keller.

    God, I hope I am wrong.

  7. The more the merrier, I say. Let’s split the BooHoo vote. Also, I would like to see 6 or 7 retired cops run.

  8. There is no need to appoint anyone between now and Nov. Arguably, the most controversial decisions are in the recent past. Simply add the remainder of Nelson’s term to the Nov. ballot (isn’t that how Nelson got on council?).

    Watch out for Big McKinley along with Mayor McCheese Bankhead, who voted to spend $ 6 million to move a McDonald’s 150 feet.

  9. Oh this is going to be fun, if by fun I mean depressing, which I do. There’s no shortage of scumbags past and present that might come out of the woodwork. Wonder if/when ol’ Dudley and Ritto and the rest will rear their ugly heads.

    Bruce Whittaker is decent and I like Jane Rands a lot, but it’s hard to imagine her up against The Machine. Wonder if The Luza Haluza will run again.

  10. LOL thanks Ling Cod. I almost forgot about Bankhead’s six million dollar burger. That one’s going to hurt him in these rough times, for sure.

  11. Perhaps Pringle, Sidhu and Galloway could rent an address in Fullerton and Carpetbag the Council. They have experience in Carpetbagging. Does anyone have vacant space?

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