Janet Nguyen Is At It Agin’!

Can't have an empire with an empress!

A few days ago I related how Board of Supervisors Chair Janet Ngyuen had hired a couple of people to occupy Chris Norby’s former 4th District office. I opined that it seemed like a real extravagance given the fact that there was no supervisor to support, and likely diminishing “constituency work” since there was no supervisor to direct and approve it. Also the replacement election is just a short 10 weeks away.

I also speculated that perhaps Nguyen was just placing her people inside the office to report back directly to her; and perhaps that she was embedding her personnel in the office in the unlikely event of A Sidhu victory in June. Did Nguyen make a deal with Sidhu to keep these people employed later? Just wondering.

The latest word from several sources is that Nguyen has hired yet another person to work in the 4th District office and that this person started today. Good grief, this is ridiculous. One of those sources informs us that Nguyen’s explanation for this idiocy is that “her” people are there to help make sure folks in the 4th District are aware of all the programs the County offers them. Oh, really?

Frankly, none of the explanations make Nguyen look like anything other than a devious empire-builder.

She should keep her hands off the 4th District. She has enough trouble in her own.

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  1. With no Supervisor in the office, and nothing going on, ex-COS Phil Tsunoda would be perfectly capable of handling all that activity. In fact, our sensors are linked into his brain activity: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. She is building a staff there as a deal with Harry, that is the scoop. Moorlach should come down on her about this watse of money. There are stil four capable people in that office leftover from Norby’s rein. Shame on the Dragon Lady for WASTING our money on more staff. What? The First Dist isn’t enough for her to manage? Oh, everything is so fine in Sanat Ana and Garbage Grove they don’t need a helpful Supervisor? Read the paper! Murder and crime ridden streets there. She should be recalled.

  3. Hey. Stop picking on the Witch of Westbrook. Even though she talks like she has marbles in her mouth I am sure she has a good explaination for seeping under the doorjam of the fourth like the blob. (Isn’t there any freaking oversight at that place) Not a very flattering picture guys.(see above)

  4. the county is broke, Janet is hiring people to run the 4th district office, the 4th has no Supervisor. I’m outraged.

  5. The question should be “does she have the authority to use the 4th Districts budget to hire people for the 4th Distr?”

    The budgets are approved by 5 Supervisors for the specific use of each individual Supervisor. For another Supervisor, even the Chair, to appropriate those funds to hire personnel for the 4th Distr. would be an abuse of her power. The Chair would need a 4/5 vote of the Board in order to achieve this.

    If I were FFFF I would file a complaint with the District Attorney or with Atorney General Brown – exgovernor Moon Beam would have a field day going after a Republican just before an election!

    This, of course, would not stop Janet, as she would exercise her perceived power until someone questioned her. Far easier to seek forgiveness then to ask permission.

    Remember there is a Public Comments portion at all Board meetings; it might make a good place to force the other Supervisors to comment on it in public. At the very least, they could not claim ignorance over the issue.

    With enough people from the 4th demanding Janet get out of the 4th District and making the nexus between Janet and Siduh, well the lazy ass Orange County Register would have to do a story on it.

    What a waste of tax payers money.

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