National Spay and Neuter Your Dog Week and National Gambling Problem Awareness Week. Our Assembly Hard at Work

Don't you dare touch those...

This past week our State Assembly frittered away its time discussing two resolutions that are just about as big a joke as you could imagine.

The first  item National Spay and Neuter Your Dog Week, and the second National Gambling Problem Awareness Week. I’m glad our assemblyman Chris Norby voted no on both, especially that first one (shudder), and I hope he can help put an end to all the time wasted on this useless drivel. While our State is broke the State Assembly continues with business as usual. Arf.

I vote we emasculate the Legislature.

13 Replies to “National Spay and Neuter Your Dog Week and National Gambling Problem Awareness Week. Our Assembly Hard at Work”

  1. That mutt looks like someone hit him right between the runnin lights with a 2-by-4.

    Too bad we can’t do the same to the State Ass.

  2. I’ll make sure to look for the head trauma mutt with a broom stick sticking out of his arse…cause that would be a youtube moment.

  3. Spaying and neutering pets is a fiscal issue. Do you know how much it costs the county to operate its animal control facilities? Anything that raises awareness of the importance of preventing stray dogs and cats is worthwhile on a humane level, at least. I am surprised Chris Norby did not see the potential savings to taxpayers in having fewer unwanted animals to be collected and processed by the government.

    1. #7. And yet it’s really hard to see how the Legislature declaring this a “week” is going to result in a single spaying/neutering. Ditto for the gambling.

    2. If you missed this week to get neutered does that mean that we are suppose to wait till this time (week) next year?

  4. Anon–

    I agree. There are great savings in reducing the unwanted pet population. I agree, too, that a designated day, week, month etc. is fine to generate publicity. The Governor and legislators could issue all the proclomations we want.

    But the lengthy floor speeches for purely ceremonial purposes could be pared back to allow us more time to resolve a serious fiscal crisis.

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