Sidhu Hires High-Priced Defense Attorney, Beats Rap; Not Exonerated

We finally heard back from the District Attorney on the matter of our complaint that Harry Sidhu committed perjury and fraud when he swore on voter registration forms (twice) that he lived at the beautiful Calabria Apartments – instead of his “Elegant Yorba Estate” in the 3rd Supervisor’s District.

Only problem is that he never set foot in the place...

Their “investigation” (if you want to call it that) concluded that “there is insufficient evidence to prove Mr. Sidhu committed any crimes.” Hmm. Apparently statements from Calabria residents saying they never saw Sidhu there and that the apartment had been empty for a year weren’t persuasive to a DAs office that habitually ignores funny business perpetrated by politicians. Still, it’s important to remember that nobody at the DAs office is in any way saying that there is evidence that Sidhu did live there. So no exoneration for Hide and Seek.

All lies, I tell you!

Well, it wasn’t as if anybody really expected Tony Rackaukas’ department actually to do anything, so there’s no reason to be surprised.

Still, the fact are inescapable. In his insatiable hunger for elective office in a district in which he doesn’t live, Harry Sidhu cooked up a fake address in a crummy apartment on Lincoln Avenue in West Anaheim next to a pool hall, and lied about it on voter registration forms – twice.

Ironically, we see¬† at the bottom of this letter from the DA that ol’ Hide and Seek Sidhu employed one of those evil defense attorneys his supporters are always railing against. But they can come in handy can’t they?

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  1. Here’s Jerbal’s explanation of Sidhu’s version of the story, no doubt hatched by that $400 a hour defense attorney:

    “Essentially, Harry Sidhu’s 30-day registration at the Calabria Apartments on Lincoln Avenue is a moot point, for a a couple of reasons. One, by the time Sidhu filed to run for Supervisor, he was already established his domicile and registered to vote at the Lucky Way house. Secondly, Sidhu provided the DA with an explanation as to why he was rarely seen at the Lincoln Avenue apartment: After leasing it at the very end of December, he and his family went on vacation in Utah for two weeks. During that time, Mrs. Sidhu made it clear she didn’t want to live in that apartment and asked Harry to find another place for them to live. By the beginning of February, Sidhu had found the Lucky Way house.”

    Apparently jerb also believes the other part of Sidhu’s tale – that he has leased the elegant Yorba estate! Now, I’d love to see a copy of that lease and see if it runs after June 8th. cause after that Luck Way’s gonna be history!

  2. “Rarely seen” Horseshit. He was NEVER seen there. It’s only a “moot point” to a shameless tool looking for the main chance.

  3. This from the same DA who FIRED one of their own investigators because he would not back off investigating a contributor to T-Boner Rackauckas. Yeah, sure…Lots of credibility in THAT office. Too bad he is running unopposed.

    1. If Harish is his legal name the DA uses, how come the registrar of Voters is not using it on the ballot?

      How does that double standard work??? Can you just be called whatever you want to on the ballot?

  4. I’d like to see Sidhu produce a copy of that so-called lease on his house in Anaheim Hills. That’s the biggest goddam lie he’s told yet.

    Did he “lease” his house to his kids?

    And speaking of leases, I’d like to see that lease at the Calabria.

    The whole thing is a tissue of lies.

  5. Man, that guy’s writing is full of mistakes and typos. Is that what we’re paying $200 an hour for?

    Hell, I’ll make mistakes for half that.

  6. You know, when we presented Tony Rackaukas’ office with irrefutable evidence that the Fullerton School District had used public funds to advocate for Measure CC, I don’t even think they bothered to respond. Of course we couldn’t afford an attorney to present the complaint. I suppose it’s true of most DA’s, but in the absence of violence or outright theft, this DA seems to make his decisions based upon politics. He saw no upside for himself here. Maybe we should catch a flight to Chi town and go find Clesnoopy. He’ll know what to do!

  7. R-Rak needs to be careful. The last time someone on his staff said “no harm no foul” was the On TRAC scam in the City of Placentia.

    Craig Green, now working for Norby, and his happy malcontent friends then took their case to the Grand Jury and they indicted those Placentia idiots responsible for corruption.

    Made T-Rak look foolish.

  8. Mike Capizzi would have made these guys lives hell.

    Rat Karkass is a useless, worthless sack of $#!+

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